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Fire Crew in Woods; Britt Festival Rehearsal; East Medford Site Work; Lumbermen's Assn. Headquarters; Llamas Pan along fire hose in woods to resting fire crew to charred woods / pan along burned tree trunk / crew breaks up smoking stump / squirting hot spot… '8-9-1967'
Cars, Cars, & More Cars, Field for Construction of parking lot. Cars, Cars, & More Cars. Filmed near the intersection where Craterian Theater is located, film shows lots of cars passing by.// Panned film of a… '12-29-1969'
Crater High School Tractor Training Teenagers and teacher stand around new Case tractor / teen checks oil, filter, demonstrates three-point hitch, drives tractor around Crater High… '10-6-1969'
Kip Morgan, Student President of Associated Students of University of Oregon Young man at desk through glass reading "A.S.U.O. President" / he talks with young woman, shuffles papers, talks on phone, walks down corridor, talks… '10-1-1969'
Lady's Taste Testing at Senior Activity Center, Airplane Maintenance Several women cutting up desserts and tasting them at the senior Activity Center. // Maintenance being performed on several airplanes at what appears… '1972'
Lone Pine School, Children, Southern Pacific Train Shot of School. Appears to be Lone Pine Elementary, Children in school standing in lines and eating food. View of bulk food boxes. // Cars at train… '10-28-1969'
Meeting of Housing Authority of Jackson County Three men and woman meeting around desk, two of them pretty much ignoring woman and black attendee / sign: "Housing Authority of Jackson County"… '10-17-1969'
SOHS Film 2120 ~March 1971 Part 1: Meeting of group of men in business suits. Part 2: Leaves Dumping Area

There are One clip on this film:

  1. A Group of Men in Meeting.  Note Takers in the room. Possible City or County meeting. 
March 1971
SOHS Film 2121 ~March 1971 Part 1: Safeway Store, Newberg Orchards, Traffic Planning Meeting

There are three clips on this film:

  1.  Safeway Store Interior/Exterior.
  2.  Pear Orchards with Smudge Pots, Newberg…
March 1971
SOHS Film 2122 ~APRIL 1971 Part 1. Medford Airport and Medford Control Tower. Construction equipment at Medford Airport. Part 2. VFW event at White City Domiciliary. Artist with painting and crafts on display.

There is two clip on this film:

  1.   Medford Airport and Medford Control Tower. Construction equipment at Medford Airport. …
March 1971
SOHS Film 2122 ~March 1971 Hyatt Lake Body Recovery

There is one clip on this film:

  1. Bodies being recovered from Hyatt Lake. 


March 1971
SOHS Film 2124 ~ April 1971 Part 1. Wigwam burner at mill. USDA Food Distribution Center. Exterior of building and interior. People getting food. 3. Interview of man in office setting.

There is three clips on this film:

  1. SOHS Film 2124 ~ April 1971

     Part 1. Wigwam burner at mill.  

    Part 2. USDA…

SOHS Film 2131 ~ April 1971 Small group of people attending outdoor meeting.

There is one clip on this film:

A man standing in back of pickup outdoors with a small group of people. Man is holding a sign with schematic…

April 1971
SOHS Film 2140 ~ April 1971 Fire at Hancock Gas Station. Lady showing cat to small audience. Medford City council meeting.

There are three clips on this film.  

  1. Fire at Hancock gas station. Medford fire dept. spraying water.
  2. Lady in front of…
April 1971
SOHS Film 2169 ~ May 1971 Libraries, County Meeting, Providence Hospital, Swim

This film has four clips:

The first clip shows views of Jacksonville & Central Point Libraries, both inside & Out. There is also a…

May 1971
Timber Carnival; Oregon Dairy Queen Crowning Good color, silent: Timber carnival (presumably the Albany Timber Carnival): bald man competing in log sawing / three men at log chopping next to… '7-7-1969'
Vector Control Sprays for Mosquitoes Men get out of Jackson County Vector Control pickup near I-5 / fog exits rear of pickup, they drive off / pickup slowly bounces across field, fogging… '7-11-1969'
"Beautify Junkyards" Billboard Shot of billboard: "Help Beautify Junk Yards, Throw Something Lovely Away Today" '3-8-1966'
"Sing-Out '66" Kids Perform in Medford Banquet scene: two young men playing guitar, roomful of kids singing and clapping / they rise and point, wave, dance along with lyrics '3-18-1966'
100-Year-Old Woman, Grants Pass; Santa Claus Hands Out Presents; National Safety Council Night Driving Film Old lady sitting in overstuffed chair, being interviewed by reporter, chatted up by nurse, reading mail / / Man in bad Santa Claus costume swarmed by… '12-22-1966'
1926 (Sept.) Jackson County Fair, 'Bigger and Better Than Ever.'

COPCO Film 59: 1926 (Sept.) Jackson County Fair, 'Bigger and Better Than Ever.' [COPCO Film Inventory]

1926 Armistice Day Celebration

COPCO Film 60: 1926 Armistice Day Celebration.[COPCO Film Inventory 11 Nov 1926]

1960 Football Game Film, Medford vs. South Eugene Night game--long shots of scrimmages '1960'
1960 Football Game Film--Medford vs. Arcata Starts with close shot of young boy holding sign: "Med Arcata Sept 9." Night game--long shots of scrimmages '9-8-1960'
1960 Football Game Film--Medford vs. Arcata 9/8/1960 Night game--long shots of scrimmages '9-8-1960'
1960 Football Game Film--Medford vs. Reno Night game--long shots of scrimmages '1960'
1960 Football Game Film--Medford vs. South Eugene Night game--exclusively long shots of scrimmages. Long shots of after-game activity on field, bleachers emptying '1960'
1964 Boatnik, Grants Pass Footage of 1964 event to promote upcoming 1965 Boatnik--pan across boat launch site / drivers run to boats, crowd follows / shots of boats racing… '5-28-1965'
1965 Kiwanis Kapers Interior: on-stage dress rehearsal or performance  / "devil" magician performs as chorus dances behind him / conductor / caveman scenes /… '2-24-1965'
1965 Medford Pear Blossom Parade Marching band passes in front of Burelson's on East Main / closeup of Medford High School marching band, drum major, twirlers / Pear Blossom King and… '4-26-1965'
1966 Kiwanis Kapers Minstrel show (no blackface), photographer on stage with cast / large chorus in costume singing and dancing on stage / closeup of soloist / dance… '2-9-1966'
1966 Medford High School Graduation Ceremony Pan across audience in Medford High School grandstand / closeup of band / graduates slowly file past camera / pan across graduates in grandstand /… '6-10-1966'
1966 Miss Oregon Pageant Shot of stage from back of theater / closer shot, contestants lined up, wearing gowns and mink stoles / audience applauding wildly / swimsuit… '7-11-1966'
1966 Miss Rogue Valley Pageant Begins Mayor Dunlevy schmoozes with young lady (Miss Rogue Valley 1965?) / closeup of photos of contestants '3-28-1966'
1968 Boatnik People huddled under umbrella on Caveman Bridge, Grants Pass / announcer interviews young man / pans across crowd in park from bridge / spectators… '6-3-1968'
2-Car Accident, Jacksonville Highway Night: Corvette and sedan by road / pans across wreckage '7-28-1966'
3M Plant Construction, White City Exterior: construction site, skeleton of 3M buliding up / pans across building / man using cutting torch / men shoveling / man hammering inside… '4-15-1965'
3M Plant Progress, White City Pan across building from distance / closeups of building through window as driving past: 3M Duplicating Products on building '12-30-1965'
3M White City, Executive Solberg Pan across 3M building, White City / 3M sign on building / entrance to building / secretary at desk / executive at desk / executive schmoozes… '3-8-1966'
4-H Beef Field Day, Jackson County Fairgrounds Cows in fairgrounds barn / cow in squeeze chute / trimming hooves / showing Hereford steer / pan across crowd in bleachers / showing more steers /… '4-19-1965'
4-H FFA Queen Pageant Closeups of candidates on stage / emcee at microphone / emcee with reigning queen / candidates in swimsuits, evening gowns / '8-10-1966'
4-H Home Economics Baking Competition Sign: "4-H Home Economics Skill Contest Week" / sign: "Senior Dinner Champion Award," display of prizes, prize winners and ribbons / girls mix cakes… '7-26-1966'
4-H Home Economics Contest Interior: pan across women in folding chairs, waiting for judging / boy and girls mixing cakes at table / removing cake from oven / table with… '7-28-1965'
4-H Horse Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds Jackson County Fairground: Three people ride horses past camera, Barneburg Hill in background / people demonstrate horses around outdoor arena '8-9-1965'
4-H Livestock Fair, Jackson County Fairgrounds Mostly closeups: Hereford steers in indoor arena / Jersey cows / more steers / hogs / pan across spectators on bleachers / young man leads reluctant… '7-26-1965'
4-H Livestock Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds Children bring rabbits to judging table, old Jackson County Fairgrounds pavilion / pan across young entrants and rabbits / adults in bleachers /… '8-5-1969'
4-H Speakers; Family Guidance Clinic; YMCA; Beauty Queens in Grants Pass Exterior: VIPs, one holding handful of soil, discuss / closeups of same / speaker at dais by 4-H flag / pan across sparse audience / / people stand… '5-24-1967'
4-H, FFA Fair, Jackson County Fairgrounds Interior of barn, young boys and girls with steers / closeups of steers / boy sleeping with steer / rabbits in cages / tractors displayed outside /… '8-11-1965'
4-H, FFA Lamb Show at Jackson County Fairgrounds Exterior, Jackson County Fairgrounds / closeup of people cutting up cooked meat / pan across crowd waiting for food / in arena, young man shears… '6-14-1965'
41 Buses, 1300 Passengers Stranded in Medford by Weather

Shots of GIs, passengers milling around and in Greyhound bus station, in coffee shop / buses parked at train depot, on street downtown

4H Horse Clinic, Jackson County Fairgrounds Girl in hat and chaps rides horse in ring / closeup of young boy / girl rides into enclosure / closeup of little girl / shots of riders, people on… '5-9-1966'
4H-FFA Sheep Judging, Jackson County Fair Children grooming sheep / kids walk sheep to pavilion, Jackson County Fairgrounds / man takes portraits of sheep and owners / inside pavilion: kids… '6-13-1969'
5 Millionth West Coast Airlines Passenger at Medford Airport "West Coast" on airplane / twin turborop plane / men and stewardess pose at stairway / men shake hands / airport terminal / man boards plane / people… '7-25-1966'
5th Dimension Singing Group at Medford Airport; Awards Given at Jackson County Shops Young black and white men schmooze in front of Greyhound bus at Medford airport / more men and women arrive (Marilyn McCoo and 5th Dimension) from… '9-22-1967'
75th Anniversary of Trail Post Office; SOSC Hannon Library Open Bin full of mail / closeup of envelope rubber-stamped "75 Years/Wm. C. Knighten Postmaster Feb. 1, 1883/Eva Albert Postmaster Feb. 1, 1968" / sign on… '2-1-1968'
A Briefing on Civil Defense Color, completely faded to red and yellow: We watch bored group in hospital maternity waiting room watching 1963 documentary "About Fallout" on… '1969'
ABC Rock & Rollers Hit Medford Airport Night: approaching lights / propeller airliner on tarmac in dark / waiting crowd / young rock 'n rollers disembark / crowd waves / rockers grinning… '3-25-1966'
ABC, Meyers Lane

There are two clips on this film: 1) Starts out with an ABC logo then changes to several women in a meeting setting. There are some really wild…

Accident at Vilas and Table Rock roads Firemen hose down wrecked station wagon / traffic on Table Rock Road / policeman arrives / fireman hoses down road / ambulance attendant unloads… '8-3-1966'
Accident, Court Street and McAndrews Road, Medford Ambulance at McAndrews and Court / ambulance drives away / damaged cars, Ford station wagon and 1955 Thunderbird / street sign: McAndrews Road, Court… '12-3-1965'
Accident: Logging Truck and 1950 Studebaker Pan across wrecked, loaded L. H. Dalkenberg log truck and 1950 Studebaker--truck damaged much worse than car. Crater Lake Highway or possibly Table… '10-11-1966'
Actors on Street; Mill Creek Falls; Ashland Water System; Britt Festivals Varsity sign, Varsity Theater, Ashland, pan down to theater patrons on street / Shakespeare banner on light standard / actors in Restoration costume… '8-12-1969'
ADC Building, Field hands harvesting Crops, Tractor work This is part 2 of film 1694. ADC used clothing building from outside. // Fields with harvesters picking a crop which looks like Horseradish or Onions… '11-07-1969'
Administrator and Nurses, Josephine General Hospital Exterior: "Josephine General Hospital" / interior: man in suit / he meets, shakes hands with, schmoozes nurses '8-15-1966'
Aerial Footage of Rural Jackson County VIPs examine contour map laid out on tail of airplane / aerial shot of river / shot of men inside cabin / aerial shots of forest, small fields and… '7-14-1969'
Aerial Shots of Rogue Valley, Crater Lake; Installing Street Lights on Ivy Street, Medford Shots from airplane of snowy mountainsides, Crater Lake, hills, Medford in distance / Interstate 5 below / / new Medford City Hall, pan to workers… '12-14-1967'
Aftermath of Fire at 401 Oak Street, Medford Closeup pans across burnt debris / interior, exterior shots of burned house '9-29-1966'
Aftermath of Motorcycle Parts Store Burglary; Unknown Meeting Man opens chain-link gate / examines bent window screen / broken window / interior: broken boxes / he examines file cabinets, man on telephone at… '4-20-1967'
Aftermath of Wind Storm Downed tree branches on street / branch on electric lines / pan down broken trees to branches on ground / branch hung up in tree, Central Point area… '10-3-1967'
Agate Dam and Reservoir Slow pans across reservoir and dam / shots of scrubby oaks from moving car, car stops '4-18-1966'
Agate Dam Construction Pan across construction site, conveyor loading earthmovers with dirt / graders, dump trucks, earth movers, caterpillar with sheepsfoot roller in… '8-17-1965'
Agate Dam Groundbreaking and Construction Closeup of "dam" wooden stake / man digging furiously with shovel / bulldozer digging / pans across dam site / '3-26-1965'
Agate Lake Estates Site Work, Meeting Closeup of man wearing pith helmet, bulldozer at work in background / people schmoozing next to pickups parked in hills / bulldozer moving dirt /… '9-27-1968'
Air Force Airman LaFleur Good color, silent: Air Force noncoms examine thick manual standing in front of fighter jet, zoom in on Senior Airman LaFleur '12-26-1967'
Air Mail Anniversary Footage; Phone Books Delivered to KTVM Silent, color completely faded to red: Rider gallops up to man holding horse, mounts and rides off (Pony Express reenactment) / Woodrow Wilson rides… '5-15-1968'
Air Pollution Hearing; Ribbon Cutting at Medford City Hall Pan across judges, court reporter / view of courtroom from back of room / pan across audience / smoke and steam emitting from stacks of lumber mill,… '10-24-1968'
Air West Airline Routes Silent, good color: Air West jetliner in air / VIPs discussing in president's (?) office / maps of Air West routes / president (?) examines maps /… '4-9-1968'
Airline Passengers Board Bus; Medford Airport Radio Beacon Passengers boarding chartered bus / workers loading luggage onto bus from airport trolleys / / man indicates small metal building with antennas above… '12-6-1967'
Airplane at the airport

