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Inventory of Buildings and Homes Designed by Frank Clark

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Exhibit Booth
Ashland Masonic Hall, Remodel #1 Ashland 135a 27 North Main
Ashland Masonic Hall, Remodel #2

Seven bays; three stories/pilastered Corinthian columns; second story transomed windows; semicircular topped windows on end bays with fan light…

Ashland 135b 27 North Main Street
Page Theatre Building Medford 189b South side East Main near Bear Creek
Page Theatre Building No.2, "Roxy Theatre"


Medford 189c South side East Main near Bear Creek
Medford High School, Main Bldg., McLoughlin Junior High

Two-story reinforced concrete; parapet roof with projecting cornice; pilaster columns the main facade into three bays that flank the formal…

Medford 321a 320 West Second Street
Medford High School, Agriculture & Manual Arts Bldg.

One-story reinforced concrete; rectangular in shape; several multi-pane fixed sash windows; stylistic details are in harmony with the main…

Medford 321b 320 West Second Street
Medford High SchoolGym, renamed McLoughlin Junior High School Medford 321c 320 West Second Street
Medford Senior High School, Mid-High

Two-story reinforced concrete; U-shaped in plan; continuous bands of eight-over-eight double hung sash windows on both first and second floor;…

Medford 32a 815 South Oakdale Street
Medford High School Stadium Bleachers

Two wood frame gable roof structures closed on three sides and open toward a small baseball field to the east of Medford High school; horizontal…

Medford 32b 815 South Oakdale Street
Medford Ice & Storage Building 339a
Hotel Medford

Originally built as a five-story brick U-shape in plan; broad overhanging eaves with decorative brackets projects above fifth floor; large three…

Medford 3a 406 W. Main
Slaughter House 452d 2355 Hillside Drive
Reginald Parsons House/Hillcrest Orchard

Two story wood frame; Y-shaped plan; gable roof; wood shingle siding; projecting two-story wing on the north consists of porte cachere and…

Medford 46a 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard/Office Building

One-story wood frame; small and rectangular in plan; wood shingle siding; polygonal bay window on east end; six-over-one double-hung sash windows…

Medford 46b 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard/New Barn, Upper Ranch Barn

Two gable roof barns attached at corners; gable ridges are at right angles to each other; wood frame with concrete foundation; wide horizontal…

Medford 46c 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard/Superintendent's House

One-story wood frame; gable roof with cross gable; channel drop siding; unexposed rafters with wide frieze board; six-over-six, and one-over-one…

Medford 46d 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard, Tank House/Spray House

One-story wood frame gable roof building; channel drop-siding; multi-light casement windows.

Medford 46e 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard, Recreation Hall Medford 46f 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard, Guest House Medford 46g 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard, Packing House Medford 46h 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard, Wagon Shed Medford 46i 3285 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Orchard, Cow Barn Medford 46j 3285 Hillcrest Road
Medford Airport Administration Building Medford 56a 3650 Biddle Road
Medford Airport Hangar Medford 56b 3650 Biddle Road
Medford Sanitorium Medford 70a 331 West Sixth Street
Cargill Court Apartments

Main block of building two story brick resting on concrete foundation; basically I-shaped in plan; stepped parapet on main facade; third-story…

Medford 70b 331 West Sixth Street
Barnun Hotel, Grand Hotel

Four-story brick and concrete; U-shape in plan; white enamel brick on west and south facade; concrete walls on ground floor only; windows on main…

Medford 80a 204 North Front Street
Barnum Hotel Sample Room


Medford 80b
Barnum Hotel Garage Medford 80c
Hotel Medford, 6th floor addition Medford New3b 406 W. Main
Hotel Medford, rebuilt Medford New3c 406 W. Main
H. D. McCasky barn Medford New48b 2910 Table Rock Rd
H. D. McCasky garage Medford New48c 2910 Table Rock Rd
I.O.O.F. Building Medford New51 221 W 6th
First Baptist Church Ashland Not SOHS 1 241 Hargadine
Van Dyke

Samuel H./Belle B. --Manager of Lamports Sporting Goods

Fuson Findley

Fuson, Thomas J./Anne S. -- Mutual Life Insurance of New York. Findley, Dr. Dwight H./Marjorie I. -- Medical Physician

Purucker Kinney

Herman O./Lilla M. Purucker -- Purucker Music/Baldwin Piano. C. Lyle/Cena L. Kinney -- Vice President Harry-David Bear Creek


Robert K./Hazel S. -- Orchardist and field supervisor for Reter Fruit Company

Butler RR2

Bill/Marie -- Chrysler Distributing & Cold Storage Co. for fruit


Stuart V./Margaret -- Pres. KoGap Lumber


Clinton/Jeanette L. -- Spencer-Bagley Insurance & Real Estate Agency


Hugh/Stella -- Pres. Crater Lake Ford Motor Co.


John A. and Ella C. (Mgr. Holland Hotel); orchardist, President W. Oregon Orchard Development Co.


Dr, R.W./Mamie, medical physician


George R./Ruth D. -- Major, in District Command of Civilian Conservation Corps at Fort Steven

2525 Lyman Street

SOHS collection includes plans for the home at 2525 Lyman Street, with Frank Clark stamp; and photos of the home. (Accession LIB2014.10). This…

Medford SOHS 2 2525 Lyman Street
Bartlett Hotel in Jerome, Arizona

The SOHS photo collection includes an exterior and an interior photo of this hotel that Frank Clark designed. The Hotel was one of Clark's…

Varsity Theater in Ashland

See the entry for Lithia Theater. The Varsity was not included in the SOHS Inventory, but articles in the SOHS Vertical File indicate Clark and…

D. A. Thierolf House (second house)

907 s. Oakdale - The Thierolf House designed by Frank Clark was built by contractor W. D. Peckham in 1936 for the owner of Big Pines Lumber…

39 South Berkeley home Janney House

The current owners have provided photographs and plans to the SOHS Archives. Please contact the SOHS Library for additional information

Medford SOHS 7 39 South Berkeley
Crater Lake Lodge Alteration 1 Crater Lake National Park
James F. Campbell House

One and a half stories; pitched roof; extending front porch with four posts; wide eave overhang with brackets; square in shape; one-over-one…

Medford 10 1406 Kings Highway
Michael Clemens House

Eclectic in features; the house has two-and one-half stories; frame walls covered with shingles; one large central gable; multi-light over single…

Grants Pass 100 612 N.W. Third Street
George S. Calhoun House

Two-story house with porch across facade; deep eave overhangs with exposed rafters; large single light windows; multi-light windows; mixed use of…

Grants Pass 101 612 N.W. 5th Street
William Patrick House Ashland 102 219 Almond Street
George Roberts House

Two story period colonial house with stucco exterior surface; main entry has fan light with tracery; on the east elevation an extending porch…

Medford 103 1815 Crown Avenue
Dr. L. A. Salade, Sr., House

Frank Clark Advertisement: Residence for Dr. L. A. Salade
L. A. Salade Residence designed by Clark.

