Cordy, Cliff

Among accomplishments: getting Oregon Legislature to enact legislation to curb blight; convincing orchardists that heat rather than smoke was needed for frost protection and aided conversion from burning straw, tires, etc. to using orchard heaters; developed pruning and training techniques for the Rogue Valley fruit industry; helped develop several varieties of pears; provided valuable expertise and advise to local orchardists.

'Portland OR'
'Son:Cordy, Clifford B. Jr., Daughter: Morris, Marilyn
'Attended Oregon State College and Michigan State College; received doctorate degree from University of Florida in 1961.\r\n'
'Past president of the Oregon County Agents Association; life member of the Oregon Horticultural Society; member of American Institute of Biological Science'
34 years in the Rogue Valley as Oregon State College Extension Service agent for horticulture starting in 1934. Two years as superintendent of the Sitka, Alaska, Experiment Station. In addition he was president of the Jacks',
Other Names
'Clifford Bernard
Death Place
'Prescott, AZ'
'Thomas, Mollie Vance. Married 08/28/1934 in Reno, NV.', NULL)