COPCO Film 5: Airplane at the airport

Airplane at the old airport

COPCO Film 11: Airplane at the old airport

Airplane Crash; Biddle Road Work State police and reporters hike uphill from private Cessna 150G airplane N22088 crashed alongside rural road / people examining wreckage / various… '2-27-1969'
Airplane Wreck, West Coast Airlines F-27, in Snow Pan across wreckage of airplane wreck in snowstorm / closeups of parts in snow / more of same  / ID number: N2712 / wallet or book lying in snow… '3-10-1967'
Airport Ground Lights; Flying Shoebox Short Skyvan at Medford Airport Closeup of airport ground light / ground light parts on shelf / technician holds light / / "Short Skyvan" airplane on tarmac (SC.7 "Flying Shoebox… '9-30-1969'
Airport, Plywood Loaded Onto Traincar, Sears Building Inside Medford Airport  with views of Passengers, Telephone booths, Hertz Rent-A-Car, and Skyroom Sign. // Traincar being loaded with Plywood… '12-30-1969'
Airway beacons

COPCO Film 12: Airway beacons

AKC Dog Show, Spiegelberg Stadium, Medford Long shot, pan across field; cars parked on track and on field / closeups, medium shots of dogs and people showing dogs '9-6-1965' Video Link
Al LeGate at Grants Pass, Riding Horseback from Mexico to Canada LeGate wearing vest, "More Trails Mexico to Canada" painted on back, covering saddle with tarp / closeups of man and horse / man rolls cigarette… '9-19-1966'
Alba, Italy Councilman Arrives Medford Airport Man walks from airplane on tarmac, Medford Airport, is greeted, poses for camera, walks to terminal '11-14-1966'
Angus Bowmer Touring Through Construction of Bowmer Theater Ashland, Oregon Footage opens up with Angus Bowmer in his office. He then gets up and goes to the construction site of the New Bowmer Theater in Ashland Oregon.… '12-22-1969'
Animal Farm, Live & Learn

There are two clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Animal Farm. This clip is in Color and features wild animals such as…

Anthony Yturri Speaks Banquet scene: Anthony Yturri speaks at lectern / shot of audience '11-4-1966'
Anti-Blowout Foam Tire Insert Demonstration Color completely faded to red: In lab, technician in lab coat pulls foam insert from tire, shows cross section / in field, technician drills holes in… '4-10-1968'
Anti-Cancer Banquet Short film of an anti-Cancer banquet '1972'
Anti-Gun Law Meeting, Riverside Park, Grants Pass Pan across cars parked along Riverside Park in Grants Pass, people walking to meeting area / pan across people sitting at picnic / signs nailed to… '5-18-1965'
Anti-Sales Tax Message Pan across wrecked car in ditch to sign: "Brophy's Pair-O-Dice Mobile Village," Shady Cove / police talk to witness or driver / / school board… '4-4-1969'
Antique Car Sale, Grants Pass Exterior: crowd from above / Sign: "1918 Chevrolet" / man opens hood of old car / lineup of 1920s cars in various stages of decrepitude / pans across… '8-30-1965'
Antique Show; River Meeting; Goodwill Opening Sign on wooden building: "Jacksonville Antique Show and Sale" / preparing to unload trailer / interior: women unpacking antiques / displays of… '5-15-1969'
Antiques, Golf There are two clips on this film. 1) Antiques. This appears to be an antique sale. Lots of antiques of different types. Silverware, Glassware,… 1972
Apollo Moon Shot Interviews Good color, sound: Standing next to Apollo space capsule mockup, Air Force sergeant interviews two Air Force officers working with NASA about their… '7-14-1969'
Applegate Irrigation Meeting Men fiddle with overhead projector, school gymnasium / meeting attendees examine map of Applegate drainage / closeup of map / speakers '9-28-1966'
April & May 1973 John Berry, Tennis, Easter Egg, Walkathon

This film contains four clips:

1) The first clip is titled John Berry SOC ( Southern Oregon College in Ashland) Steeple Chase. Clip shows…

April & May 1973
April 11 1973 Tax Forms, Cy Young Winner

This film has two clips:

1) Tax Forms. This clip shows a meeting room where a man is giving a talk to citizens. Since the title of the…

April 1973
April 1973 March, Wreck, Baseball

This film has three clips:

1) The first clip is titled March. It appears to be a protest march in Ashland by college age students.

April 1973
April 1973 Playground, Park Tour, Post

This film has three clips:

1) The first clip is titled Playground. It shows a group of men building a children's playground out of wood…

May 1973
April 30 1973 La Pine Fish Fowler, Ash Kindegarten

This film has two clips:

1) The first clip is titled La Pine Fish Fowler. It shows several fishermen fishing in La Pine Fishing contest.…

April 30 1973
Aquacade '66 Water Show, Medford Hawthorne Pool Dusk: young girl baton twirlers perform, Medford Hawthorne Pool / night: syncrhronized swimming in the rain / musicians perform, pan across deserted… '8-26-1966'
Arabian Horses Warm Up Man exercises horse on leash, Long Mountain (?) in background / closeup: woman and horse in Arabian costume / woman rides toward cameraman, in circle… '5-5-1966'
Archie J. Twitchell, New Grants Pass City Manager Closeup of man talking at desk / nameplate: "Archie J. Twitchell, City Manager" / closeups of Twitchell talking '2-28-1966'
Armadillo Armadillo released from cage, wanders around on concrete driveway / woman pets armadillo, people annoy it, try to attract its attention, try to… '7-15-1969'
Armed Robbers Led to Jail in Grants Pass Man in handcuffs is walked by two policemen toward camera, into building / another man in handcuffs, hiding face, walked out of one building into… '7-12-1965'
Army Explosives Demonstration Army sergeant walks down hillside / closeup of barrier tape with munitions wired to it / closeups of explosives on ground, spectators look on /… '7-21-1967'
Army Medal Presentation at Santo Center, Medford Soldiers at attention, Santo Center, Medford / officer at lectern, color guard, assembled soldiers / Ish-Baker House visible in background / officer… '2-5-1968' Video Link
Ashland 4th of July Fireworks, Parade Pan across cars slowly driving down road to Emigrant Lake / parked cars / night: fireworks in sky / parade, seen from above, catercorner from Lithia… '7-4-1966'
Ashland Airport and Private Planes Pan across Ashland Airport runway / finger in foreground points at various areas of field, planes, including 1936 Fairchild N16827 / man poses with… '11-18-1966'
Ashland Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lithia Park

COPCO Film 50: Ashland Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lithia Park

Ashland City Hall and Plaza View South on East Main Street from Plaza, pan to city hall / interior: office directory on wall / city truck / city seal on door of truck / sign: "… '7-15-1969'
Ashland City Planner; Claire Hanley Arboretum Dedication VIP at desk / closeup of map he's examining: "City of Ashland" "Plans for Improvement of Siskiyou Boulevard" / closeups of VIP at work / / Martha and… '8-10-1967'
Ashland City Planning; Southern Oregon College Students Petition Against Tuition Hike Man at desk flips through report, unfolds, looks at maps / closeup of map: "Zoning Map of Ashland" / man speaks to camera / signs: "Sign Up Oppose… '2-7-1967'
Ashland Downtown Planning Meeting Pan across audience / speakers at dais / speaker discusses large flow sheet / more shots of audience, speakers Article on Ashland downtown… '11-30-1965'
Ashland Elks Building Fire; Miniature Golf Pan across exterior of four-story Elks Building, Ashland, pan to roof / view of burned ceiling, pan down to pipes in basement / fire marshal points… '7-17-1968'
Ashland Elks Salt Deer Hides Man shovels salt onto hide, folds it / repeat / men unloading station wagon at warehouse '10-14-1966'
Ashland Fire Department Fire Dog Dalmatian puppy and fireman's helmet / puppy on Ashland fire engine seat, lap dissolve to puppy on fire engine rujnning board / puppy walks over his… '2-19-1968'
Ashland Fire Department Rescue Unit / Mount Ashland Ski Patrol Demonstration Brief pan across audience of adults wearing name tags / / Ashland fireman shows off "Salvage and Rescue" van / points to lights / opens doors /… '12-9-1966' Video Link
Ashland Fire Department; VIP at Medford Airport; Chinook Boat Races Pan across fireman's helmets and coats hanging on pegs / pan across Ford fire engine, "Ashland 6 F.D." / rescue van: "Ashland 9 F.D." / hoses in rack… '4-24-1967'
Ashland Firemen Pump Out Reservoir; Arabian Horses Displayed Pan across firemen and Ashland American LaFrance fire engine on pondside (Reeder Reservoir?) road below / closeup of firemen / unattended nozzle… '5-3-1967'
Ashland Fourth of July Parade Ashland Fourth of July parade from cherry picker, looking south from near Elks Building / telephoto shot of vaquero on horse / majorettes, marching… '7-4-1968' Video Link
Ashland Fourth of July Parade 1969 Parade, Ashland: woman in Arabian garb on Arabian horse, color guard, Heirloom Antiques and Bob's Lunch in background / more color guards / color… '7-4-1969'
Ashland Hillah Temple Stages Big Ceremonial, 1927 (Shrine)

COPCO Film 58: Ashland Hillah Temple Stages Big Ceremonial, 1927 (Shrine)

Ashland JCPenneys Petition, Elks Building Fire Damage Woman signing petition at table in front of boarded-up Elks Building, huge banner above it: "Help Keep Penney's in Ashland" / crowd grows around… '8-13-1968'
Ashland Planning Meeting; Pacific Air Lines Desk, Medford Airport Planning map on wall: " Ashland Central Area Study Phase Two" / pan across audience / map: "Comprehensive Plan" / pan across dais, decorated with… '3-23-1967'
Ashland Plaza; Ashland Junior High School Two-story business building built over Ashland Creek (since demolished) / Ashland Plaza, looking southwest / Ashland city hall, pan across Plaza /… '6-4-1969'
Ashland Plaza; D-Day Commemoration Pan across Ashland Plaza buildings: Plaza Bakery, Arts & Crafts, Lithia Grocery, Wardrobe Cleaners, Perrine's / Party House Tea House/Catering… '6-9-1969'
Ashland Rescue Van; Medford Buildings B Roll Firemen with Ashland Salvage & Rescue Van No. 9 / closeup of inhalator-respirator with masks, oxygen and air tanks / "rescuscitating" fireman /… '6-26-1968'
Ashland Water Carnival Bathing Beauties and Boats Cadillac drives up to camera, "Ashland Jaycees" painted on car / bathing beauties emerge / girls, lined up on dock at Emigrant Lake, wave at camera… '6-24-1966'
Ashland Water Carnival Queen Candidates at Emigrant Lake Pan across dock area at Emigrant Lake / pans across queen candidates lined up in bathing suits / dim telephoto shots of water skiers on lake '6-7-1965'
Ashland Water Carnival, Emigrant Lake Pan across crowd / speedboats speed past camera / shots of people on shore / bathing beauties pose on boat / more speedboats / man towed with kite… '6-27-1966'
Ashland Woman Uses Pay Telephone Woman dials pay phone mounted on tiled wall / another shot of same showing office behind her / closeup of rates on top of phone / closeup of dial--… '1-11-1968'
Ashland YMCA Auction People on sidewalk walk past sign: "YMCA Auction Sat. 1 p.m." / interiors: pans across crowd / auction scenes / pan across crowd, auctioneers '9-9-1968'
Ashland, Lake of the Woods 16mm film reels, Watkins family donation Donated to SOHS April 2015; returned to donor for professional film transfer   Label on reel: "Ashland… '1927-1970s'
Ashland, Ore. Big Hi-Lite" Celebration Staged By Ashland Citizens in Honor of City's

COPCO Film 56: Ashland, Ore. Big Hi-Lite" Celebration Staged By Ashland Citizens in Honor of City's

Ashland-California Section of I-5 in Snow Cars drive by on snow-covered highway / shot through windshield / downtown Ashland, Plaza / driving by line of cars chaining up / Siskiyou Summit /… '12-21-1965'
Auction Scenes / Aerial Views of Rogue Valley, Gold Hill Men stand in garage as auctioneer speaks / no merchandise visible, large Shell gasoline sign leaning against wall in background / pan across audience… '12-9-1966'
Audio & Video Press Interview of Dignitary, Possibly State Senator Wayne Morse Audio & Video Press interview of Dignitary Possibly State Senator Wayne Morse who ended his term in 1969, who often  opposed his party as… '12-02-1969'
Aug 1972 Sommers, Pot Plants

There are two clips to this film:

1) The title to this clip is Sommers. appears to be a politician or teacher giving a speech or lecture…

Aug 1972
Aug 3, 1972 SO Experimental Station, Alcohol

There are two clips to this film:

1) The title to this clip is Southern Oregon Experimental Station. Looks like a group of farmers…

Aug 3, 1972
Auto Accident off I-5 near Grants Pass Pans across mangled car in ditch / ambulance backs up to car '8-15-1966'
Auto Accident off I-5, near Grants Pass Policemen examine mangled car in ditch / pans across scene / views inside car / grinning kids examine wreck / closeups of debris, cameraman's shadow… '8-15-1966'
Auto Accident on I-5 Near Central Point Shots of wrecked Chevrolet station wagon / tow truck pulls car with cable / closeup of damaged guardrail / long shot of truck winching car, "Upton… '11-1-1966'
Auto Accident, Big Y, Medford People attend to man lying on grass / 1958 Chevrolet in ditch, Medco headquarters in background / police direct traffic, Big Y Shopping Center in… '8-26-1966'
Auto Wreck, Highway 99; Medford Sewer Official Tow truck tows International Travelall station wagon onto highway / other wrecked car by roadside, Hwy. 99 south of Central Point / "Beall Lane" sign… '7-20-1967'
Auto-Train Fatal Accident at Rogue River Banner: "Rooster Crow Contest" in distance, pan to train stopped on tracks and car upside down in weeds near main street / tow truck has turned car… '6-28-1965'
Automobile Air Pollution Stock Footage Silent, color--completely faded to red: Stock footage: several shots of congested freeway traffic / scientist with bubbling lab equipment / scientist… '2-14-1968'
Aviation Committee Meeting Meeting in small paneled conference room '9-14-1966'
AVN, Hospital, Bd of Ed

There are three clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called AVN. It appears to be at the airport. A man is talking in what looks to be…