Central Point 105 Ranch near Central Point
Porter/Norris House Medford 106 1900 Hillcrest Road
"Timber Room Cafe

One-story concrete; stucco faced; rounded corner entrance; stepped parapet with recessed panels and ornamentation, conceals the parapet; pilaster…

Medford 107 3 South Riverside Avenue
Gilhousen House Medford 109 2001 East Main Street
W. B. Biddle House

$5500 southern California style ranch house, two stories, possible location in 37 1 w; 445 ft. w. of common corner to Sections 21, 22, 27, 28 (…

Medford 11 to be located
W. G. Garner House Medford 110 2009 East Main Street
Ernest Barnes

One and one half story; brick walls; dark wood trim; roof dormer with gable; three light casement windows; rectangular and elongated in shape;…

Medford 111 1906 East Main
Roy Harper House Medford 112 7 Glen Oak
J. Walter McCoy House Ashland 113 253 Almond Street
Cornelius Collins House

One and one-half stories; three dormers project from pitched roof; portico with fluted Doric columns; six over six windows; end addition or…

Medford 114 1810 East Main Street
Walter Hoppe House Medford 115 1806 East Main Street
Chandler Egan House Medford 116 2620 North Foothills Road
Rialto Theatre (original) Medford 117 123 West Main Street
Swedenburg Building

Building on northeast corner of Second and East Main; brick and stucco; two floors; large light windows; store fronts remodeled; parallelogram in…

Ashland 118 229 (old) 303 East Main Street
Charles Rose House, Clark Cottage

Squarish in plan one story structure; stucco, shingle and siding incorporated on main house; one over one light windows and front central light…

Ashland 119 550 East Main Street
Stewart Patterson House

$5500 ranch home for Stewart Patterson.
Significance: Stewart Patterson died just as the house was to be started, and it apparently was…

Talent 12 Near Talent of Rapp Lane
Southern Oregon Normal School & Gymnasium Ashland 120 Siskiyou Boulevard
Dr. Robert Conroy House

Two story; hipped roof over rear portion; gabled roof at front; wood siding on lower level, shingles above; rock (cobblestone) base on first half…

Medford 123 200 Medford Heights Lane
Dr. Clancy House

Two story; frame structure with wood siding; shingles on upper floor; gabled roof with projecting dormer; rear view photographed from Medford…

Medford 124 204 Medford Heights Lane
Washington School

Rectangular; elongated; concrete structure; two entry bays with carved decor above; 8/8 windows; small medallion decor scattered over facade;…

Medford 125 610 South Peach Street
Walter Bowne Garage Medford 127 East Main Street
Table Rock School Central Point 128 10271 Table Rock Road
Harmony Point School Central Point 129 Willow Springs Road
F. E. Watson House Ashland 13 33 Strawberry Lane
West Side School Central Point 130 3070 Ross Lane
John A. Fluhrer House

Stucco wall surface with half-timbering trim; multi-light windows with side lights. One front cross gable, steeply pitched; house rectangular in…

Medford 131 2447 Hillcrest Road
W. Henry Fluhrer House

Rectangular in shape (main volume); addition extends at rear; gable roofs portico of shallow depth with Doric columns; six-over-one windows,…

Medford 132 112 Scheffel Avenue
Bruce Bauer House

One-and one-half stories; three gabled dormers; rectangular in shape; large light windows with twelve lights above; wide frame siding; portico…

Medford 133 1336 Queen Anne Avenue
(Vaupel, Beebe, Kinney), Perrines

Two stories; three bays; remodeled store front; brick with stucco; drastically altered; see Louise Clark Patterson photograph for original…

Ashland 134 31 - 33 North Main Street
Gerald A. Cottingham House

Frame structure; squarish in shape with L; gabled roofs; wide wood siding; six-over-six windows with shutters; small gabled roof dormer; two story…

Medford 136 1329 Queen Anne
Fish Lake Camp Building 137 Fish Lake
Cooley and Neff Building Medford 138 340 North Fir Street
Wilmer M. Poley House

One and a half stories; hipped roof with gable roof projection; horizontal wood siding; wood shingle; Tuscan columns; broad overhanging eaves,…

Ashland 139 64 Gresham Street
Former Edgar Hafer home called Perl Funeral Home

Two and one half story wood frame; hip roof with hip roof dormers; decorative brackets under 1st and 2nd floor eaves; pedimented gable portico…

Medford 14 426 W. Sixth Street
The Perl Funeral Home 14
W. S. Barnum House Medford 140 711 Keene Way
Golden Seal Creamery Medford 141 North Fir & West Third Streets
W. H. Lydiart (Gates and Lydiard) Medford 142 16 Geneva
"Humphrey Bros. Grocery" Building

One story concrete building; remodeled extensively; modern glass front; metal decorative sheeting at top of structure; squarish in plan.

Medford 143 534 East Main Street
Mrs. E. P. Power House Medford 144 100 Vancouver Avenue
New Ashland Creamery Ashland 146 Winburn Way - Lithia Park
Gwinn Butler House

Two story; block foundation; irregular in shape; basement partly above ground; one over one windows; lap siding with shingle incorporated also,…

Ashland 147 41 Granite Street
Gordon Voorhies Project 148 Eden Valley Orchard
Unnamed, Lake of the Woods #N/A 149 Lake of the Woods
Bess Young House

One and one half story wood frame with horizontal clapboard siding; central portion is two stories; low sloping gable roof with composition…

Medford 15 522 South Oakdale Street
Morris B. Leonard House Medford 150 2503 Hillcrest Road
Granite City/Community Hospital


Ashland 151 Palm & Siskiyou Boulevard
John Champion House Medford 152 1801 Vivian Street
Community Building

Log pillars; recessed gabled entry; wide boards; composition roof; reinforced concrete foundation; walls fill in original open spaces between logs…

Ashland 153 340 South Pioneer
Clem Childers House Medford 154 Bear Creek Terrace
Edwin T. Burleson House Medford 155 31 Barneburg Street
Central Point School Gymnasium 156 Central Point
Three Story Business Block

"Plans for what will be the biggest and best building ($18,000) in Ashland are being drawn by Architect Frank C. Clark, and construction will…

Ashland 157
Ashland Sanitarium Ashland 158 460 Siskiyou Boulevard
Hargrove Business Block

". . .Clark, the architect is making final drawings for a fine new business block to be erected during the year for the Hargrove sisters on…

Ashland 159 Planned First Ave. (Pioneer) & E. Main
Charles English House

One and one-half story wood frame; horizontal clapboard siding, gable roof with gable roof dormer on main facade; front veranda with paired porch…

Medford 16 1006 South Oakdale Street
Unnamed, 20 Medford 160 20
St. Marks Episcopal Church. Remodel Medford 161
Temple of Truth Ashland 162 479 Siskiyou Boulevard
Ashland Improv. Company Bldg., Wes Pearson, The Dahlia

Two story building; three bays wide; remodeled store front; bracketed cornice; pilastered Corinthian columns; fascia with garlands.

