Applegate, Lindsay, 1808-1892

Lindsay Applegate was born in Kentucky. He married Elizabeth in Missouri in 1831 and had 6 children there. They came west to Oregon with brothers Jesse and Charles in 1843, and farmed in the Willamette valley until 1859. In 1846 he joined a group that established the Applegate Trail. Applegate moved to southern Oregon around 1859 and ran the toll road in the Siskiyou Mountains with son Ivan, but spent time as an Indian agent at Fort Klamath until about 1866. He then retired to his farm in Ashland, where he lived until just before his death in 1892. He moved to Klamath County in early 1892 to be with family. He died in Swan Lake Valley. Sources: vertical file. Oregon Sentinel 05/11/1867, 3-1.

'Eliza 1832-1896 Warren 1834-1847 Jesse 1835-1919 Theresa 1838-1875 Ivan 1840-1918 Lucian 1842-1926 Oliver 1845-1938 Annie 1847-1870 Francis 1850-1872 Alice 1852-1934 Jerome 1855-1856 Rachel 1857-1940'
'Farmer; operated a toll house; Indian Agent 1846, explored the Applegate Trail as an alternative to the Oregon Trail', ,
Other Names
'Anthony Lindsay Applegate'
'Miller, Elizabeth Basham 02/13/1831 in Coles Co. Mo',
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Klamath Falls