Babies in Hospital Nursery Babies in bassinettes, shot through hospital viewing window / closer view of bassinettes / nurses at nurses' station '9-30-1966'
Bailey Bridge Construction Starts, Shady Cove "Ferry Service Pedestrians Only" sign / ferry approaches dock, "Hellgate Excursions" on side of boat / workers prepare ground for bridge / crane… '2-23-1965'
Bailey Bridge Construction--Shady Cove Progress Pan across half completed Bailey bridge / worker rides end of bridge segment as it's placed into position / shots of workers on bridge / pan from… '2-23-1965'
Bailey Bridge Shady Cove Opens People walking on dirt approaches to bridge / "Gross Load" sign / log truck approaches bridge / man directs traffic / through-the-windshield view of… '3-2-1965'
Balloon Release at Wilson School Swam of elementary school children release balloons dangling papers on strings; camera follows balloons in sky / closeup of stamped postcard in… '3-10-1969'
Balloon Release at Wilson School B Slow pan across field full of children holding balloons / children looking into sky and running, pointing / balloons in sky '3-10-1969'
Bandon Basketball team, Haven Street Fire, Hiatt Meeting, Sweedenberg House in Ashland Basketball Game possibly a playoff game with Bandon Basketball Team.// Fire on Haven Street being extinguished by fire fighters. // Meeting which is… '1972'
Banks and Earl Fehl, leaders ofthe Good Government Congress) [1933]

COPCO Film 124: Banks and Earl Fehl, leaders ofthe Good Government Congress) [1933]

Banquet Meeting Banquet scene: VIP speaking at lectern in darkened room / pans across audience, dais / closeup of same speaker '6-30-1969'
Banquet Meeting; Camp Withus Motel Condemnation, Medford Anonymous banquet meeting scenes (Mail Tribune reporter Peggyann Hutchinson present) / speaker / / Medford city council meeting / pan across… '5-5-1967'
Banquet Scene Pans across banquet scene, people milling about, schmoozing / '10-18-1966'
Bar Association Banquet, Medford Armory Pans across schmoozing, banqueting crowd, Medford Armory, from balcony / closeup of Desmond shaking hands, talking / more pans / '9-30-1966'
Barn Fire Extinguished; Jackson County Fairgrounds; Jackson County Vector Control Fireman hoses burning farm outbuilding / family watches / smoking pickup / fireman hoses pickup / / sign: "Jackson County 4-H FFA Fair," pan across… '7-12-1967'
Barn Fire on Merriman Road Barn fully engulfed in fire / zoom in to fire truck by barn / fire trucks arrive, fireman in football jersey pulls hose from truck / more fire trucks… '9-6-1965' Video Link
Barn Hay Fire; North Medford High School Construction Fire truck: "Rural Medford Fire Dept. 319" (District 3?) pan to smoking barn / firemen remove smoking hay from barn spray it / / VIPs walk towards… '3-31-1967'
Barnett Road, Medford Interstate sign: Barnett Rd., Medford, Rogue Valley Manor-Memorial Hospital / pan down Barnett, Capri Motel visible / Riverside and Barnett street… '1-12-1966'
Baseball & R. Knight There are two clips on this film: 1) Starts out with what looks to be a high school baseball game between Crater High and Eagle Point High 2) The… '1972'
Baseball Champions Depart; Shell Service Station; Fruit Sorting; Picnic People filing into Medford Airport terminal / view down car rental, airline desks in terminal / people waiting under eaves and at gate / young men… '9-1-1969'
Baseball game at fairgrounds

COPCO Film 13: Baseball game at fairgrounds

Baseball Game at Fairgrounds, Medford vs Grants Pass.

COPCO Film 17: Baseball Game at Fairgrounds, Medford vs Grants Pass.

Baseball, Aspinall, Berkman There are three clips on this film. 1) Baseball. Appears to be a high school baseball game. 2) Aspinall ~ A man is giving a talk next to a society of… 1972
Baseball, Boxing

This Film has two clips:

1) Boxing. Two men are boxing in a ring

2) Baseball. Looks to be Medford Black Tornado's Baseball team…

July 1972
Baseball, Fleming Park

There are two clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Baseball. appears to be a semi-pro baseball game being played in Medford.…

Baseball, Jackson There are two clips on this film, even though it lists three: 1) Medford Baseball game in progress... 2) It is entitled "Jackson". It appears to be a… '1972'
Baseball, M.L King March, Willner, Stathos Four Clips in this Film: 1) Sports-Baseball. appears to be a high school team playing 2) Martin Luther King march. appears to be in Ashland in front… '1972'
Baseball, Stewart There are two clips on this film. 1) The first clip is entitled Baseball. It is a baseball game being played by what appears to be High School Teams… 1972
Basketball Game, Spring Time Trees, SOC Class Registration Film opens with a Basketball Game. One team has the letter "K" on their jerseys. // Spring Time trees ( In Color). Lots of blooming trees especially… '1972'
Basketball Playoff Game, SOC Stevenson Student Union Basketball Game possibly a playoff game. // View of Southern Oregon College Stevenson Student Union during completion. '1972'
Baton, Sex, Gold Hill

This Film has three Clips:

1 Baton. This is a color clip of a woman teaching girls how to twirl a baton

2 Sex. This appears to be…

June 1972
Baza'r Fire, Murder, Charlie Brown, Bikes There are 4 clips to this film: 1) The Baza'r Store ( where food4less is now) had a fire in 1972. This is footage of firemen performing cleanup. 2)… 1972
Bear at Crater Lake Bear wanders around Crater Lake buildings and parking lot in snow / bear eats from trash can '10-25-1966' Video Link
Bear Creek B Roll Pans along Bear Creek / irrigation diversion dam / creek with I-5 in background / creek with Fourth Street (?) bridge in background '6-27-1968'
Bear Creek Bridge Ribbon Cutting; Cracked Safe; CAP at Ashland Airport Men in suits in office in Jackson County courthouse discuss map of Bear Creek Valley, grin at camera, shake hands / closeup of Preliminary Land Use… '12-11-1967'
Bear Creek Discussion; Scuba at Jackson Pool Dignitaries including Lyn Newbry chat on edge of Bear Creek near Highway 62 overpass, freeway in background / / young man in scuba gear, children at… '6-23-1967'
Bear Creek Golf Course Sign: "Hole 1 par 3 yards, use tee mats" / golfers teeing off at driving range / one tees in show motion / hole 9, golfer chips ball toward hole,… '1-5-1968'
Bear Creek Sanitation Tour Pan across people waiting outside bus / interior of bus / people disembark / man with megaphone / pans across filter, lagoon, Bear Creek / ditch '8-16-1966'
Bear Creek Sewer Meeting, Central Point Pan across audience  / map of Bear Creek drainage: "Proposed Boundary" / Earl Miller at lectern / more of the same / different speaker at maps… '6-15-1966'
Bear Creek Stream Flow Measuring Station; Construction of Lynn Newbry Park Man kneeling by Bear Creek under Medford Main Street bridge / closeup of same, pan up to bridge / view down creek under bridge / pan across creek to… '1-11-1967'
Bear Creek Valley Sanitary Authority Office Sign: "Bear Creek Valley Sanitary Authority" / pan across lot and building / man sitting at desk, answering phone, pan to secretary / map of Bear… '11-8-1968'
Bear Creek? Lots of Water Footage opens up with what looks to be Bear Creek over flowing with water. '12-22-1969'
Beautification Meeting, Rogue Valley Country Club Exterior: people sitting and talking at table, Rogue Valley Country Club '8-28-1965'
Beauty Queens at Harry & David; Surgery Demonstration South Riverside sidewalk, Medford: VIPs greet each other / pan across beauty queens from SOHS Film 0969 at Harry & David Bear Creek Orchards… '5-23-1967'
Beef, Beef Store

There are two clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Beef. Show cows being auctioned off and several aspects of bringing cows to…

Beer Party Scene by Creek Shots of pile of beer cans by creek / closeup of same / remains of campfire '3-7-1966'
Bellview Elementary School, Ashland Teacher and elementary student at table with flash cards / elementary classrooms at work / students in circle on floor as teacher reads / closeups of… '11-7-1966'
Bicycle Rodeo; Launching Model Rockets Children on decorated bicycles lined up on school playground / they ride off, accompanied by man on horse / getting instruction / demonstrating… '8-7-1969'
Bid, Smith & Dost There are two clips on this film. 1) The first clip is called bids. It appears groups of people are bidding or a construction job for the city or… 1972
Big Building Program Adds Splendid New Structures To City.

COPCO Film 56: Big Building Program Adds Splendid New Structures To City.

Bike Rodeo and Pet Show Pan across crowd of children on bikes / kids on bikes riding course / kids lined up for snacks / eating ice cream bars and milk, supervised by nuns,… '5-20-1968'
Bike Safety Parade, Main Street Medford / Crowning Pear Blossom King and Queen Bicycle parade at Main and Holly, Medford / costumed children on decorated bicycles pass cameraman / man hands out prizes or papers to children in… '4-18-1966'
Bikes & Graduation

There are two clips to this film:

1) The first is called Bikes. It features a lot of ten speed bicycles all gathered like they would be…

June 2, 1972
Bill Mansfield Speaks Before Medford City Council Man speaking in audience, pan to dais, Medford City Council chambers, pan across councilmen / closeup of Bill Mansfield speaking / pan across council… '7-16-1965'
Birds and Hijinks at Medford Airport Fast pan up tree with Medford Airport control tower in background, camera follows bird flying down tree / man standing by rosebush, buzzed by nesting… '6-5-1969'
Black Man Radio Interview; Local Elections Radio studio: black man interviewed, pan to other black men on couch / / closeups: "Official Ballot, Annual Election Bear Creek Valley Sanitary… '12-4-1967'
Blasting at Prospect.

COPCO Film 56: Blasting at Prospect.

BLM Awards Meeting Man in suit speaks at front of room / audience applauds / more shots of speakers, pans across audience / audience stands, smiles, applauds / plaques… '10-26-1966'
BLM Gives O&CRR Map to Jacksonville Museum Exterior of courthouse museum / exterior of jail / exhibit of railroad photos / BLM officials examine exhibit of early railroad car coupler / Mary… '2-11-1965'
BLM Office: Anti-Job Corps Demonstration BLM sign / cars in parking lot, foggy day downtown Medford / signs on cars: "Why" / interior, more people with signs "Why" and "Why Hubbard Lane?" /… '2-4-1965'
Bloodmobile in Medford Woman standing by bloodmobile / women at typewriters interviewing donors / donors waiting / nurse swabs arm of reclining donor /  shots of… '4-11-1966'
Blossom Hill Medford Road Work Exterior: Medford street / bulldozer at work / dumping dirt into dump truck / closeup of Public Works insignia on door of truck / closeup of dumping… '3-16-1965'
BMI Components Co. Strike by AFL-CIO Man with picket sign walking in front of BMI Sign; pan to another man with picket sign:  ONC Truck passes by / Man holding sign " Local 2715 AFL… '5-21-1965'
Board of Higher Education Building Committee at SOC Pan across men and women sitting at tables in classroom / man discusses graph / man points at large Campus Development Plan map / discussion ensues
Board of Higher Education Meeting at SOC Pan across building at SOC / sign: "Commons" / interior: pan across audience / dignitaries at dais / more of the same '7-25-1966'
Boat Race, Open MTG There are two clips on this film: 1) Boat Race (In Color). This shows all kinds of different boats and inner tubes floating down a river (Rogue?) 2)… '1972'
Boatnik Footage Bright color (a little dark), many scenes: Boatnik or speedboat races, rural Rogue River, Josephine County / sign: "Grants Pass Active Club" / finish… '1960s' Video Link
Boatnik Race, Grants Pass Long pan across spectators lounging on riverbank, Grants Pass park / man pulls cord on starting cannon, drivers run toward boats, take off upriver /… '5-30-1966'
Bob Duncan Opens Democratic Headquarters / Gun Show, Medford Armory Neon sign in window of cinderblock building on South Central, Medford: "Democratic Headquarters" / crowd waiting in front of "Duncan for Senate… '8-1-1966'
Bobby Kennedy at Medford Airport Four-propeller United airliner taxis to gate, Medford Airport / big crowd waiting at gate / passengers disembarking / Robert Kennedy disembarking,… '4-17-1968' Video Link
Bobby Kennedy Speaks at Medford City Hall View of Bobby Kennedy from behind as he speaks, crowd and Greyhound Bus in background / closeup of Kennedy speaking, pan across crowd / tight closeup… '5-27-1968'
Bobby Kennedy Visit to Medford; Ashland Plaza Remodel Plans Robert Kennedy riding in open car, Medford (two scratches in film) / car stops / long shot of RFK plowing through crowd / overexposed closeups of… '6-5-1968'
Boeing 247-D Airplane at Medford Airport Pans across twin-engine propeller plane on tarmac at Medford Airport / inside cockpit / pilot at controls / outside: engines fire, propellers turn,… '2-28-1966'
Boeing 737 at Medford Airport; Courthouse Picketer Airliner landing at night / United liner taxiing up to gate / people silhouetted in cabin door / spotlight turned on airliner / telephoto pan across… '11-1-1968'
Boeing 737 Promotional Film; Planting Tree Sound, color, completely faded to red: United Airlines Boeing 737 lands / cockpit / captain deploys self-contained stairs / engines / passengers… '5-7-1968'
Bomb,McCray,Morse .There are three clips on this film: 1) Called Bomb, It starts out with a view of a house. A lady comes outside and does an interview with a reporter… '1972'
Bombing Vietnam Color faded to red and yellow, sound: Vietnam: view of jungle from moving airplane / loading bomb painted with obscenities on Sikorsky Sky Crane… '4-8-1969'
Booking Prisoner, Medford Police Station Interior, Medford police station: men sign paper '10-18-1966'
Borate Bomber Demonstration, Medford Airport Closeups of engines starting on borate bomber / pan across tarmac, Medford Airport / discussion under wing of bomber / people climb ladder into… '8-8-1969'
Borate Bomber, Forest Fire B Roll Four-engine borate bomber idling at Medford Airport / closeup of bomber / bomber fleet / bomber taxis / color film: firefighters fighting forest fire… '7-10-1968'
Bowden Military Funeral Military funeral, cemetery on Arnold Lane '3-21-1966'
Bowl Down Cancer Event Women with banner: Bowl Down Cancer / pan along banner to American Cancer Society logo / closeup: filling out entry form / bowlers / pan along alleys… '1-25-1966'
Boy Scouts at Medford Bus Station Greyhound bus station, Fifth and Bartlett, Medford: teenage boys, some in Scout uniform, carry suitcases, duffels, drum from van into station '10-21-1966'
Bozo's Circus Bozo's Circus, starring Pinto Colvig as Bozo. Closeups of Pinto, long-shot circus acts performed by stand-ins. With Syd Saylor, Art La Rue, Mark… '1951'
Break-In, George Davis House; Flammable Dolls; Woman Takes Air Force Oath; Cave Junction Road Construction Policemen talk in front of house / cop opens broken door of house / shows broken door of motor home / disheveled interior of motor home / policeman… '12-30-1966'
Bride Arrives by Moving Van Exterior, Medford First Presbyterian Church / North American Van Lines truck pulls up / bride and bridesmaids exit from side of van / man gets in cab… '7-11-1966' Video Link
British Rock Group The Liverpool 5 Autographs Records Teenagers--mostly girls--in line outside store in Medford Shopping center / rock group behind counter / teens wait in line inside / sign: "In Person… '4-8-1965' Video Link
Britt Antique Sale Exterior: large wooden building, "Antique Show/Sale" banner / women buy tickets at entrance / interior shots of women examining antiques / booth of… '5-18-1966'
Britt Festival Buffet and Rehearsals Sign: "Welcome to Jacksonville, the Site of Peter Britt Music & Arts Festival Held Annual in August" / people on Britt hillside / buffet on Britt… '8-10-1966'
Britt Festivals Orchestra Performance Night performance: orchestra on stage / conductor come onstage, bows, orchestra play / orchestra from distance, framed by pine needles / closeup of… '8-15-66'
Britt Festivals Orchestra Performance 8/15/1966 Shots of evening orchestra performance--long shots, closeups, pans '8-15-1966'
Britt Festivals Performance; Grants Pass Bike Safety Inspection; Riverside Park Picnic Night: orchestra performance on Britt stage as viewed from audience / / pan across children with bikes / man leaning against police car / men examine… '8-28-1967'
Britt Festivals Performance; VIP Visits McCarthy Election Headquarters Closeups of young boys / pans across group in shade, Britt Festival grounds / pan across musicians on stage / musicians speak: bassoonist, flautist… '8-23-1968'
Britt Festivals Promo; Vandalized Street Tree; Salem Hospital Remote Heart Monitors Women chat near piano / closeup of sheet music / photos of musicians, conductors women again / / man wrestles and manhandles broken sidewalk tree… '10-27-1967'
Brother of Vietnam Casualties Receives Draft Notice Raging river, pan up to house on other side of river near bridge / closeups of photos of Marines John and James Rowden killed in Vietnam, photo of… '2-21-1968'
Brush Fire Pans across Forest Service fire trucks parked on roadside / men spraying bushes '9-30-1966'
Brush Fire on South Stage Road Shot of smoke in air, pan down to fire in distance / "State of Oregon Forestry" painted on truck door / closeup of burning stump, pan up to smoke… '6-28-1965'
Building Eagle Point Irrigation Ditch Men working on concrete forms for ditch / pan across site, men spraying gunite on forms / men peel off forms / pan along completed ditch '7-26-1966'
Building Fire; Josephine County Meeting Sign on building: "Office Hours," pan to smoking ruins of same building in woods, high cliffs in background / closeups of smoking, burning ruins /… '8-24-1967'
Bulldozer Changes Course of Bear Creek Bulldozer in field / pan from officials to Bear Creek, Central Point area / cameraman points with finger from creek to old course / bulldozer pushes… '10-14-1966'
Burglarized Safe Examined / Elks Donate Televisions Policeman examines checks next to damaged floor safe / he fills out paperwork / closeup of safe and contents / banner: "B.P.O.E. 1168 September 15,… '11-25-1966'
Burglary at Central Point Market; Work on Railroad Crossing, Phoenix-Talent; Grants Pass Fender-Bender Signs: Mobil Gas, J&J Market, Beall Lane / exterior of store / man points to side of store / man points to broken window / closeup of same / /… '6-28-1967'
Burglary at Naumes Equipment Co. Deputies examine evidence / tools and parts strewn across boxes / vending machine broken on floor / hole in cinderblock wall / papers strewn on floor… '10-26-1966'
Burglary Damage; Electric Substation Construction Man examines door jamb, bent corrugated iron / closeups, pans of same / / Earl Miller, other dignitaries at construction site in hills, pan to… '12-28-1967'
Burglary Investigation; Luncheon Meeting Men in office discuss break-in with Medford policeman  / desk drawer jimmied open / broken door / broken piggy bank / / luncheon meeting:… '7-14-1969'
Burned Car on I-5 Clearing items out of half-burned Chevrolet, near Phoenix on I-5 / smoking car / '7-26-1966'
Burned Trailer House; Elementary School Science Fair Pans across ruins of burned trailer home / interior shots / more of same / / science fair in elementary school library, pan across exhibits and… '3-2-1967'
Burning House; Biddle Road, Medford, Outskirts Streets Smoking wreckage of house in hills / closeups, pans across same / / men examine papers on trunk of car on roadside of Hwy. 62, Medford, Disco gas… '2-2-1967'
Bus, School