Ashland 163 25 North Main (27-29) Street
Ashland Natatorium Ashland 164 First and Spring Streets, B
Albert Building

Two story concrete with stucco finish; two bays on second floor; large single windows; one over one double hung sash windows on side alley;…

Grants Pass 165 108 1/2 North Sixth Street
Paddock Building

Two stories; brick, white glazed brick on main facade; seven bays on second floor concealed by grates; significant alteration on main facade;…

Grants Pass 166 207 South Sixth Street
Calvert Building

Two stories; brick, white glazed brick on main facade; seven bays on second floor concealed by grates; significant alteration on main facade;…

Grants Pass 167 207 South Sixth Street
Hunt & Antle Theatre "The Rivoli" Grants Pass 168 6th & E Street
E. H. Janney House

L shaped; gabled roofs with clipped gable ends; roof dormer with hipped roof; six-over-one double hung windows; corner porch; frame house with…

Medford 169 6 N. Modoc Avenue
L. Banks House, S. Oregon Hearing Aid Cntr

One story wood frame and brick U-shape in plan; two steeply-pitched gables with connecting cross gable; gable roof porch roof on main south facade…

Medford 17 1000 West Main Stret
Mason-Ehrman Warehouse Medford 171 340 South Fir Street
Frank Owen House, James Owen House

2 large gables at front of house; rectangular in shape; six-over-six windows; multi-light door; one bay; frame with lap siding; portico with…

Medford 172 1503 East Main Street
"The Bohemian Club", "Your Office Boy Stationery"

One-story brick structure with main facades on both West Main and South Fir Streets; white enameled brick covers portions of facade; decorative…

Medford 173 115 West Main Stationery
Crater Lake Garage, Furnas Building

One story; rectangular; brick with stucco on some walls; band of transom lights above large storefront windows; parapet facade; large garage…

Medford 174 123 S. Riverside Avenue
C. M. Thomas House Pergola

Wood; approximately nine feet high with square supporting posts and cross pieces.

Medford 175 52 Ross Court
Charles/Catherine Conner House Medford 176 location unknown
C. E. Gates House

Two story; gambrel roof on ends with gambrel roofed cross gable facing Queen Anne; lower entry with side lights; deep overhang of upper story;…

Medford 177 1307 Queen Anne Avenue
Pinnacle Packing House


Medford 178 South Fir and West 12th Streets
American Fruit Growers Building Medford 179 East side S. Fir between W. 9th & 10th
C. I. Hutchinson House

Two-story wood frame with one-story sections at both east and west sides of house; hip roof over main block of house; horizontal clapboard siding…

Medford 18 1306 West Main Street
Charles Newhall House Alteration

Two and one and one-half story wood frame; low pitch gable roof with cross gables; shed roof dormer on west side; broad overhanging eaves with…

Central Point 180 2748 Old Stage Road
Constance Ames House

Possible alteration of older structure; one story bungalow; six over six windows; small, rectangular; portico over porch with brackets; channel…

Medford 181 423 Park Street
Roberts House Medford 182 Northeast corner of Black Oak & Acorn
J.A. & Margaret Wilson House Addition

One-story polygonal bay window addition to earlier constructed house; wood frame with hip roof; channel drop siding; multi-light double-hung sash…

Jacksonville 183 410 East D Street
Eugene D. Thorndyke House Medford 185 55 South Berkeley Street
Parsons Hunting Lodge 186 Howard Prairie Lake
Johnson/Trowbridge House Medford 188 1625 East Main Street
E. G. Dow House Medford 19 522 Park Avenue
Albert Orr House

Three story; stucco wall surface; large light casement windows; squarish in shape; flat roofed.

Medford 190 220 Barneburg Road
E. A. Lamport House Phoenix/Medford 191 South Pacific Highway
Berwick Wood House Medford 192 2445 East Main
W. B. Sherman House Remodel Grants Pass 193 location unknown
Gain Robinson House Medford 194 location unknown
Kingdom Hall Medford 195 location unknown
F. W. Tevins House Medford 196 113 Valley View Drive
Marjorie Feasley House

One and one half stories; rectangular in shape; original house plus addition on west elevation; six over six windows; portico with side-lights;…

Medford 197 1820 Crown Avenue
Edward Kubli House 198 1138 Applegate Road
Porter Lumber Co. Building Medford 199 S.W. Corner Fir and Ninth
Hob Deuel, Jr., House Medford 20 1002 South Oakdale Avenue
C. L. Moore House Ashland 200 location unknown
Cleo Haley Young House Central Point 201 3249 Willow Springs Road
Otto Frohnmayer House Medford 202 1656 Spring
Medford School Administration Building Medford 203 Monroe Street
T. F. Pulver House Medford 204
Nye & Naumes Building Medford 205
Riverside Motel Grants Pass 206
Josephine Bank Grants Pass 207
Chris Schempf Building Central Point 208
Milton D. Schuchard Medford 209 830 Minnesota Avenue
Victor Bursell House

Two-story wood frame; rectangular in shape; 36 x 30 feet; one-story ell extends from rear west wall; horizontal clapboards on lower wall; stucco…

Central Point 21 3075 Hanley Road
V.F.W. Building Medford 210
T. L. Shoop House Medford 211
Lincoln School Addition Medford 212 Bartlett Street
Mrs. J. S. Vilas House 217 Vilas Orchard
Prospect Elementary School Prospect 218 34 Mill Creek Drive
Prospect School Gymnasium Prospect 219 34 Mill Creek Drive
Henry Van Hoevenberg House

Two-story wood frame, rectangular in shape; 34 x 50 feet; one and one-half story ell extends from west (rear) wall of house; medium pitch gable…

