Biographies of Southern Oregonians

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Spouse City
Adams, Sebastian C., 1825-1898 Martha McBride 1851 (d. 1882) Martha F. Rhael 1884 (d. 1888) Sarah Baker Babcock 1890 Other
Alenderfer, Oscar Odell Ina Medford
Allen, Albert C., Sr., 1875-1972 Lillian Keith - 1899; Bessie Courtney - 1926 Medford
Applegate, Ivan D., 1840-1918 Margaret Hutchinson, 07/14/1871 Ashland
Applegate, Jesse Applegate, Cynthia Ann Parker (03/13/1831) Other
Applegate, Lindsay, 1808-1892 Miller, Elizabeth Basham 02/13/1831 in Coles Co. Mo Klamath Falls
Applegate, Oliver Cromwell (1845-1938) Ella Anderson Klamath Falls
Athanas, Verne Spencer, Alice Ashland
Barneburg, Frederick Electra Norton 01/01/1860 (d 1904) Medford
Barnum, William Solon Bertha Susan Barnum Jacksonville