There are two clips to this film:

1) The first is called Bus. It features a Greyhound type bus that starts at Eagle Point city hall and…

June 2, 1972
Bus, Stolen Car, Animals

There are three clips to this film:

1) The first is called Bus. It shows a Volks Wagon Bus with signs on the side that say Mount Ashland…

June 2, 1972 to June 4, 1972
Businesswomen Make Snowballs; Witham's Strike Response; Man Carried in Snow to Ambulance Women outside building in snow, snow falling heavily / they make snowballs, abortive snowman / throw snowballs at cameraman (See Medford Mail Tribune… '2-13-1967'
Bybee Bridge Opens Jeep driving north toward bridge in snow / cars driving across bridge / Construction shots of bridge from below / man welding on bridge supports /… '1-7-1965'
Bybee Bridge Repair Speed limit sign on Table Rock Road, Table Rocks in background / bridge supports, timber cribbing, men at work / Bybee Bridge from distance '11-12-1965'
Cab Calloway Croons "One for My Baby" Snader Telescriptions musical number: "One for My Baby" by Cab Calloway and his Cabaliers Cab Calloway, backed by quartet, sits at table with checked… '1950'
Cadets at Medford Airport; Arboretum; Hot Weather B Roll Teenage Army and Civilian Air Patrol cadets in formation at gate, Medford Airport / they pick up their luggage, mill about, pose for camera / / VIP… '7-18-1968'
Cafeteria Meet & Greet VIPs schmoozing in cafeteria / pan across cafeteria / main VIP commits more schmoozing '9-25-1968'
Cake-Party, Man Talking, Water Flood Protection Improvements City of Reedsport, Safeway Store, Back Hoe, Mail Carrier, Umpqua Rental & Supply, 4 People in Hard Hats Party with Cake followed by a man making a speech. // Flood Protection Improvements by U S army Corp of Engineers for the town of Reedsport. //… '12-17-1969'
California and Oregon Highways; Anti-Narcotics Publications Closeup of highway map showing Sacramento, Chico and Redding / arrow points to spot south of Chico / map showing San Francisco, S.F. Bay and Walnut… '9-27-1967'
California Editorial Assoc. Escorted to Crater Lake by Medford Chamber of

COPCO Film 50: California Editorial Assoc. Escorted to Crater Lake by Medford Chamber of

California Missions, Bicentennial Color, silent: people in period costume on horseback ride from Mission San Diego, California / group climbs stairs, San Diego bell tower in… '5-16-1969'
California Private Aviation Group; Hot Weather Footage Two airplanes maneuvering high above camera / more airplanes high above / planes landing on small airport--Northern California? / private planes (… '8-21-1967'
Camp White Ammunition Bunkers; Banquet Scenes Pan across tilled field / closeup of hole in field / view of hole from afar / hillside with scattered oaks and Camp White ammunition bunkers /… '12-15-1966'
Camp White Building; Empty Bank Office Pan from Table Rock across pile of broken masonry / pan across masonry buildings / interior: crematorium or incinerator door / / pan across VIPs in… '9-19-1969'
Camp White Domiciliary News Conference on Closure Pan across Dom building / administration building entrance / interior shots of meeting in office / '1-13-1965'
Camp White Domiciliary--Buildings, Members "Veterans Administration Center" sign on Highway 62 / "VA Domiciliary" sign / pan across dom / shot of dom from moving car / pans across dom… '1-12-1965'
Camp White Munitions Lecture; Roadside Fire; VIPs Luncheon Army sergeant speaks at  table laden with munitions--bomb, artillery shells, mortar shells, bangalore torpedo / audience of police and civilians… '7-20-1967'
Campaigning for Eugene McCarthy Earnest young woman speaks outside house to group of twentysomethings / "McCarthy for President" bumper sticker, pan across McCarthy political… '5-22-1968'
Cancer Knok Out Banquet Short Film Clip on the Cancer Knock Out Banquet '1972'
Cancer Society Banquet; Jacksonville Post Office; Fruit Stand Banquet meeting: VIP speakers at dais, American Cancer Society posters in background / more speakers, hands are clapped and shaken / / sign: Post… '9-14-1967'
Cancer Society Golf Tournament Promo; Civil Air Patrol Man with golf club and hat at entrance to store / spectators applaud / he hits ball from sidewalk into store, people laugh / people inside store,… '8-26-1968'
Car Accident Night: attendants ease injured man out of car and onto gurney / back of ambulance / ambulance drives away / pan across wrecked car / police examine… '7-7-1966'
Car Accident at Hwy. 62 Interchange; Voting at Fruitdale School; Meeting at Josephine General Hospital Attendants, bystanders at wrecked car / pan down embankment from Highway 62 to car, Witham's in background / Medford Ambulance Services attendants… '6-14-1967'
Car Accident between Mustang & station wagon, Fire chief presents award to another fireman Car Accident between a Mustang and a station wagon. // Fire Chief presenting an award to another Fireman. '12-05-1969'
Car Accident, Harbeck Road, Grants Pass Wrecked Corvair by side of road / passersby inspect broken windows on car / ambulance departs / policeman fills out paperwork as tow truck driver… '6-9-10-1966'
Car in Bear Creek at 12th Street Bridge, Medford Pan along bridge to car upside down in creek / shot of damage on bridge, pan down to car / repeat of first shot '4-25-1966'
Car in Ditch, Crater Lake I-5 Interchange Closeup of "stop ahead" sign / closeup of spinning light on top of police car / various shots of apparently undamaged late 1950s car with big fins… '11-17-1966'
Car in Irrigation Ditch, Medford Closeup of 1950s Oldsmobile nosedown in ditch, Schulz Garage in background / closeup of street sign: McAndrews and Biddle / stop sign / closeups of… '4-25-1966'
Car Rental Competition, Medford Airport Interior of terminal, Medford Airport / signs: Hertz, Avis, National Car Rental / National desk / more shots of car rental signs / Hertz sign: "We… '3-27-1968'
Car Safety Film; Rogue Valley Manor Confab Cars drive past camera, log deck in background / closeup of damaged front end of VW Beetle / shots of more cars damaged in accidents / rapid montage… '8-30-1967'
Car Theft Warning Footage Color, completely faded to red: heavy freeway traffic, voiceover about auto thefts and General Motors anti-theft locking steering wheel / in studio,… '1-10-1968'
Car Wreck Night: troopers examine wreck / Clay's tow truck pulls car / pans across broken wooden guard rail / pans across car '9-13-1966'
Car Wreck, Police,Logging, Christmas views from New York Film begins with views of a wrecked Chevy car with police investigating,// Views of more police and car being towed... // at 1:22 mark, film footage… '12-25-1969'
Car Wreck; United Crusade Check Donation; Veterans Domiciliary Meeting Pans, closeups of wrecked Pontiac Bonneville in garage / utility pole at angle / closeup of sheared-off base of pole / more shots of car / man… '12-5-1966'
Car Wrecks, Medford and Grants Pass Rainy day, tow truck parked beside car upside down in roadside ditch, North Pacific Highway, Medford / ambulance / closeup pan of car / removing… '4-11-1968'
Car-Pickup Accident, Medford Smashed car and pickup by side of road, pans across damage / tow truck tows pickup / "Medford Police" on car door '10-4-1965'
Car-Train Accident; Rodeo Queens Talnet sheriff, Charles "Chuck" Roberts (in black police hat) examines wreckage of pickup by stopped freight train / pan across locomotive… '5-29-1967'
Carnival Moves from Medford Armory Grounds West Coast Shows carnival ride trucks in front of Medford Armory / men dismantling and loading carnival rides '7-13-1966'
Carpenters Strike at Medford High School Pan across carpenters milling about on foggy grounds of North Medford High School / closeups / bonfire of waste wood and shingles / pan across… '10-24-1966'
Cattle in Klamath County

COPCO Film 62: Cattle in Klamath County

Cavement visit California cities

COPCO Film 34: Cavement visit California cities

Cecil Hartley and his Glider.

COPCO Film Reel D: Cecil Hartley and his Glider. (original accession #79.78.21) (4049)