Gold Hill 22 9130 Ramsey Canyon Road
Prospect High School Prospect 220 34 Mill Creek Drive
Elk Creek School

Rectangular; one story; wood frame; lap siding, six over six double hung windows; central pavilion projection; hipped roof; belfry with louvers at…

Trail 221 591 Elk Creek Road, Trail off highway 62
Unnamed, 6041 Rogue River Highway #N/A 222 6041 Rogue River Highway
Max Kearns House Grants Pass 223 700 Savage Creek Road
Jerome Juni House Grants Pass 224 7435 Rogue River Highway
Darrell Allison House Rogue River 225 628 Foots Creek Road
Thomas Whiteford House Talent 226 6062 Adams Road
Wagner Creek School

One and one-half stories; wood frame with stucco plaster finish; banks of multi-light windows on either side of portico; pedimented gable on…

Talent 227 8448 Wagner Creek Road
Robert Tracey House Medford 228 5170 South Pacific Highway
Otis Booth House Remodel

One story; lap siding; end chimneys; hipped and shed roof portions; multi light over one window exposed rafters; rectangular in shape; French…

Talent 229 Suncrest Orchard, 1 1/2 miles NE Talent
Evans/Mattern House

Squarish in plan; two stories, gabled roof; corner bays on the north and east elevations; shallow bay on lower level of south elevation; frame;…

Ashland 23 206 Hargadine Street
Fred Rapp Farm Talent 230 225 West Rapp Road
Agricultural Experiment Station, Supervisor's House Medford 231 5595 South Pacific Highway
S. A. Nye House Talent 232 5626 South Pacific Highway
Dr. Martin C. Barber House Medford 233 Minnesota Avenue
George Carpenter House Medford 234 842 Carpenter Hill
Everett G. Trowbridge House

One and one-half story wood frame gable roof structure; shed roof dormer on main facade; shed roof porch with projecting pedimented gable portico…

Medford 235 3237 Jacksonville Highway (West Main Street)
James Tamplin House Medford 236 89 Janey Way
Humbolt Pracht House

One large central gable intersected by two projecting dormers on the facade. Large open porch with four supporting posts. Single and multi light…

Ashland 24 234 Vista Avenue
Truman Nelson House Medford 240 1362 Kings Highway
Harry D. Mills House Medford 243 Siskiyou Heights
E. P. Pickens House Central Point 244 10271 Table Rock Road
Unnamed, 10526 Table Rock Road Central Point 245 10526 Table Rock Road
Shelby Tuttle House Central Point 246 9884 Table Rock Road
Williamson House Central Point 247 2650 Beall Lane
Wilton White House Central Point 248 3660 Kirtland Drive
Albert/Lorena Stratton House

Two-story wood frame with clapboard and shingle siding; jerkinhead roof,; broad overhanging eaves with knee braces; decorative barge-board in…

Central Point 249 2975 Hanley Road
Medford City Fire Hall


Medford 25 NW corner Front & Third Streets
Milton Snow House Central Point 250 3817 Grant Road
Steve O Central Point 252 1636 Ross Lane
Unnamed, Box 2888, Ross Lane Medford 253 Box 2888, Ross Lane
McCaskey/Madden House, Montessori Children Center

Two and one-half story wood frame; gable roof with paired gable dormers on main (east) facade; broad overhanging eaves with knee braces;…

Central Point 254 3347 Old Stage Road
Harold D. Grey House Medford 256 Vancouver Avenue
Leander Neil House Ashland 257 502 Siskiyou Boulevard
A. W. Pipes House Medford 258 Queen Anne Street (?)
Exhibit Booth Ashland 259 Near Railroad Depot
Paulina B. Clark House

One and one-half story wood frame; steeply pitched gable roof with parallel ridges; shed roof dormers and north and south sloping roof;…

Medford 26 25 Summit Street
John Lawrence House Medford 261 2218 East Main Street
Evan Reames House Medford 263 816 Tenth Street
Jackson County Fair Buildings

Gone except for randomly located one-story, long, gable roof structures with channel drop siding and regularly spaced multi-pane sash windows.

Medford 264 East side of South Pacific Highway
Thomas Petch House

Two story; T shaped gambrel gables on main body of house (three gables); flared eaves; exterior brick chimney, one interior; singled on upper…

Phoenix 265 3654 South Pacific Highway
Ed Miller House Medford 266 South Pacific Highway
Warren Butler House Medford 269 982 Queen Anne Street
Frank C. & Grace W. Clark house remodel

Two-story wood frame with gable roof and one-story shed roof attachment on east side of main house; corner porch with half return pediment gable;…

Medford 27 1017 West Tenth Street
C. F. Nichols House Medford 270 622 South Holly Street
Arthur Tyo House Medford 271 Ross Court
Roosevelt School Addition

Two story brick addition on east elevation; rectangular in shape; three window banks on each story with six windows banks on each story with six…

Medford 272 112 Lindley
A. L. Aiken Building

Two story building; stucco front over brick; lower store fronts remodeled; extensive remodeling.

Ashland 274 281 East Main Street
Bohall House Medford 276 South of 3654 South Pacific Highway
Judge H. D. Norton House

Two-story frame; combined brick and stucco exterior wall surface; hip tile roof; recessed entrance on main facade with second-story porch above;…

Medford 29 408 South Oakdale Street
Clarence Lane House Ashland 290 Laurel Street near North Main
Robert Strang House Medford 291 1100 East Main Street
H. W. Williamson House Medford 292 Corning Court
Thomas Swem House Medford 293 38 Ross Court
Merkle House

One and one-half story wood frame; steeply pitched gable roof with two cross gables on the main facade; eliptical portico roof supported by Tuscan…

Medford 294 39 Summit Street

One and one-half story wood frame; horizontal clapboard siding with corner boards; gable roof with broad overhanging eaves and knee braces;…

Medford 295 1222 West Main Street
Ginger Rogers 296
George Murphy Ranch 297
F. L. Foster Building

Totally remodeled facade with "Tudor" styling; (modern)

Ashland 298 391 East Main Street
E. H. Evans House Medford 299 1216 East Main Street
L.B./W.J. Warner House (remodel) Medford 30 519 South Oakdale
Business Block Medford 300 NE corner North Central & East Eighth Sts
F. L. Camps Building

Completely remodeled brick building with stucco plaster; storefronts remodeled.

Ashland 301 54 East Main Street
J. P. Dodge Mortuary Ashland 302 90 North Pioneer
Dodge Furniture & Carpet Building

Two story; complete remodel of brick building; stuccoed over entire facade.

