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Adams, Sebastian C., 1825-1898 Other
Alenderfer, Oscar Odell Medford
Allen, Albert C., Sr., 1875-1972 Medford
Applegate, Ivan D., 1840-1918 Ashland
Applegate, Jesse Other
Applegate, Lindsay, 1808-1892 Klamath Falls
Applegate, Oliver Cromwell (1845-1938) Klamath Falls
Athanas, Verne Ashland
Barneburg, Frederick Medford
Barnum, William Solon Jacksonville
Beekman, Cornelius C. Jacksonville
Beeson, John, 1803-1889 Other
Beeson, Welborn, 1836-1893 Medford
Bennett, Eugene Medford
Bowmer, Angus L. Ashland
Bowmer, Gertrude Ashland
Boyle, J. C. Klamath Falls
Britt, Emil (1862-1950) Jacksonville
Britt, Peter, 1819-1905 Jacksonville
Card, Virginia Klamath Falls; Jacksonville
Chavner, Thomas Other
Clark, Frank C. Medford
Collins, Robbie (Robertson E.), 1921-2003 Jacksonville
Colvig, Pinto Jacksonville
Colvig, William L., Dr., 1814-1896 Other
Colvig, William M., 1845-1936 Medford
Cordy, Cliff Other
Curry, Ann Ashland
David Henry Miller Medford
Dean, Nathaniel C. Other
DeAutremont, Ray Other
DeAutremont, Roy Other
Dellenback, John (1918-2002) Medford
Deuel, F. K., b. 1864 Medford
Deuel, F. K., Jr., 1906-1999 Medford
Deuel, Hob, b.1890 Medford
Dunn, Patrick Ashland
Eaker, C. L. (Claude Leslie), 1903-1973 Other
Egan, Chandler Henry Other
Ellis, Ethelyn, 1894-1996 Medford
Ellis, Ralph, d.1987 Medford
Fehl, Earl H., 1885-1962 Medford
Fountain, Grace Ashland
Frohnmayer, Otto, 1905-1997 Medford
Fujimoto, Takejiro Medford
Gates, Pop Medford
Gates, Pop (Charles Edwin) Medford
Hall, Seely, 1893-1984 Central Point
Hanley, Alice E. Central Point
Hanley, Mary Love (1893-1986) Jacksonville
Hanley, Michael Jacksonville
Hedrick, Ercel Medford
Helman, Abel Daugherty Ashland
Hoffman, William, 1801-1885 Jacksonville
Inada, Lawson Fusao Medford
Jackson, Glenn L. Medford
Kenney, Elizabeth T'Vault Other
Kubli, Kaspar, 1830-1897 Jacksonville
Maddox, Rose Ashland
Morthland, J.G. (1892-1971) Medford
Myer, Nathaniel Ashland
Newbry, Lynn (1923-2012) Other
O'Neill, R. H. Other
Peil, Alice Ashland
Phipps, Dolph E. Medford
Phipps, Ira J., 1838-1913 Medford
Robinson, Dorland, 1892-1917 Jacksonville
Robinson, J. W., Dr. Jacksonville
Rogers, Ginger Medford
Ross, John England, 1818-1900 Jacksonville
Rowe, Norman Frederic Other
Ruhl, Robert Waldo Medford
Russell, Ann Haseltine Hill Ashland
Sargent, Alice Jacksonville
Singler, August Medford
Sisson, David Ashland
Sjolund, Lynn E., b. 1928 Medford
Skeeters, Charles Medford
Snider, John Medford
Swedenburg, Francis Gustavus Ashland
Tolman, James Clarke, 1813-1902 Ashland
TouVelle, Frank L., 1870-1955 Jacksonville
Towne, Marian B., 1880-1966 Other
Trudeau, John, 1927-2008 Jacksonville
Walker, Enoch F. Ashland
Wright, George Franklin Ashland