Celebrities Greeted at Medford Airport Crowd at Medford Airport / passengers disembark from United Airlines turboprop liner / William Gargan, Ray Bolger, Bob Morgan, George Lindsey ("… '9-25-1967'
Cement Truck Wreck, I-5 View down I-5, east of Grants Pass: smoke in distance, cement truck against hillside / pans across cement truck, painted on door: "Redimix Concrete… '8-23-1966'
Cemetary, McGovern There are two clips on this film. 1) Cemetary: This clip shows Eastwood IOOF Cemetary which is located at 1581 Siskiyou Blvd in Medford. It was… 1972
Central Point Police Investigate Robbery; Mt. Pitt Construction Truck Wreck Pan across Enco Humble gas station / closeup of Enco gas pump / policeman writes down witnesses' testimony / tight closeup of witness-victim / tight… '6-21-1967'
Central Point Recall Election; Installation of Judge Loren L. Sawyer Building with "Vote Here" signs / closeup of official ballot, City of Central Point Special Recall Election to recall Recorder F. W. Mason / interior… '7-8-1968'
Central Point Search for Missing Boy Night: policemen and civilians with walkie talkies mill around, discuss, fill Coleman lanterns / all walk off into darkness '7-12-1966'
Central Point Service Station Fire Smoking 1930s Chevrolet pickup, pan to burned-out service station building, firemen inside, smoking tires strewn around yard / pan across outside of… '1-27-1966'
Central Point Wigwam Burner Long shot of wigwam burner / closeup of top of burner / distant shot of burner, Highway 99, Central Point '1-25-1967'
Chain Reaction Accident on North Riverside, Medford (Planning?) meeting, men in suits at metal folding tables / / fender bender, Jeep station wagon versus severely mangled Rambler in front of Monty and… '10-18-1967'
Chamber of Commerce V.P. Speaks on Inflation Arch N. Booth, executive vice president of United States Chamber of Commerce, sits at desk, speaks on high prices and need to pressure government to… '1966'
Charles O. Porter to Run for Congress Two men in suits talk, shake hands, look at camera '3-10-1966'
Check Presented to Shakespeare Festival, Outdoor Theater Man holds architect's rendering of Bowmer Theater / men in suits pass check / pan to aerial photo of Shakespeare theater on wall / exteriors: sign: "… '5-25-1966'
Checking Orchard Thermometers Interior: cluttered office, woman unpacks thermometers from box / closeup of thermometer / she repacks thermometers into box '3-15-1965'
Cheney, Medco Mills; Moon Rocks Black and white: sign: "Cheney Forest Products, Cheney Studs," wigwam burner and Grange Coop grain elevator in background, Central Point / man… '7-17-1969'
Chest X-Rays; Dedicating Veterans Memorial Park Playground Woman registers at table / woman stands in chest x-ray machine / waiting room / / unused playground equipment: slide, swings, merry-go-round at… '11-10-1967'
Children & Vets Christmas Party, Women Wrapping Presents, Men Around Table Drinking Coffee & Eating Treats Children & Vets Christmas party, Women Wrapping Presents, Men Sitting Around table Drinking Coffee & Eating Treats. '12-17-1969'
Children at Hawthorne Pool, Medford Children at Hawthorne Pool pass cash bag along line of kids to man / closeups of kids / slow-motion shots of children diving from high board / '7-30-1966'
Children at Play; School Board Election; Dog Pound; Rotary Meeting Elementary-school children mugging for camera / / "Vote Here" sign on mailbox, pan to school building and gymnasium / bicycles parked at elementary… '5-5-1969'
Children Board School Buses; Medford Business B Roll Teens boarding school bus / crowd of kids waiting / pre-teens board bus / / sign: "Entering Central Point, Population 3820, Drive Carefully," pan to… '9-17-1968'
Children in Hawthorne Park, Medford Children walk along path in Hawthorne Park / pan across kids seated in park, man speaks at them with bullhorn / children form queue '7-28-1966'
Children on Medford Lincoln School Playground Sign: "20 MPH Crossing Hours" / sign: "School Crossing" / Lincoln School (North School), Medford / pan across children on playground / girl playing… '5-2-1967'
Chilldrens School Christmas party, Water Flood Protection Improvements city of Reedsport .Children's Christmas School party. // Flood Protection Improvements by U S army Corp of Engineers for the town of Reedsport. Part 2 ( see 1740 '12-17-1969'
Christian Athletes Conference, Southern Oregon College Exterior, Carpenter Hall, Southern Oregon University / pan across athletes on bleachers in gym / man speaks at microphone / closeup of speaker… '8-10-1965'
Christian Athletes, Mark Hatfield at SOC Athletes exit Greyhound bus at SOSC / shirt on folding table: "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" / view from above / Mark Hatfield arrives '8-8-1966'
Christmas Crafts Sale; High School Scavenger Hunt; Project Gasbuggy Footage Women examine Christmas crafts, more on display on table and wall / craft groups identified on wall: "Lake Creek," "Medford Harmony Homemakers" / /… '12-7-1967'
Christmas Greetings Banner for Alba, Italy Children pose in front of Wilson Elementary School with sign in Italian "Merry Christmas from all the population of Medford to all the citizens of… '11-29-1966'
Christmas Holiday Filler Footage Christmas Holiday Filler Footage // Film segments of people right before Christmas. People walking around Downtown Medford through traffic. Police… '12-23-1969'
Christmas Party; Luncheon Meeting Interiors: women greet each other at Christmas party / / man speaking at lectern / luncheon crowd applauds, slow pan across attendees / speaker again… '5-1-1969'
Christmas Seals En Route to Post Office Women toting boxes full of Christmas Seals envelopes / loading boxes into van / "Jackson County Tuberculosis and Health Association" on van door '11-7-1968'
Christmas Seals Mailing Completed; Teens Lectured Against Drugs Carrying boxes from Jackson County Health Department building to waiting veterans' 40-et-8 "Medford Voiture 165" faux locomotive / banner on… '11-14-1967'
Christmas Tree Farm Man displaying Christmas tree / people measuring trees in field / hand displaying tag on tree: “$3.00” / pans across field of trees '12-6-1968'
Christmas Tree Farm, Association To Preserve Our Rights To Keep & Bear Arms, Inc Several people on a Christmas Tree farm cutting down Christmas trees. // View outside of the Association to preserve the right to keep & bear… '12-03-1969'
Christmas Tree Industry Promo Professionally produced. Shots of tree farm, cutting, packaging, loading, shipping, selling, buying Christmas trees '12-23-1965'
Christmas Tree Installation, Airport Fog & Snow, Lady Pointint to Snow City Installing Christmas Tree ( See Also 1710) // Airport views outside in fog & Snow. // More photos of snow and fog. // Lady Pointing to trees… '11-26-1969'
Church Fire; Building Under Construction Firemen, priest and civilians talking / pan across tile roof to fireman on roof spraying water through bent metal vent, stained glass window in… '6-26-1968'
Citizens Band Enthusiasts Meeting Man speaks in front of classroom / attendees laugh / another man diagrams on blackboard / attendees ask questions, discuss '9-30-1966'
City of Medford Meeting Meeting, Medford city hall chambers, Mayor Dunlevy present but not presiding; Earl Miller present / shots of participants '2-3-1967'
City of Medford Meeting; New Style Fruit Bins Meeting in Medford City Council chamber / men display maps, graphs on easel--"Area of Influence" circled / graph: "Facilities Peak Hour Operations" "… '9-11-1967'
Civil Defense Army Duck at Emigrant Lake DKW amphibious vehicle painted white with Civil Defense logo, drives into Emigrant Lake / view of driving into lake from front of duck / same view,… '1-24-1966' Video Link
Civil Defense Census; State Representatives' Meeting Woman walks up to suburban ranch home / closeup of her clipboard: "Civil Defense Census" / woman answers door; they talk at length / / spectators in… '11-28-1967'
Civil Defense Practice Alert Teletype machine / Jackson County map / man points at map / man at radio transmitter / man type at teletype / men doing paperwork / man at typewriter '10-26-1965'
Civil Rights Activist James L. Farmer at SOC Pan across audience of students / black man speaking at lectern / closeups of same / audience again '7-14-1966'
Clean Up Medford Campaign--Ugly Shots Pan up muddy, trashy ditch / trash and debris in fields, yards / paper peeling off Nucoa Margarine billboard, Spomer Co. / closeup pan of trash-… '4-4-1967'
Cleaning and Calibrating Thermometers Man talking, holding thermometer / cleaning thermometers, putting them in sink full of ice / closeup of temperature dropping on thermometer / more of… '3-6-1968'
Clearing Landslide from River Road Fishermen warm themselves over fire at road construction site in mountains; policeman with police dog in background / road grader clears road / truck… '2-9-1968'
Clearing Rocks from Road Semi-trucks backed up on highway (probably Upper Applegate Road between Carberry Bridge and Manzanita Creek--see photo in Medford Mail Tribune,… '2-17-1967'
Clock Shop, Charles A Sprague Tree Seed Orchard Inside a clock shop as Owner winds various clocks (running at 2x speed) // View of area housing seedlings at Charles A Sprague Tree Seed Orchard.//… '10-23-1969'
Clock Shop, Dismantling of a Wigwam Burner Inside a Clock shop (continual of 1678). // Dismantling of a wigwam burner.// Using a crane to dismantle top cone and side chute. '10-23-1969'
Clown Prince of Baseball; Medford Street Accident Closeups of Max Patkin, "clown prince of baseball," in baseball uniform, clowning during night game, Miles Field / / Ford pickup on its side, West… '8-12-1969'
Cointat Visits Pear Orchard Men and woman in pear orchard sampling fruit / pan across orchard / '7-15-1966'
Collating Christmas Seals VIP pins something on young man's shirt / they smile / women collating Christmas seals and envelopes / pan across table of collating women at work /… '11-4-1968'
Color FIlm of Multi Level Construction Site, Art Show or Museum, More Construction Site Film is in Color.// Starts out with construction workers at a multi level construction site. // Film switches to an Art Exhibit or Museum.// Film… '11-28-1969'
Commissioners' Meeting Pan across people sitting around table, map-covered walls / Lin Newbry, Bill Mansfield present / shots of people earnestly discussing '1-10-1969'
Commissioners' Meeting; Police Impound Auction; Ashland YMCA Sale Jackson County Commissioners meeting: commissioners / pan across audience / closeups of speakers / / people examining 1950s cars / 1940 Ford /… '9-5-1968'
Completing Concrete Work, Medford City Hall Men examine blueprints / closeup of blueprints / exterior: man points to city hall, pan across uncompleted building / workers loiter / camera follows… '12-13-1966'
Computer Ballot Class Men speaking at front of classroom / listeners in folding chairs / more of same / man from audience demonstrates voting punch card '10-27-1966'
Computer Demonstration; Nurses' Award Presentation Man demonstrates Vot-o-matic voting system / demonstrating computer / punch cards going through machine / pulling out printed readout / punch cards… '5-23-1968'
Computer Operation; Harvesting and Planting Pine Seedlings Tight closeup of computer punch card / technicians handle magnetic tapes, place one on reader / reels spinning / readout / tight pan across keyboard… '5-29-1968'
Concrete Sandbag Construction Closeup of man carefully positioning cylindrical sandbags end to end around perimeter of foundation of building under construction next to orchard /… '9-12-1968'
Concrete Work on Hannon Library, SOU Crane in operation, Southern Oregon University/Southern Oregon College / pan across wooden forms as bucket of concrete lowers / another pan across… '11-18-1966'
Confiscated Beer, Medford Police Evidence Room Police station evidence room: inventorying cases of Miller High Life beer '11-18-1966'
Confiscated Illegal Drugs; Christmas Seals at Post Office Pan across drugs, drug paraphernalia: baggies of marijuana on table / State Policemen examine, display drugs, pipe, bottles / / man at desk trying to… '11-17-1967'
Congressman Bob Duncan Picnic Sign: "Jackson Hot Springs:" / twin-rotor helicopter approaches, lands / man emerges, hugs child / long closeup of sleeping child with "RBD" (… '8-15-1966'
Congressman Duncan and Speaker McCormack Speak on Dams Congressman Robert Duncan and Speaker John W. McCormack at desk in House of Representatives studio--sound unintelligible '10-4-1966'
Congressman Duncan at Medford Airport Congressman Duncan disembarks from propeller airliner, Medford Airport / man holds "Duncan for Senator" sign / Duncan greets supporters waiting at… '3-2-1966'
Congressman Duncan Campaigns in Medford Congressman Duncan stands by van painted with his name, speaks with constituent / interior: Duncan speaks into microphone (no sound on film) '4-18-1966'
Congressman Duncan Sees Applegate Dam Site Pan down from Hotel Medford sign / Congressman Duncan stands in front of hotel, gets into car, car leaves / Duncan and two other men at dam site… '4-22-1965'
Congressman Duncan Voting, 1966 Primary Election Sign: "Vote Here," pan to Hedrick Junior High School on building / Congressman Bob Duncan, wearing cowboy hat and Levi jacket, walks past sound… '5-24-1966'
Congressman Robert B. Duncan Arrives, Medford Airport Twin-engine propeller-driven United Airlines plane taxis toward camera / Congressman Robert B. Duncan walks down stairs '8-13-1965'
Congressman Robert B. Duncan at Medford Airport Duncan walks toward camera on tarmac, Medford Airport / closeups of Duncan chatting on tarmac '7-16-1965'
Congressman Robert B. Duncan on Boxcar Shortage Congressman Robert B. Duncan at desk, speaking on boxcar shortage '9-24-1965'
Congressman Robert B. Duncan on Sucker Creek Project Congressman Duncan  at a desk discussing bill to fund Sucker Creek project--the Illinois River division of the Rogue Basin Project '3-2-1965'
Congressman Robert B. Duncan on Veterans Administration Domiciliary Congressman sits at desk and relates his arguments for keeping the VA Domiciliary open '4-5-1965'
Congressman Robert B. Duncan Talks with Driver and Teague about Camp White Congressman Robert B. Duncan and two other men sit at desk and discuss decision to keep VA Domiciliary open '6-8-1965'
Construction & Paving of Hwy 140 Construction Sign announcing your tax dollars at work on Hwy 140, Dump trucks, Paving Equipment, Asphalt trucks & workers '10-28-1969'
Construction at Olson Lawyer Lumber Inc. Exterior: SOTIA--Southern Oregon Timber Industries Association headquarters, man in front / man holding display board: "Lumber Production" / closeup… '10-17-1966'
Construction of 3M White City Plant Shot of White City 3M plant from moving car / VIPs in hard hats inspect progress of construction, tip-up concrete slabs in place / closeups of VIPs… '7-15-1965'
Construction of Fort Vannoy Job Corps Training Center, Grants Pass Pan across building site, some buildings nearly completed / pan up sewer pipe laid in ditch / foundation forms under construction / man operating… '7-14-1965'
Construction of Howard Prairie Lake Boat Basin Long shot of power shovel at work on end of earthen dam in water / dump truck drives by / Jackson County logo on truck door / closeup of shovel… '12-10-1965'
Construction of Hwy 140 near Crater lake Hwy Construction of Hwy 140 near Crater lake Hwy Finishing paving and tearing off paper to reveal signage. Laying cables '12-01-1969'
Construction of Medford Post Office and Federal Building Sign: "United States Post Office and Federal Building Being Constructed by General Services Administration" / pan across front of building / pan… '6-1-1965'
Construction of Providence Hospital Sign: "Sacred Heart Hospital Under Construction," pan across building / closeup pans up and down side of building / workers on third floor / interior… '3-9-1965'
Construction of Shady Cove Bridge Pan across uncompleted Shady Cove bridge, Rogue River / telephoto closeups / crane positions beam on bridge / shots from surface of bridge, workmen… '6-14-1965'
Construction on Crater Lake Highway, Medford Shot through windshield of Crater Lake Highway, traveling north, Hilton Road area / sign: "Road Work," Bergman's Shop in background / men painting… '10-6-1966'
Construction on North Medford High School Shots of men working on North Medford High School cornice / men working on ground level '10-26-1966'
Construction Starts at Fort Vannoy Job Corps Training Center Exterior: pans across construction site, road grader / closeup of bulldozer tracks / pickup approaches / men walk toward, then pas camera /… '5-27-1965'
Copco #39 First Airmail, Eddie Stinson, Lindbergh at Medford

This film is titled Copco 39-D ( It is a duplicate of original Copco 39.

First Airmail Survey Plane in Medford ~ First Airmail to go…

Copco 09 Diamond Jubilee, Trap Shooting, Health Parade

This film is titled Copco 09. The film consists of

Hillah Shriners Diamond Jubilee Medford Oregon June 3-9, 1934

Shriners on…

Copco Building in Grants Pass, Ore., construction.

COPCO Film 55: Copco Building in Grants Pass, Ore., construction.

Copco Camera - man Catches Universal Film Stars in Action

COPCO Film 68: Copco Camera - man Catches Universal Film Stars in Action

Copco Current Events

COPCO Film 67: Copco Current Events

COPCO Employees Stage Annual Christmas Party for Kiddies

COPCO Film 54: COPCO Employees Stage Annual Christmas Party for Kiddies

COPCO Home Office Building, Medford

COPCO Film 54: COPCO Home Office Building, Medford

COPCO Installs New Electrical Signs at Various Offices and Stores

COPCO Film 57: COPCO Installs New Electrical Signs at Various Offices and Stores

COPCO Trophy Presented to Robert Hvam, Winner of Cross-Country Ski Race.

COPCO Film 45: COPCO Trophy Presented to Robert Hvam, Winner of Cross-Country Ski Race.