Ashland 303 123 East Main Street
Frank Strickfaden House

Concrete block foundation; basement partly above ground; two story; projecting glassed in porch; one-over-one windows; polygonal turret.

Ashland 304 145 Almond Street
John Chambers House

One and one-half stories; gambrel roof over main volume; wrap around porch combination of multi-light and one-over-one windows with d.h. sashes;…

Ashland 305 137 Almond Street
C. W. Holmes Building


Ashland 306 97 North Main
Conklin Building Grants Pass 308 208
Rebecca & John Jensen House

One and one-half story wood frame with stucco exterior wall finish; steeply pitched gable roof; brick used to frame windows, for quions and at…

Medford 309 508 Park Avenue
Unnamed, 2748 Old Stage Road Central Point 310 2748 Old Stage Road
Firestone Building, Oregon Carpet Exchange

One-story reinforced concrete; concrete block on rear portion of building; stucco on main facade; bands of multi-light windows on north, side wall…

Medford 311 33 South Riverside Avenue
C. C. Wing Building


Ashland 312 NW Corner 4th and B Streets
Harry Holmes House

This home was not included in the final SOHS Inventory of Frank Clark homes because it was a partnership between Keeney and Paul R. Williams of…

Medford 314 Modoc
Spiritualist Society Ashland 316 Main Street
Medford Masonic Building Remodel Medford 317 218 1/2 West Main Street
Interim County Courthouse/City Hall


Medford 318 NW corner of Front & N. 5th Streets
YWCA Addition Medford 319 220 Bartlett Street
Eagle Point High School, Eagle Point Junior High

One story frame; stucco; arched reversed entry w/keystone; arched windows; transoms; two symmetrically placed banks of 6/6 double hung windows;…

Eagle Point 320
J. J. Emmons House Remodel

Remodel; rectangular in shape; one-and one-half stories; two gabled dormers; semi-circular topped windows, pitched roofs; eight over one windows…

Medford 322 1443 East Main Street
Frederick Johnson Remodel

Remodel; narrow paired columns; two each side on portico; six over one windows, double hung sashes; multi-light door with multi-light side lights…

Medford 323 2322 East Main Street
A. L. Livingston House Remodel

Two and one-half story wood frame; rectangular in plan; gable roof with two story cross gable over projecting bay window; a second polygonal bay…

Jacksonville 324 4132 Livingston Road
Raymond Driver House

Two-story wood frame; rectangular in shape; gable roof; wood shingle siding; central recessed entrance with pilaster columns and cornice molding…

Central Point 326 4140 Old Stage Road
Pacific Home Telephone Building

One-story reinforced concrete with brick exterior walls; glazed architectural terra cotta used in decorative cornice and at door and window…

Medford 327 131 North Bartlett Road
Christian Science Church, Carpenter Hall

Essentially rectangular in shape with east projecting wing; cross gable roof; wood shingles; wood shingle siding; wi9ndows with semi-circular…

Ashland 328 23 South Pioneer
Medford Mail Tribune Building


Medford 329 SW corner of Fir and Sixth Streets
Clark/Jackson House

Rectangular in plan, pitched roof over main volume, hipped roof over rear ell. Wall surface is shingled siding. Prominent portico with…

Medford 33 1917 East Main Street
Gilbert Stuart House

Period/Colonial Rectangular; two story; portico with balcony; four fluted columns; end addition; one over one windows; sidelights by the front…

Medford 331 18 Modoc Avenue
Thompson House Medford 332 Queen Ann Street
Central Point Presbyterian Church, Oak Street Baptist Church

Brick stucco and wood structure with gable roof; cross gable; square tower over main (northwest) entrance; wood shingles on tower; brick walls on…

Central Point 333 100 Oak Street
Powell Auto Company Building Medford 334 109 East Eighth Street
Trail School Trail 335
Unnamed, 1964 Old Stage Road Central Point 336 1964 Old Stage Road
Wm. Shepherd (Muirhead?) House

Two stories; three gabled dormers from front roof; two stone end chimneys; multi-light windows; eyelid grill; steep gable roof; shingled on upper…

Medford 337 2003 Hillcrest Road
Medford Ice & Storage Addition

Two-three story reinforced concrete rectangular building; buttress-like pilasters divide exterior walls into rhythmical vertical sections; wood…

Medford 339 539 South Fir Street
COPCO Building Addition


Medford 340 216 East Main Street
Skating Rink, Naumes Cold Storage

Wood frame building with corrugated metal sheathing; approximately two stories in height; single light slidng glass windows in lower walls;…

Medford 341 619 South Grape Street
Oregon Caves Lodge 342 Oregon Caves
Osteopathic Clinic Medford 343 215 East Jackson Street
Dr. Howard House Medford 344 1507 West Main Street
Dr. Sherwood House Medford 345 523 Newton Street
Bert Elliot House Medford 346 5 Corning Court
Warehouse Medford 347 Tenth and
J. C. Penny Building Medford 348 106 North Central
Unnamed, West Main Street Medford 349 West Main Street
Ralph/Bertha Bardwell House

One-story wood frame; low pitch gable roof with broad overhanging eaves and exposed ridge post and purlins; veranda extends across main facade and…

Medford 35 1002 South Oakdale Street
F. Corning Kenly House (Glenview Orchard) Medford 351 Carpenter Hill Road
Reed Tractor & Equipment Building 352
Houston Brothers House

"More costly than any of those houses recently reported is the $5,000 house, twelve-roooms, of Houston brothers, owners of the Buckeye…

Phoenix 353 Buckeye\'s Orchard
Fred T. Lewis House

Frank Clark, architect with Frank Forster

354 Unknown location
Mrs. A. Holloway House

Frank Clark with Frank Forster

355 Burrell Orchards
Unnamed, 843 East Main Street Medford 356 843 East Main Street
Page Business Building Medford 359 SE corner East Main St. & S. Riverside Ave
J. P. Naumes House

One and one-half story; stone laid randomly in masonry on first floor; wood board and batten in gable ends; steep-pitched gable roof and cross…

Medford 36 1001 South Oakdale Street
Unnamed, 980 West Park Street Grants Pass 360 980 West Park Street
Rosenbaum & Reames Building, DeVoe Grocery Store

One story concrete; parapet with decorative details; rectangular in shape; light light storefront windows on main facade; one-over-one double hung…

Medford 363 436 West Main Street
Medford City Hall Remodel Medford 365 Fifth & Front Streets
Delroy Getchell House

Two-story wood frame with narrow horizontal clapboard siding; main block rectangular in shape; gable roof with gable dormer above central main…