COPCO's Youngest Stockholder, Robert Mills Allen, Receives his Stock Certificate

COPCO Film 63: COPCO's Youngest Stockholder, Robert Mills Allen, Receives his Stock Certificate

Coquille Valley Hospital Construction, Man on Walkie Talkie, Man Showing Emergency Vehicle & Equipment Coquille Valley Hospital Construction, // Man on Walkie Talkie. // Man Showing Emergency Vehicle 7 Equipment '12-16-1969'
Corndog Fundraiser, Medford Shopping Center Exterior, Medford Shopping center: banner: "Winter Dome Benifit [sic] Jet Pups 10 cents, Ice Cream Soda 10 cents" / teens operating corndog stand set… '8-25-1966'
Costa Rican Girl in Central Point Woman, girl and man pick flowers / they pose for camera /girl plays ping pong with other children / they pet dog '9-3-1965'
Cottage Grove Officials, Medford City Hall Excavation Banquet scene, men in suits listening attentively, maps of Medford in background / men examine Medford Center Plan / officials visit construction… '2-25-1966'
County Co., Indy 500 - Color, Pinball

There are four clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called County Co. This B&W clip appears to be a County Commissioners meeting.…

County Commissioner Earl Miller Commissioner Earl Miller at desk '3-11-1966'
County Commissioners Meeting; Elmo Stevenson Memorial; Log Trucks on Evans Creek Road Audience sitting and finding seats in small room / Jackson County Commissioners at dais: Henry Padgham, Earl Miller, Rodney Keating, secretary / out-… '5-7-1969'
County Fair; Downtown Central Point; Land Conservation Man speaks about county fair safety inspection / silent: ferris wheel, people / man speaks about fair attendance, third year of "open fair" / / cars… '8-8/9-1980'
County Meeting, Train & Semi Accident, Jacksonville Museum, Meeting Begins with a road map to Jackson County. and meeting // Man with head wound laying on stretcher. View of damaged semi truck & train.// Debris on… '11-05-1969'
County Officers Take Oath; Chamber of Commerce Scenes; Removing Christmas Decorations Dignitaries including Earl Miller pass out sheets of paper to each other, sign, take oath, shake hands / / secretary at desk / tourism brochures on… '1-3-1967'
County Parks Commission Meeting

Man speaks at desk / pan across committee at tables / shots of committee members

County Parks Maintenance Work Part 2 County Maintenance workers prepping for new camping season // Truck with camper shell // more camping prep // Sanding Picnic tables and putting a… '11-03-1969'
Courtesy Cab Operations, Medford; Removing Medford Christmas Street Decorations Taxicab dispatcher on telephone / cabbie holds door for fare / cabbies chat, smoke in office / man enters Courtesy Cab on Fifth Street, Medford,… '1-3-1968'
Courthouse Meeting Men at staff table during hearing or meeting, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / men explain map on wall / County Commissioner Earl Miller speaks… '5-13-1969'
Courthouse Meeting 5/28/1969 Man speaking while sitting at table, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / dais / closeups of men at dais / audience / standing speaker, pan to dais… '5-28-1969'
Courthouse Meeting, Hilton Road Junkyard; Making Christmas Wreaths Man in audience, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / pan across men at dais / speakers in audience / closeup of map, Hilton Road and Crater Lake… '12-12-1968'
Courthouse Meeting; Gold Ray Dam Flood Damage Audience in Jackson County courthouse auditorium / officials at dais / speaker indicating highway map on wall / audience / men at map / speaker in… '1-3-1969'
Courtroom B Roll Closeup of gavel on judge's bench / closeups of court reporter's hands and steno machine / tape scrolling from machine / more of same / hand picks up… '6-12-1968'
Courtroom Ceremony Woman speaking before meeting / closeup of same / other speaker / audience / closeups of judges / court recorder's hands / framed photo on wall /… '10-7-1968'
Cow Creek I-5 Rest Area; Measles Vaccinations; Homebuilt Airplane Sign: "Oregon Welcomes You--Cow Creek Rest Area" / pans across rest area / car in camera drives past creepy man in overcoat standing by freeway /… '3-7-1967'
Cows Shipped by Rail from Medford Unloading cattle from railcars into steel holding pen / men on horses herd cows, Medford houses in background / cows run up ramp into railcar / man… '12-17-1965'
Cracked Safes in Grants Pass Exterior: man displays broken safe door / interior: another man shows different broken safe / closeup of broken tumbler '10-24-1966'
Crane at Mann's, North Central, Medford Crane swings boom on North Central--apparently had installed Mann's sign '7-28-1966'
Crate Rite Container Company, Grants Pass Circa 1964 Ford Mustang painted "KMED" parked in driveway / sign: "Crate Rite Incorporated Packaging for Industry" / pan across wooden fence around… 'Circa 1964'
Crater Club road trip to Crescent City, 1934

COPCO Film 5: Crater Club road trip to Crescent City, 1934

Crater High School Assembly Man speaking at dais / large audience of aduilts and students in high school gym applauds / pans across speaker and audience / closeup of plaque: "… '2-29-1968'
Crater Lake Highway Accident; Medford Red Lion Confab Wrecked car at intersection of Vilas Road and Crater Lake Highway, tow truck driver in white cap and pants and bow tie attaching to it / state… '11-30-1967'
Crater Lake Highway Collision / VIP Arrives at Medford Airport Wrecked cars from head-on collision, spectators, "Wall Ford Tractor & Implements" building (3005 Crater Lake Highway, Medford) in background /… '2-27-1967'
Crater Lake, Oregon Apri127, 1933. [Note

COPCO Film 45: Crater Lake, Oregon Apri127, 1933. [Note: date is incorrect. Should read April 23]

Crater National Bank Opening, Medford Sign: "Crater National Bank," bathmat building, Medford / people milling about on sidewalk / dignitaries holding ribbon made of dollar bills / Forest… '4-15-1966'
Crater National Bank Opening; Applegate Sale   Exterior, men in suits: man speaks into microphone / two men use ax to cut wooden ribbon, Crater National Bank at Eighth and Front, Medford /… '10-13-1969'
Creek Water Temperature; Medford Airport Road Work Meeting / / young boy takes temperature of rushing creek (Bear Creek?) / scenic shot of creek / closeup of thermometer / boy wades to camera / takes… '7-25-1969'
Crop Dusting Pears in Bloom Pan across pear tree, orchard in bloom / more orchard pans / shots of crop duster at work / pan across orchard / more crop duster '3-29-1965'
Crowd Gathers outside Jackson County Courthouse to hear speakers.

COPCO Film 124: Crowd Gathers outside Jackson County Courthouse to hear speakers. [Believed to be Llewelyn

Crowds gather outside Banks house after Prescott was shot. (16 Mar 1933)

COPCO Film 124: Crowds gather outside Banks house after Prescott was shot. (16 Mar 1933)

Crowds See Titan II and Navy Electra, Medford Airport

Line of people enter side of missile to enter museum / shot of missile museum from control tower / Electra flies by, lands / woman poses with…

Crowley Fatal Car Accident on Interstate 5 Crowd around wrecked Cadillac in field by I-5 / pan across scene, knocked-down trees / rubberneckers examine wreck / closeups of car / closeup of "… '7-12-1966'
Crusher & Circus There are two clips in this film: 1) The first clip features a wrecking yard where they are crushing cars. Sign on truck says Selby Chevrolet 2) The… '1972'
Cub Scouts Deliver Toys to Firemen Cub scouts in uniform unload toys from pickups onto downtown fire station lot '12-13-1965' Video Link
D'Autremont Brothers footage

COPCO Film 64: D'Autremont Brothers footage

Dachshund Puppy; United Airliner at Medford Airport Man in suit plays with dachshund puppy on floor--at length / / four-propeller United airliner taxis to gate, Medford Airport / reader board: "Flight… '3-1-1968'
Daily News Cooking School Medford Armory.

COPCO Film 25/53: Daily News Cooking School Medford Armory.

Dairy, Snow, Swim

There are three clips to this film:

1) The first shows a dairy farm receiving a "Dairy of Honor" award. It does not show or say which…

Dam Dedication; Packwood Sign Error; Vietnam Soldiers Charity Concrete structure under construction / pans across crowd at construction site in hills (Lost Creek Dam?) / pan across seated high school orchestra… '10-14-1968'
Damaged Fire Engine; Service Station Fire Damage Man working at desk / answers phone / shakes hands with other VIPs / / man poses with dented fire engine, points out damage / closeup pans of damage… '1-23-1967'
Dams, Clowns

This Film has two clips:

1) The first clip is titled dams. It looks like an open house after the completion of a dam construction.

July 1972
Dawkins and Reid Speak on Oak Knoll Golf Course

Man speaks in front of plan of golf course / pans across golf course site / view of site from moving car / different man speaks on golf course…

Daylight Saving Time Reminder Film Nationally produced (Westclox?) Daylight Saving Time reminder film--nighttime, Times Square, New York City: Illuminated crawl around building: "2 a.m… 'Circa 1965'
DC-9 Air Liner Arrives at Medford Airport; Galice Bridge Construction; Lighting Installed Central Point I-5 Exit Jet liner lands at Medford Airport / taxis up to gate / closeup of model of DC-9 liner in terminal / passengers board / / Galice Bridge construction… '2-10-1967'
December 26-30, 1975 News Clips Clip 1 Keene Drive, Medford: Shots of children riding bicycles on street / toddler on plastic tricycle / football flying through air / child catches… '12-26-75 to 12-30-7'
Decount, Dellenback, BOLA

This Film has three clips:

1) The first clip is titled decount. It features voting machines and a group of volunteers learning how the…

July 1972
Dedication of Agate Lake Pan across hundreds of parked cars / pans across crowd at lakeside / shots several sailboats on lake / speakers at lectern / Mark Hatfield speaks /… '5-6-1966'
Dedication of Ashland Post Office People, Boy Scouts and high school band in folding chairs,  Ashland Post Office parking lot / busy interior of post office / Congressman Duncan… '5-6-1966'
Dedication of Fort Vannoy Job Corps Center, Grants Pass Pan across crowd on bleachers, exterior / sign: U.S. Department of the Interior sign: Job Corps / speaker at dais / Cavemen / more speakers, pans… '10-25-1965'
Dedication of McKee Bridge Shots of bridge / sign: McKee Bridge, children waving / speakers at bridge including Earl Miller / audience / pans across bridge and creek Other… '10-18-1965'
Dedication of Medford Post Office and Federal Building Men shaking hands at airport--Mayor Dunlevy, Congressman Duncan, more / large crowd sitting in room / man speaks at lectern / Duncan speaks / man… '3-14-1966'
Dedication of Parco d'Alba, Medford Pan across Boy Scouts to Legionnaires, Earl Miller on platform, Parco d'Alba (Veterans Park), Medford / speakers / pan across audience / Scouts… '8-15-1966'
Dedication of Salvation Army Citadel Pans across exterior of citadel / people (including Mayor Dunlevy) leave building / they mill about for camera, walk back into building '11-8-1965'
Dedication of Seth Bullis Reservoir Brass plaque: "Seth Bullis Reservoir" / pan across concrete reservoir to small building and small crowd / Mayor Dunlevy, dignitaries speak on dais /… '6-30-1966'
Dedication of the WOW (Woodmen of the World) Building,

COPCO Film 59: Dedication of the WOW (Woodmen of the World) Building,

Dedication, Operations of Irongate Hatchery Interiors: hatchery operations / sorting adult fish, stripping eggs, sperm / press, dignitaries lined up, watching / banquet in hatchery / man pulls… '3-22-1966'
Deer Fawn in Medford City Offices Interiors: policeman pets fawn on desk / fawn lies down on desk / fawn on woman's desk, she pets it / other men, Mayor Dunlevy with fawn / sign on… '6-20-1966' Video Link
Dellenbach ~ LDS Institute in Ashland ~ Heater There are three clips in this film: 1) The first clip features Oregon Congressman John Dellenbach speaking to students. 2) The second clip features… '1972'
Dellenback on Labor Day Safety; Veneer Truck Loses Load; Medford Fire Engine Decent color, sound on film: Representative John Dellenback, seated at desk, speaks on Labor Day, forest fire protection, highway safety as scenes of… '9-1-1967'
Democratic Central Committee Meeting, Rep. Duncan Appears Jackson County Courthouse auditorium: Rep. Bob Duncan, in white jeans and white jean jacket, walks to dais, people applaud / he speaks, leaves /… '11-11-1966'
Demolishing Phipps House; Stuffing Christmas Seals Man removing shingles from roof / men and woman carrying doors outside / interior of vacant house: holes in walls / pans across exterior of elegant,… '11-1-1967'
Demolition at Galice Creek Bridge; Branding Steers; Airplane; Kiwanis Kapers Remaining pylon at Hellgate Bridge, Galice / family on roadside, father points toward bridge / pan across site / explosion, dust cloud (see article,… '2-16-1967'
Demolition of Camp Withus, Medford; Medford Airport Strikers Camp Withus, North Riverside, Medford, under demolition / bulldozer at work / loader loads debris into dump truck / bulldozer drives into gas station… '7-7-1967'
Demolition of Isham Buildings, Grants Pass Exterior: "Isham's Moving Storage" sign painted on building / closeups of building / interior, half demolished / pan across brickwork / '3-16-1965'
Demonstration at SOSC; Jackson County Commissioners Meeting Long-haired young people at SOSC people milling about, eating, talking (same shot as in SOHS Film 1666) / some link hands for moment of silence,… '10-15-1969'
Demonstration of Sewer Television Monitor Workers loiter outside van in new Medford neighborhood / removing cable from manhhole / TV monitor showing inside of pipe / camera moving across… '9-8-1966'
Demonstration of traffic laws

COPCO Film 55: Demonstration of traffic laws

Denturist Bill; Josephine County Schools; Measure Six "Fruitdale Elementary School" on building / young child gets out of station wagon, walks into school / / interview with woman about required training… '10-31-1978'
Department of Motor Vehicles; Medford Carnegie Library Sign in window: "Department of Motor Vehicles," pan to door with "Office Hours" sign (new office at 25 North Main, Ashland?) / interior: DMV staffer… '10-9-1967'
Deputies Burn Dynamite Deputies enter abandoned shack, bring out old boxes of dynamite / examining sticks of dynamite, positioning them on wadded-up newspaper / lighting… '3-24-1966'
Deschutes National Forest Lakes; Medford Girl Scouts Headquarters Dedication; Bear Creek Water Quality Good color, a little dark: an across snowy field / partly snow-covered lake / Forest Service sign: "Paulina Lake," anglocentric history of Chief… '5-19-1967'
Description of Yreka Area Robbers; Helicopter Takes Off Map of Southern Oregon/Northern California area / closeup of Yreka/Montague/Fort Jones area / on screen: "Siskiyou County Sheriff, California Highway… '10-26-1967'
Deserted Diamond Lake Pan along facade of deserted Diamond Lake Lodge / pan along lake / winding dirt road / sign: "Umpqua National Forest Campground, Diamond Lake" /… '5-29-1969'
Deserted Diamond Lake Resort Mountain reflected in still lake / pan along deserted resort, cabins, docks on lake shore / empty rental boats along dock / Standard gas sign on… '5-19-1969'
Deserted Rogue River Scenes Pan across riverbank to Rogue River, Josephine County lake area / deserted picnic tables, firepit, boat dock '10-19-1966'
Diamond Jubilee

COPCO Film Reel C & 7273: Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Lake Fishing; Blackwell Road/Hwy. 99 Area Pans across rural road intersection / / fishing boats on crowded Diamond Lake as seen from another boat / / freeway on-ramp sign: "Rogue Valley Blvd… '6-9-1969'
Diamond Lake Opening Pan cars driving to lake / pan of parked cars on side of road and parking lots / pan to men loading boats / pan to men on dock and man in boat… '5-24-1965 '
Diamond Lake Opening Shot from moving car of cars parked along highway / dock views: man starting engine, loading boat, boats lined up / shot of boats on lake / boats… '5-23-1966'
Diamond Lake.

COPCO Film 57: Diamond Lake.

Disaster Training Session Man speaks at lectern / pans across audience, some in uniform / '2-17-1966'
Display of Farm Antiques Man demonstrates harnessmaker's bench / demonstrates froe / displays horse collar, hames, saddle, lantern, doubletree, hay fork, grinding wheel as… '11-20-1966'
District 6 Track, Weaver

There are two clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Track District 6. It appears to be several races being run for a high school…

DMV; Veterans Domiciliary Leather Shop; New Medford Parking Lot; Fender Bender Sign: "Drivers License" / eye testing machine / closeup of Driver's Manual / DMV personnel / shot of parking lot through window / DMV staffer… '10-11-1967'
Doctor; Courthouse Meeting Doctor in lab coat working at desk / closeup / more of same / on phone / / man speaking, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / pan across audience… '12-6-1968'
Dodge Bridge Reopens Sign: pan across bridge, construction still under way, equipment on bridge / men clearing bridge / closeups of bridge structure / pan across bridge… '9-14-1965'
Dom, Driver, Car & Train

There are three clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Dom. This B&W film shows the VA Dom and shows off it's staff and the…

Domiciliary "Thank You" Celebration View down veterans domiciliary street / "Veterans Administration" painted on car door" / pan across crowd in auditorium, several men in wheelchairs… '6-16-1965'
Dorothy McElhose Honored In restaurant, woman wearing corsage shakes hands / presented with bouquet of roses by Medford Mayor Jimmy Dunlevy / they schmooze / presented with… '9-29-1966'
Douglas Park Stock Farm

COPCO Film 25/53: Douglas Park Stock Farm

Down Hill Race Proves Novel and Interesting Event.

COPCO Film 45: Down Hill Race Proves Novel and Interesting Event.

Downtown buildings, Possible road or airport construction View of downtown buildings and a reserved parking lot. // Construction site with large earth movers which possibly could be a road or airport… '11-14-1969'
Downtown Jacksonville Buildings and Signs Snowing: California Street / signs: "This Building Has a Future" / U.S. Hotel / Beekman Bank / Orth building/ residence / pan across U.S. Hotel / "… '3-2-1966'
Downtown Jacksonville, Britt Festivals Pan along Califoirnia Street / pan across cross street, booths in preparation, stagecoach approaches and passes camera / more downtown pans / closeup… '8-13-1965'
Downtown Jacksonville; Medford House Fire Man seated and talking at desk / woman walking on sidewalk, California Street, Jacksonville / interior of antique store / banner over street: "Britt… '8-9-1968'
Downtown Medford B Roll--Sidewalk Traffic, City and County Employees and Buildings, Street Traffic Shoppers walking down sidewalk, Main and Bartlett, Medford / shoppers waiting to cross street / closeup of women chatting / more of same--many notice… '12-23-1966'
Downtown Medford Christmas Traffic; Christmas Highway Safety Footage Policeman directs traffic, twilight,  East Main Street at Central, Medford / businesses visible in background: Alexander & Brown Insurance,… '12-22-1967' Video Link
Downtown Medford Pedestrians; Hawthorne Pool Repairs; Interstate 5 Traffic scenes, downtown Medford: pedestrians and bicyclists at Main at Riverside, Medford Center, East Main / / construction, Hawthorne Park pool,… '3-14-1967'
Downtown Medford Sidewalk Sale Crowd crossing Sixth Street, Medford, Penneys Building in background / grinning storekeeper / crowds of shoppers examining clothing on tables on… '7-5-1968'
Downtown Medford Traffic Sign: "Entering Medford Population 28,000 Drive Carefully" / traffic on South Riverside at Eighth, Medford / street scene, traffic on North Central '3-9-1967'
Downtown Medford Traffic; Student Nurses Graduation Arty closeups of cars passing camera / quick cuts of East Main Street Medford traffic, bathmat building and future Vogel Plaza in background / man… '8-29-1969'
Downtown Views: Cottage Grove, Drain, Yoncalla, Sutherlin, Roseburg View through windshield of car driving on Interstate 5, passes exit sign: "Roseburg, Garden Valley Boulevard" / shots down main streets of towns to… '8-23-1966'
Dowsing Demonstration; Children Wait at Medford Hawthorne Pool Hand covers disk with cardboard / old man with dowsing rods walks from doorway of house down walk, turns as rods cross / hand covers metal sample… '6-15-1967'
Dr. A. E. Merkel Gives Immunizations "Jackson County Public Health Center" on building / interior: mothers and small children waiting / man gives shot to young boy, measures blood… '9-9-1966'
Dr. G. L. Lindley, Grants Pass, Wins Car Exterior, car dealership: Men hold, pass oversized check from Grants Pass New Car Dealers Association, payable to Dr. and Mrs. G. L. Lindley, shake… '3-11-1966'
Dr. James Turpin of Project Concern Speaks in Grants Pass Man walks up to lectern / another man, ditto (Dr. James Turpin, Project Concern) / shot of audience, Oregon Cavemen and woman walk up aisle '10-17-1966'
Dr. Wright on OIT College Library, Construction; RCC Interview Multistory Oregon Institute of Technology building under construction / "Dr. Wright" speaks about need for library building--library had been moved… '9-15-1978'
Dragnet, Suspect Caught in Josephine County; Josephine County Animal Shelter Highway Patrolmen with shotguns directing traffic, stopping cars / suspect led in handcuffs into Josephine County Courthouse / suspect inside… '3-16-1967'
Draw or Drain, Ash Air

This Film is comprised of two clips:

1) Draw or Drain: This clip shows Central Point emergency medical staff assisting a person after an…

July 1, 1972
Dress-Up Day--Wilson School, Medford Children pose in costume on lawn outside school / they pass before teachers-judges with clipboards '8-1-1966'
Drilling Well; Bob Packwood Campaigns in Medford Pan across Crater Well Drilling truck / drilling well next to house in country / water or drilling mud splashes about copiously, pan along stream of… '5-2-1968'
Drowning Search at Hellsgate Rogue River from height river from shore / people dragging river from boat / shot from boat / pans across broken drift boat / '11-15-1965'
Drowning Search Indian Mary Park Sign: "Indian Mary Park," pan to river / Sign: "River Current Be Careful," pan to river, children playing / men walk purposefully by river / men… '7-26-1965'
Drug Paraphernalia; City of Ashland Receives Check Closeup of man, pan down to homemade pipe and tobacco tin he's holding; he disassembles pipe and places pieces in tin / closeup of tin with pipe… '2-16-1968'
Drugstore Burglary; White City Businesses Policeman opens door / interior: Medford policeman talks to drugstore owner / staff checks for missing merchandise / policeman indicates hole in wall… '6-24-1968'
Duff Water Treatment Plant Shots, pans of new Duff Water Treatment Plant building--empty parking lot / closed gate across access road, TouVelle Bridge in distance / bulldozer… '8-1-1968'
Duff Water Treatment Plant; Bear Creek Tour Man standing on catwalk, pan to surging water below him / man walks along catwalk between settling ponds, pointing / water surging through channel /… '8-5-1968'
Dump Truck-VW Fatality, Valley View Road at Highway 99 Badly demolished Volkswagen Bug on foggy road / M. C. Lininger dump truck in ditch / closeups of VW damage / policemen taking notes, making… '1-19-1966'
Dunbar Carpenter Demonstrates Orchard Sprinklers Pan across pear trees to rainbird sprinklers high above them / interior of sprinkler control room / Dunbar Carpenter operates switches and valve /… '5-19-1966'
Duncan, Weaver, Crash There are three clips on this film: 1) Duncan. This has state Representative Robert B Duncan talking at a Rotary club meeting. 2) Weaver. This clip… '1972'
Dynamite Damage, Medford High School Pan across wooden temporary buildings at high school / closeup of hole in building / view through hole from inside / damage inside / more of the same '8-5-1966'
Eagle Point High School Assembly; Work on Barnett and Stewart Intersection "Eagle Point High School" painted on gymnasium / man speaking at microphone on gym floor / pans across high school students in bleachers / speaker… '10-29-1968'
Eagle Point Modoc Zone Hearing Pan across asudience, school auditorium / commissioners at dais / speakers at lectern / speaker at map /  speakers from audience '9-27-1965'
Eagle Point National Cemetery, Wayne Morse; Jacksonville Pioneer Days Promo Pan across audience seated in folding chairs on grass / army officer at microphone speaks / second officer speaks / flags are slowly raised / pan… '5-30-1968'
Eagle Point National Cemetery; New Medford City Hall; Tuberculosis Test Flag flying over Eagle Point cemetery / closeup of flag, pan down to base / longer shot of base, pan up to cenotaphs / pan across cenotaphs, hills in… '11-24-1967'
Eagle's snow party, ski races

COPCO Film 17: Eagle's snow party, ski races

Earl Miller; Site Work Closeup of Earl Miller speaking, Jackson County commissioners meeting / tight closeup of Earl / / man in suit earnestly speaking / picnic scene:… '10-2-1968'
East Medford Construction Site; Launching Toy Rockets Street sign: Barnett and Murphy Road, Medford / pan across intersection, Roxy Ann in background / empty field, Rogue Valley Hospital in background /… '7-19-1967'
East Medford Residence Construction; Partial Eclipse Men at work building residence in East Medford, Barneburg Hill and Rogue Valley Manor visible in background / pan across neighborhood / shake roofing… '9-11-1969'
Eastern Oregon Search Party; Jackson County Education Day Camp; Asian Pear Pickers Eastern Oregon sagebrush country: pan across search party staging area with KTVM 5 News station wagon / policeman standing on fence / man probing… '7-31-1967'
Eddie Stinson, Famous Pilot, Poses for COPCO Camera Man

COPCO Film 39: Eddie Stinson, Famous Pilot, Poses for COPCO Camera Man

Edison Marshall Photo, Books; Stolen Horse Tack at Shady Cove Closeup of printed photo of man / book: "The Voice of the Pack," by Edison Marshall / title page: "American Captain," by Edison Marshall / "Yankee… '10-30-1967'
Edson Shows New Grants Pass City Hall Man with pointer and architect's drawings of new city hall / '8-4-1965'
Education-Business Day Pans across audience / speakers at lectern / everyone stands up to leave '10-28-1965'
Eighth Graders Forest Conservation Field Trip School buses parked on forest road / "Keep Oregon Green" sign / pan across trees to students / students go through stations in woods / sign: "Fire… '4-14-1966'
Election Polls Exteriors: sign: "Vote Here" / women reading paperwork / they file past camera '8-29-1966'
Elections Office; Forest Management, Logging Hand pulls file drawers open, showing thousands of file cards / pan across open drawers / closeup of ballot instructions page / / color, completely… '4-26-1968'
Elementary School Chorus at Hedrick Junior High School, Medford Exterior: pan across front of Hedrick Junior High School / interior: man directs 700 elementary school chorus students standing on stage / pans… '5-13-1965'
Elementary Teachers Music In-Service Class Men in suits raise flag / pan across teachers with hands over hearts / teachers in classroom / teachers at table with kindergarten music equipment:… '10-14-1966'
Elevator Accident; VIP Delivered by Police Car; Klamath Falls Baseball View inside hotel lobby: police and ambulance attendants load man onto stretcher / elevator stopped between floors / / night: police car drives past… '2-13-1967'
Elks Billiard Tourney Men playing billiards / men pose with trophies / more billiard playing '10-7-1965'
elks Convention

COPCO Film 62: elks Convention

Emergency Crews at Car Wreck; Meeting Night: emergency crews dimly pumping hand hydraulic jack on wreck / pans across badly wrecked car / / packed audience, gymnasium / policeman or army… '4-5-1967'
Employment Service Trailer; City of Rogue River; Grave Creek Bridge Man standing in door of Oregon State Employment Service trailer / "Rogue River Post No. 4116 VFW" on building / trailer and tow vehicle / man at desk… '10-22-1968'
Employment Service Trailer; United Crusade Luncheon Man standing by Oregon State Employment Service trailer / closeup of man / legend painted on trailer / pan across trailer / / luncheon scene: man at… '10-10-1968'
Empty Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium Pans across completely empty chairs, dais, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium '11-10-1966'
Empty Site of Medford City Hall Street sign: 8th Street and Oakdale, Medford / pans across empty future site of Medford City Hall, courthouse and new federal building in background '2-4-1966'
End of Bartenders Strike; Kiwanis Meeting; Bear Creek Corporation Men and young woman gleefully destroying picket signs, setting them ablaze, shaking hands, watching them burn / sign: "Don's Hideaway," 1182 Court… '6-18-1969'
End of Year Medford Council Meeting City of Medford Several City of Medford Councilmen meeting around a table '12-31-1969'
Enghdahl & K. Brown

There are two clips on this film. 1) The first clip is called Enghdahl. Appears to be a man reading a letter into a tape recorder. Possibly a…

Enigmatic Ceremony Judge reading aloud at bench, pan to another judge / speaker reading / man pins corsage on elderly woman / speaker / family members / pinning corsage… '5-1-1968'
Eugene McCarthy Speaks at Rally Eugene McCarthy at microphone (silent) / audience member wearing McCarthy button / Gene at mike again / pan across crowd / photo of Gene on curtain,… '5-27-1968'
Eugene, Oregon. Sunset Trail Celebration