Medford 37 1121 South Oakdale Street
Unnamed, 604 NW Fourth Grants Pass 374 604 NW Fourth
Unnamed, 751 NW Fourth Grants Pass 375 751 NW Fourth
Unnamed, 758 NW Fourth Grants Pass 376 758 NW Fourth
Unnamed, 772 NW Fourth Grants Pass 377 772 NW Fourth
Unnamed, 1020 NW Washington Grants Pass 378 1020 NW Washington
Unnamed, 1804 Lawnridge Grants Pass 379 1804 Lawnridge
T. W. Lendeman House Medford 38 23-25 Park Place
Unnamed, 1452 Lawnridge Grants Pass 380 1452 Lawnridge
Unnamed, 788 NW Third Grants Pass 381 788 NW Third
Unnamed, 733 NW Third Grants Pass 382 733 NW Third
Unnamed, 412 A Street Grants Pass 383 412 A Street
Unnamed, 520 A Street Grants Pass 384 520 A Street
Unnamed, 649 B Street Grants Pass 385 649 B Street
Unnamed, West of 613 B Street Grants Pass 386 West of 613 B Street
John Mann House

Two story with rear addition; pitched gable roof; frame house with channel sidings; sixi-over-one windows; two bays; portico with gable; (curved)…

Medford 388 815 East Main Street
Max G. Bauer House Medford 389 15 Corning Court
Donald McKee House, Colony Club

One-and one-half story, frame with wide wood siding; six-over-six windows with double hung sashes. Portico with columns; central door with side-…

Medford 39 8 Geneva
Fred Heath House

Shingled; central light with sidelight window; two centered gabled dormers; canopy/portico with brakcets; one and one half story; two interior…

Medford 390 820 East Main Street
Frank L. TouVelle House Jacksonville 391 North Oregon Street
Central Point High School Central Point 392
Evans Valley School 393
Owen-Oregon Office Medford 394 2211 North Riverside Avenue
Josephine County Fair Building

"Architect Frank Clark is busy finishing drawings for new buildings for the Josephine Country Fair Association in Grants Pass, a new stock…

Grants Pass 395
Zion Lutheran Church

Reinforced concrete gable roof building; square tower above main south entrance; gable roof; lancet arched openings; concrete block addition on…

Medford 396 508 North Fourth Street
Howard School Central Point/Medford 397 2801 Merriman Road
June Earhart House

Period Normandy Farmhouse Rectangular one-story; steep pitched roof; one long gable; stucco with pattern wall surface; elliptically arched door…

Medford 398 945 South Riverside Avenue
Victor Mills House

Prairie School Style Stucco; shed roofs; broad overhanging eaves; one story; broad windows with single panes; shutters.

Ashland 399 155 Strawberry Lane
George Porter House

Rectangular in shape; roof crest dormer; narrow lap siding, large single lights with small multi-lights surrounding central light; portico with…

Medford 40 826 Minnesota Avenue
B. E. Harder House

Period Colonial Two- and one-half story wood frame; gable roof with single cross gable; return pediment in gable ends; one story ell with…

Central Point 400 3531 Ross Lane
Pantorium Medford 401 Southeast corner Holly and West Sixth
F. W. Townsend House

Period English Tudor Two-story wood frame; brick on sections of lower floor; stucco and half-timbering in gable ends and elsewhere; paired steeply…

Central Point 404 3188 Ross Lane
Charles S. Black Lodge 405 on Rogue River
Frank Madison Lodge 406 18 miles south of Medford on Rogue River
Fred Scheffel House

Period Normandy Farmhouse One - and one-half stories; recessed entry with arched opening gable roof; multi-light windows; frame structure with…

Medford 407 2501 Lyman Avenue
Deuel Building Grants Pass 408 Main and Bartlet Streets
H. A. Thierolf House

Pitched roof; two gabled roof dormers with semi-circular windows, lap siding; portico with two Doric columns; bracketed eaves; single light…

Medford 41 828 Minnesota Avenue
Sam Neas House Grants Pass 410 North Fifth Street
Hotel Josephine Remodel

Demolished. "Contractor Elmer Day of Grants Pass has been awarded the contract to remodel the Hotel Josephine and tomorrow morning will set a…

Grants Pass 411 6th and E Streets
R. L. Coe Building Medford 412 Sixth and E Streets
Bert Anderson House

Bungalow/Craftsman One-story wood frame with shallow pitch gable roof; broad overhanging eaves with knee braces; wood shingle siding; main…

Medford 413 1501 West Main Street
Alfred Ware House Medford 414 1985 Kings Highway
Mission Apartments Medford 416 Holly near
Unnamed, Corning and East Main Medford 417 Corning and East Main
Jackson County Nursing Home Medford 418 5465 South Pacific Highway
Unnamed, 512 Avenue #N/A 419 512 Avenue
Louis Ulrich House

Pitched roof; two eyelid dormers; portico with curved canopy; wide wood siding; sidelights by front door; ten-over-ten lights in front windows;…

Medford 42 839 Minnesota Avenue
Hargrove House Reuben Hargrove House Ashland 421 185 North Pioneer
Unnamed, 528 South Grape Street Medford 422 528 South Grape Street
Unnamed, Pioneer Road just west of Hillsinger #N/A 423 Pioneer Road just west of Hillsinger
Five houses Medford 424 South Pacific Highway
L. B. Hall Funeral Home Grants Pass 425 C Street
Hull & Hull Funeral Home Grants Pass 426 A Street (near Hough House)
Cornell House Grants Pass 427 421 B Street
Rogue River Lodge 428 location unknown
Jean Cameron house Medford 429 2946 Cedar Links
E. V. Carter House

Story and a half; broad horizontal lines, curved gable ends, a stone foundation and chimney of stone and brick. Rafter ends have Craftsman detail…

Ashland 43 505 Siskiyou Boulevard
Unnamed, Third & A Street Grants Pass 432 Third & A Street
Phoenix Presbyterian Church Phoenix 434 Phoenix
Larry Shade House

Period Normandy Farmhouse One- and one-half stories, wood frame; rectangular in shape; steeply pitched gable roof with cross gable; single large…

Medford 435 989 South Oakdale Avenue
Unnamed, 486 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland 436 486 Siskiyou Boulevard
Unnamed, 670 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland 437 670 Siskiyou Boulevard
Southwest Corner Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland 438 Southwest Corner Siskiyou Boulevard
Ashland Hotel Remodel Ashland 439 East Main & Pioneer
George Taverner House

Two stories; squarish in plan; round bay with conical roof and overhanging eaves on n.w. corner; rock-faced ashlar masonry foundation; clapboard…

Ashland 44 912 Siskiyou Boulevard
Alfred Jack House Ashland 441 125 Almond
Charles Tilton House Ashland 442 237 Almond
Unnamed, 600 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland 443 600 Siskiyou Boulevard
Porter Neff House Medford 444 516 Belmont
The Frame House

Period Normandy Farmhouse One- and one-half story wood frame; horizontal clapboard siding; steeply pitched gable roof with projecting cross gable…

Medford 445 1960 West Main Street
Unnamed, Bellinger Lane near Hull Road Medford 446 Bellinger Lane near Hull Road
Unnamed, 337 West Main Medford 447 337 West Main
W. L. Ireland House Grants Pass 448 Fourth & B Streets
Unnamed, 416 Manzanita Grants Pass 449 416 Manzanita
Walter Bowne House

Main block is two stories; one and one-half story portions on both north and south walls; gable roof; gable roof dormers on main (east) facade;…

Central Point 45 1845 Old Stage Road
816 West Tenth Street Medford 450 816 West Tenth Street
Unnamed, 2339 Hillside Drive #N/A 451 2339 Hillside Drive
G. F. Billings Insurance Agency

Stuccoed brick; parallelogram in shape; two stories; five bays on Oak Street (second floor; one central bay); pilasters on first story; central…

Ashland 452 45 East Main Street
Unnamed, 404 NW A Street Grants Pass 453 404 NW A Street
Unnamed, 318 South Second Medford 454 318 South Second
Seely Hall, Sr., Orchard House Medford 455 (East of 4-Corners)
Unnamed, 608 South Qakdale Street Medford 457 608 South Qakdale Street
Unnamed, 610 South Oakdale Street Medford 458 610 South Oakdale Street
Unnamed, North Peach and West Main Streets Medford 459 North Peach and West Main Streets
Leverette Building, Montgomery Ward Bldg.

Two-story reinforced concrete; stucco exterior; large plate glass storefront windows facing South Central Street; second floor windows and…

Medford 47 115-121 South Central Street
H. D. McCaskey House, So. Oregon Humane Society

One story; channel siding; gabled portico; two pair posts; 6/1 double hung windows; rectangular in shape; extension addition, add-on south…

Medford 48 2910 Table Rock Road
Dr. Sweeney House Medford 484 Unknown location (2336 Table Rock Rd)
Enders 485 Unknown location
W. S. Barnum 486 Unknown location (1684 Spring Street)
T. Simpson 487 Unknown location
McDonough 489 Unknown location
Kimball Fruit Packing Company Medford 49 (?) North Grape Street
William Young

Vacant lot.

491 Unknown location (815 Bennett?)
Jackson County Warehouse 493 Unknown location
V. Katrina 494 Unknown location
Snider 495 Unknown (528 Pennsylvania or 227 N. Oakdale)
Floyd Hart

Note in inventory states house may be owned by Dr. Milton R. Snow at 3817 Grant Road, Central Point.
Source: Calista Handwerg, Anne Finley 2…

Central Point 496 Unknown location (3817 Grant Road)
William Bates Medford 497 32 Geneva (?)
Mrs. Julia Doubleday Medford 498 202 Portland Avenue
American Laundry Medford 499 132 Central Avenue
Medford Elks Picnic/Casino Medford 5 Agate Rd, 10 mi. no of Medford
Medford Elks Temple

Two-stories with a basement partly above ground; concrete and brick wall construction; two-story balustraded balcony projects from west wall; two-…

Medford 50 202 North Central Street
Scott V. Davis Building Medford 500 (?) Main and Central
Hannon or Hansen 501 Unknown location
Mrs. Gerdes Medford 503 (?) 123 Vancouver
Southern Oregon Gas Company 504 Unknown location
P. L. Andrews 505 Unknown location
Jacksonville School Addition (?) Jacksonville 506
Talent Gymnasium Talent 507 307 W. Wagner (?)
Woodsmen Building, Knights of Pythias

Period Mission Two-story concrete; parapet and central eclipse on main facade; rectangular in shape; three-bay facade with recessed entrance…

Medford 508 143 North Grape Street
William Yerkey Apartment 510 North Pacific Highway
Carl Rau Auto Court Central Point 511 (?) Seventh Street
Oldsmobile Sales & Service Central Point 512 I and Seventh Streets
Glenn Simpson House Medford 513 West side of Ashland Street
Harvey J. Field Bldg, Crater Auto Supply/Paint & Body Shop

One-story concrete block; rectangular in shape; stucco wall finish; parapet conceals roof line; recessed corner entrance with side lights of…

Medford 515 344 North Bartlett Street
Central Point First National Bank Central Point 516 Unknown location
United Airlines Passenger Depot 518 Unknown location (3650 Biddle Road)
Pacific Coop. Poultry Producers of Portland Grants Pass 520 Unknown location
George Harrington House Medford 521 208 Bradford Way
Lincoln Grade School Addition Medford 523 608 N. Bartlett (?)
Charles A. Wing Building Medford 524 Southeast corner of 4th and Central
Putnam/Edward Athey House

This house may not have been built

Central Point 526 M Street
W. E. Hammell House 528 Crater Lake Highway
Clem Clymer House 529 Unknown location (RR#3)
Littrell Building

One-story reinforced concrete; large store front windows with multi-light transom windows face East 6th Street; cantilevered canopy projects over…

Medford 53 319 East Sixth Street
Jorgen E. Jorgenson Medford 532 1913 Hillcrest (original house burned)
John Moffatt House

Period Colonial One-story brick; pitched roof with portico and two Doric columns; one-over-one windows of wood; elliptical window top openings in…

Medford 533 34 North Berkeley Way
L. P. Older House

One- and one-half story; stucco; six-over-one windows; steep gable pitches; arched top windows; exterior chimney at front; circular window with…

Medford 534 38 North Berkeley Way
B. E. Canode House

One and one-half stories; double front gables (offset), recessed arched entry way; multi-light windows over large light; one large primary gable;…

Medford 535 1716 Crown Avenue
Mel Hogan House

Prairie. Rectangular frame house, shingles in upper gable ends; lap siding on other portions; one-over-one windows; two stories; brick foundation…

Medford 536 1512 East Main Street
James Pulver Motel Medford 537 1237 North Riverside Avenue
Unknown (Ben Trowbridge Sr.)

Two story; stucco; front chimney, multi-light windows and large light single pane / central curved recessed entry tower.

Medford 538 202 Barneburg Road
Porter Lumber Company Residence

Probably not built for Porter Lumber Co.; source: Calista Handwerg, Anne Finley; 2-24-83

Medford 539 Northeast corner of Queen Anne and Lindley
Horace Thompson Talent 540 Hilsinger Road near Pioneer
Frank Bush House Medford 541 1325 Bundy
Walter Quisenberry House

One and one-half story wood frame; horizontal clapboard siding; steep-pitched gable roof; knee braces support porch roof; shutters with cut…

Medford 542 715 South Oakdale Avenue
COPCO Building Medford 543 West Main between North Holly & Grape
Blackwell Hill School 544
Shady Cove School Shady Cove 545
Pinehurst School 546
Groceteria Medford 547 On Penny\'s store site, Central Avenue
Greyhound Bus Depot

One story and two-story concrete with stucco; roof hidden by parapet; restaurant and waiting room southern and central portion; open-ended bay for…

Medford 549 212 North Bartlett Street
Porter Neff Building, Medford Rexall

One-story concrete with stucco facing; stepped parapet conceals roof; corner entrance cut diagonally across southeast corner of building;…

Medford 550 101 North Central Avenue
First National Bank, Billings Insurance 551
First State Bank of Eagle Point (remodel) Eagle Point 552
"Business Block" Medford 553 Northeast corner of 6th & Bartlett
(brick Tudor style) Medford 554 2336 Table Rock Road
Timber Products Company Office Medford 555 North end of North Central Avenue
Medford Country Club Building (original) Medford 57 2660 Hillcrest Road
Holly Theatre

Four story reinforced concrete and brick; decorative scroll brackets support overhanging eaves on the south main facade; concrete exposed on west…

Medford 58 222 West Sixth Street
Sparta Building

Two-story brick; main entrance at corner of East Main and South Riverside; Ionic pilaster columns separate double hung sash windows at corner of…

Medford 59 405 East Main Street
Community Hospital Remodel, Century Bldg.

Erected (or remodeled) in 1922/1923; nothing of original left.
Significance: An early structure, the Community Hospital at 843 East Main…

Medford 6 843 East Main
F. K. Deuel House

Two-story wood frame with gable roof and broad overhanging eaves; brick on lower exterior walls; wood shingles on upper prtion of walls; broad…

Medford 62 1018 South Oakdale Street
Cooley Building, Craterian Theatre Building

Two-story reinforced concrete with stucco exterior; double hung sash and fixed lights on second floor are paired; large storefront windows on…

Medford 63 39 South Central Avenue
Fluhrer Building Remodel

Mini-park (Vogel Park) exists where Fluhrer Building once stood.

Medford 64 SE corner E. Main and South Central Ave
Goldy Building (remodel) Medford 65 West Main Street
Kay Building Medford 66 34 South Fir
Fluhrer Bakery Building

One-story reinforced concrete; large single light storefront widows are separated by fluted pilasters that project above parapet; upper edge of…

Medford 67 29 North Holly Street
Medford YMCA (addition) Medford 68 522 West Main Street
Garnett-Corey Building, Park Place/Leverette Bldg.

Four-story brick with concrete; granite horizontal belt covering and lintels; window openings are single large lights of fixed glass; recessed…

Medford 69 205 West Main Street
Gates Auto Company Building

The original one-story building was designed by Clark and constructed in 1919. In that year the C. E. Gates Auto company moved from their business…

Medford 7 NW corner of E 6th and North Riverside
Unnamed, 1840 South Stage Road Medford 71 1840 South Stage Road
Unnamed, 1984 Orchard Home Drive Medford 72 1984 Orchard Home Drive
Medford Bowling Lanes Medford 73 821 North Riverside
Big Y Shopping Center 74
Medford Airport Newell Barber Field


Medford 75 South Pacific Highway
Shetler/Henselman House Medford 77 35 South Berkeley Way
Bear Creek Orchards Packing House

Two story industrial plant; Art Deco towers, concrete; elongated rectangular shape; seven banks of multi light windows; second story overhang over…

Medford 78 2518 South Pacific Highway
C. C. Chappell/F. G. Swedenburg House

Two story house with hipped roof, deck and railing and Ionic columns which support the center extension's second story balcony. Doric columns…

Ashland 79 990 Siskiyou Boulevard
Chapel of the Rocks and Roses, Chapel Mortuary

On South Oakdale at King Street

Medford 800 On South Oakdale at King Street
Lithia Theatre Ashland 81 166 East Main Street
A. C. Hough House

Two-and one-half story wood frame house; hip roof with hip dormers; brick foundation; horizontal clapboards; shed roof porch across main facade;…

Grants Pass 82 707 NW A Street
Greater Medford Community Club


Medford 83
Blood House Medford 84 701 South Oakdale Street
Grey House Medford 85 714 South Oakdale Street
O. O. Allenderfer House

Two-story frame with stucco exterior; gable roof with tile; square-headed multi-light double-hung sash windows on section floor; hewn lintels and…

Medford 86 718 South Oakdale Avenue
George Triechler House

Two-story wood frame; rectangular in shape; low pitch cross gable roof with shed roof dormer on south sloping gable; one-story gable projection…

Medford 87 995 South Oakdale Avenue
Spatz House Medford 88 992 South Oakdale
Karl Janouch House Medford 89 1202 East Main Street
F. E. Merrick House

Significance: "Contractor Harris is making rapid progress on F. E. Merrick\'s handsome two-story dwelling on East Main street. Architect…

Medford 9 839 East Main Stret
Medford Natatorium


Medford 90 120 North Riverside Avenue
Chauncey M. Brewer House

Two-story wood frame rectangular with one-story ell portion in rear; one-story enclosed sun porch on east side; attached garage, symmetrical plan…

Medford 92 1811 East Main Street
Thurston Daniels House

Stucco exterior; squarish in plan; one central steep gable with cross gable and dormers; one central steep gable; six over one and multi light…

Medford 93 1805 East Main Street
Roland Hubbard House

Wall surface is shingle and lap siding; main body of house has hipped roof connecting with front side gable; square in plan; exposed rafter ends…

Medford 94 831 Minnesota Avenue
Eugene Bennett Apartment Medford 96 337 South Grape Street
Ashland Civic Clubhouse

Rectangular in shape; two projecting gable bays; inset porch; shingled wall surface; large lights flanked by sidelights; shallow pitched gable…

Ashland 97 59 Winburn Way
Ashland Elks Club

Four story reinforced concrete building; five bays across facade esplanade; first story remodeled with modern office; balconies on the third story…

Ashland 98 255 East Main Street
Enders Building

Stucco front; reinforced concrete; rectangular in shape and elongated; two stories; seven bays wide; parapet with numbers 1910 on building;…

Ashland 99 250 East Main Street