COPCO Film 68: Eugene, Oregon. Sunset Trail Celebration

Eureka Footage #1 Sound: interview about formation of sewer assessment district in Pacific Manor and Sunset Addition (ends abruptly) / / silent: wrecked car / /… '1960s'
Eureka Footage #1, 1970s Sound-on-film interview with Dr. Richard Ridenhour about district funding shortfall due to failure to transfer tidelands and submerged lands by state… '1970s'
Eureka Footage #2 Bright color: Freighter at doc, pan back to reveal log deck on shore / aerial views of port through dirty window / / black and white: meeting with… '1970s'
Eureka Footage #3 Silent: metal sculptor at work / potter displaying wares / homebuilt camper truck / W. C. Fields metal sculpture / more scupltures / velvet painting… '1970s'
Eureka, California Airport All exteriors: "Eureka Air Terminal" on building / slow pans across idle airfield / "Pacific Air Lines" on exterior of building / "Pacific flight… '11-11-1966'
Evelyn Gehrig Fatal Crash, Interstate 5 Interstate 5 sign: "Medford Crater Lake 2 Miles" / covered body on gurney / "Medford Ambulance" arrives / ambulance departs / pan across broken… '7-26-1965'
Evergreen House; Meeting; Red Cross Youth Man talking with woman on porch of "Evergreen House," "You Are Welcome" written on porch blackboard / pan across senior citizens sitting at tables /… '5-8-1969'
Examining Pears for Pests and Pollination Man examines young pear in orchard / cutting open baby pear / more of same / smudgepot / points with knife to pear '4-23-1968'
Excavating Possible Grave in Forest; Medford Budget, City Hall, Fire Department, Parking Meter Civilians and police digging large hole in forest--grave site (?)--more footage in SOHS Film No. 1019 / / closeup of book: Medford Annual Budget /… '6-30-1967'
Excavation at Dark Hollow Reservoir pan of earthmover; shovel equipment digging trench; pan of excavation site / bull dozer pushing earth / man with hard hat pointing to construction.… '5-26-1965'
Explorer Buys Caveman Camper Logo: American Institute of Exploration / Caveman Camper Selected for Expeditions painted on camper mounted on pickup truck / stack of camper frames… '10-14-1965'
FAA Inspection of Medford Airport Men meeting in small office / wind sock, Medford Airport / man walks toward twin-engine DC-3 FAA N60, pan across airfield to pickups parked in… '10-3-1968'
FAA Inspectors at Medford Airport Men in discussion on grassy field; airliner taxiing in distance / pan to control tower / more shots of of men talking and gesturing on field as… '2-18-1966'
Factory Anniversary Observance Governor Tom McCall speaking at lectern / pan across people dressed in suits standing and listening on factory floor, rolls of steel on shelves… '5-26-1969'
Fairchild F-228 Jetliner; Medford Airport Scenes Slow closeup pan across painting of Fairchild jetliner, holding on tail: "F-228" / airliner landing at Medford Airport / small children waiting at… '9-20-1967'
Fallen Tree in Ashland Tree fallen partly across residential street / street sign: High Street and Bush / pan from tree to house / pan from fallen tree to house / pan down… '6-4-1969'
Falling Mammoth Sugar Pine, Crater Lake Highway Sign: "Mammoth Sugar Pine" / pan across spectators / pan up dead pine / foresters discuss falling tree / man with chain saw at work / removing wood… '7-25-1966'
Family Roofing; Celebrity Golf Tournament Man and boys laying roof of two-story building under construction / various views of same / / KOBI 5M News station wagon / George "Goober Pyle"… '9-16-1968'
Farm Demolition; Downtown Coos Bay Street Work Men in suits looking at plans as bulldozer clears ground behind them / pan across scene, bulldozer piling demolished farm building between Medford… '8-26-1969'
Farmer in field with pipes & box (bees?) Farmer in field with pipes & box (see 1674 also) Airport Arrivals, School Board Meeting A farmer in a field with pipes and a box that could be for bees. // Airport arrivals with people waiting. // People walking around // Diving in a car… '10-21-1969'
Farmer in field with pipes & box (bees?) PHS School board meeting A farmer in a field with pipes and a box that could be for bees. // Phoenix High School board meeting with a lady accepting an award & then… '10-20-1969'
Farmer's picnic

COPCO Film 5: Farmer's picnic

Farmers harvesting Crops, Meeting & Banquet Farmers out in a field harvesting crops // Man speaking at what appears to be a Banquet '11-07-1969'
Farming B Roll; Campers, Trailers B Roll Pan across orchard: "No Trespassing" sign on fence, row of smudgepots, tall wild oats / barn surrounded by junked cars / cattle grazing in field /… '6-19-1968'
Farmland with Table Rock in background, School Board Meeting, Ashland Pompadour view A view of farmland with Table Rock in the background. // School Board meeting. man talking with people listening. //  Ashland Land use meeting… '10-22-1969'
Fatal Accident at 11th and South Holly, Medford Closeup of signpost, 11th and Holly / car on curb, Sacred Heart School gymnasium in background / police and children milling about / pans across car… '5-31-1965'
Fatal Accident, Highway 62 Near Cascade Shopping Center Shots of damaged car, Highway 62 / rubberneckers, Oregon State Police standing around '10-25-1965'
Fatal Accident--Car in Rogue River Night: man on snowy bank points to river / man in SCUBA gear in river, illuminated by spotlight / man puts on wet suit tagged CPFD (Central Point… '1-10-1966'
Fatal Accident; Vaccinating Children Oregon State Police pickup, ambulance at accident site, police rush young victim to unmarked ambulance / dump truck lying on its side, load of dirt… '3-21-1968'
Fatal House Fire, Central Point Pans and closeups of slightly charred house / "C.P. Rural Fire Dept." on truck door / interior shot of fire marshals in burned house / pans of… '9-21-1965'
Fatal I-5 Accident South of Barnett Damaged car by side of freeway south of Barnett at Barneburg Hill, pan across police measuring site to other car involved / shots of heavily damaged… '6-21-1965'
Fatal I-5 Rollover; Picketing Josephine County Dump Upside-down pickup, side of I-5 near Central Point, Table Rock in background / pans across scene / man (coroner?) with clipboard confers with… '10-24-1967'
FBI Police School in Grants Pass Bored policemen in classroom / men file into darkened room with murder victim mannequin on floor, examine for clues / back in classroom '3-2-1966'
FBI Undercover Agent Lecture Pan across audience from back of room--school theater / closeups of speaker at lectern / he holds up bumper sticker: Support Your LOGO Professor '2-1-1966'
Feast of Will, Opening Performance, Oregon Shakespeare Festival Elizabethan dancers dancing on grass, Lithia Park / speakers in suits at microphone, Elizabethan Theater / Shakespeare performance in Elizabethan… '9-2-1968'
Feast of Will; B.P.O.E. Elks Convention Feast of Will: Bagpipers, girls in kilts, drummers / / color, silent, some good color, most faded to blue instead of red: men in evening jackets,… '7-21-1969'
February 21-24, 1975 News Clips Clip 1: Clocks labeled "London," "New York," "Bombay," "Tokyo," "Hawaii," "Medford" Clip 2: sof: Interview with official running for reelection about… '2-21-1975 to 2-24-1975'
Federal Agencies Meet on Flood Damage Exterior shot of Women's Club Auditorium; interior shots of officials on stage, pans of audience '1-5-1965'
Federal Building Lectures; Manhunt in Woods Speakers at lectern in courtroom in federal building, Medford / audience, including row of police and deputies / / policemen, one holding rifle, one… '9-21-1967'
Fender Bender at Jackson and Biddle Tow truck tows car on Biddle Road past Jackson Street I-5 overpass, Medford / police examine damaged cars / witness sitting on curb / police measure… '9-15-1967'
FFA Sheep Competition; Fishing Season Eagle logo on building / people filing into building (Klamath County? Siskiyou County?) / interior: people lining up at buffet / eating at folding… '5-26-1969'
Fiddler, Humane, Dellenback

There are three clips to this film:

1) The first is called Fiddler. It shows a fair like atmosphere where a band is playing. The focus is…

Field Commission of Medford Marine Marine pins rank insignia (out of focus) on shoulder strap of other Marine, swears him in / shakes hands with Mayor Dunlevy / Marine hands sergeant… '5-26-1966'
Fighting Forest Fire; Auto Mechanic; Meeting; Parking Meter Firemen wind hose back onto pickup-mounted reel / men hose smoking hillside / twin-rotor helicopter in air with bucket, drops water into smoke / /… '9-16-1969'
Fighting Southern Oregon Plywood Log Deck Fire Men spray water on log deck with fire hoses / telephoto closeup of same / crane dismantles deck as men spray water, dumps logs into pond / closeup of… '5-10-1965'
Filming TV Musical Segment at Mt. Ashland Filming outdoor musical number at Ashland Lodge / closeup of ABC TV camera wrapped in plastic / closeup of musical performers / skiing and sledding… '2-28-1966'
Final Construction at Fort Vannoy Job Corps Training Center Men sweep wet concrete floor / man in suit opens locker for camera / pans across building site '8-5-1965'
Fire at Hong Kong Cafe Smoking building next to gas station, Talent / firemen unreel hoses / smoky interiors: firemen and volunteers pull hoses inside, set up fan to… '8-31-1966'
Fire at Lumber Mill; Tree in Alba Park, Medford; Girls Visit Channel 5 Shots of smoking, steaming lumber mill wigwam burner and kiln, men milling about / firemen at open kiln door / / Medford Alba Park: pan up evergreen… '12-14-1966'
Fire at Medford Auto Dealer; Mark Hatfield in Medford; Medford Police Telephoto Machine, Cadets Men working on Lea Motors building, Eighth and Riverside, Medford / interiors: broken window, burned Rambler cars / ladder to second story / counter… '7-25-1967'
Fire at Moen Supply Night: pan across Moen Supply / RFD firemen at work poking through smoking debris, names on turnouts: Seibold, Lovelace (?) / hosing down burning… '9-15-1969'
Fire at Southern Oregon Rubber Co., Grants Pass Sign: "Southern Oregon Rubber Co." / closeup of fire chief / fire truck: "Grants Pass 5 Fire Dept.," pan to firemen hosing debris on ground / closeup… '9-1-1966'
Fire Chief Elliot Presents Flag to Roosevelt School For Winning Fire Drill.

COPCO Film 17: Fire Chief Elliot Presents Flag to Roosevelt School For Winning Fire Drill.

Fire Debris Closeup pans across wet, charred papers, boxes, dictabelts and other debris / '10-31-1966'
Fire department drill

COPCO Film 62: Fire department drill

Fire Extinguisher Demonstration Crowd watches small debris fire / young woman sprays it with fire extinguisher, pan to Elizabethan Shakespeare Theater '7-4-1967'
Fire Hazards in Medford Fire Hall Medford fire chief or fire marshal examines potbelly stove, ash tray, electric heater / stands in front of fire engine / "Fire Dept." on building,… '10-17-1968'
Fire Truck Demonstration, Grants Pass Elementary School Elementary school parking lot: children walk to fire engine / fireman on ladder truck asks question, crowd of kids raises hands / ladder wings, men… '10-11-1966'
Fire ~ Cap ~ Sewer There are three clips in this film: 1) The first clip features a trailer that burnt on it's way up I5 south of Ashland. It appears Talent Rural Fire… '1972'
Fire, Track

There are two clips to this film:

1) The first is called Fire. It shows a truck bailing hay catching on fire in the field with fire crews…

June 2, 1972
Fire, Umpqua White H2O There are two clips on this film. 1) The first clip is entitled Umpqua White H2O. This clip is in color and shows white water rafting on the Rogue.… 1972
Firefighters Fight Fire; Miss Rogue Valley Talent Competition Two men schmooze / / Fire trucks in front of suburban house / smoke emitting from house as firemen climb ladder / firefighters removing roof shingles… '3-17-1967'
Firefighting a burning building, Council Meeting Leaking fire hoses on back of firetruck - Firemen looking up firetruck ladder - Using firetruck hoses on building - More leaking hoses // Council… '10-9-1969'
Firefighting Foam Demonstration Puddle of burning oil / huge inflated canvas hose / foam erupting from end of hose, wind blowing it back from fire / fire is unchanged / pan across… '9-19-1968' Video Link
Firemen at Larry's Restaurant, Grants Pass Fireman with "Lowe" on back climbs ladder to roof / fireman "Pat" inside building / fireman sweeps out water / water dripping from ceiling '11-7-1966'
Firemen Prepare to Repair Christmas Toys; Deputy with Police Dog Man directs workers in overalls sorting toys, bikes, cribs (looks like back of Medford's Fire Station #1, Third and Front Street)  / closeups of… '11-9-1967'
Firetruck and Burned Field With Smudge Pots Short Film showing a Firetruck  and a burned field with smudge pots. '12-04-1969'
First Annual Baby Parade Proves Big Success."

COPCO Film 57: First Annual Baby Parade Proves Big Success."

First Baby of 1968 Woman in hospital bed poses with baby / closeup of baby / closeup of mother, pan to baby / more of same The baby, the second born in the Rogue Valley… '1-2-1968'
First Bear Creek Sewer Meeting Man points at map / speaker at table / closeup pan across map of Bear Creek drainage / shots of audience, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / Earl… '6-7-1966'
First Concrete Poured at Medford City Hall Cement truck backing into excavation / pan across basement excavation / pouring concrete into foundation forms / executive watching '2-28-1966'
First National Bank Formally Opens Fine New Bank Building.

COPCO Film 56: First National Bank Formally Opens Fine New Bank Building.

First National Bank, Medford VIP walks down Main Street sidewalk, Medford, Crater Lake Ford in background, turns into First National Bank at Main and Front / interior: VIP walks… '7-5-1968'
Fish, Heart Machine There are two clips on this film. 1) The first clip is entitled Fish. It shows several men fishing from boats and from the shore. 2) The second clip… 1972
Fishing at Diamond Lake; Ribbon Cutting Closeup pan from stringer of fish to smiling young woman / two men in rowboat on lake / pan across lake crowded with fishing boats / closeups of… '5-26-1969'
Five Norwegian Scouts Visit Grants Pass View from park: station wagons with logos on doors approach / people milling about in park / Norwegians in Boy Scout uniform, shaking hands and… '8-2-1965'
Flag-Raising at Veterans Domiciliary; Boise Cascade Employees Donate Check Man speaking / interior: nurses and VIPs around table / shots of listeners, speaker / participants walk on path at Veterans Domiciliary  / flag-… '9-23-1969'
Flight Check for Cessna Type Plane, Medford Ice Strike Footage, SchooL Christmas Program, Burnt Griffin Creek School Pre-flight check for a small Cessna type (Skylane) airplane. Views of the airport around more small planes. // On Strike Footage at Medford ice. //… '12-19-1969'
Florist Convention Luau Banquet, Diamond Lake Interiors: pans across people wearing leis and Hawaiian shirts at banquet / closeup of food / pan across people waiting in line for food '7-19-1965'
Fluhrer Building Cleanup Claw full of Fluhrer Building debris swings, dumps into dump truck twice '3-6-1969'
Fluhrer Building Fire Damage; Oil Industry Exec on Spills Pan across burned wreckage of Fluhrer building from roof of U.S. Bank / crane lifting debris into dump truck, Craterian in background / / faded color… '3-5-1969'
Fluhrer Building Wreckage; School Board; Elementary School Playground Slow pan across Fluhrer Building wreckage from roof of U.S. Bank / crane with claw dismantling wreckage / fire marshals on sidewalk watching crane at… '3-5-1969'
Fluoroscope Demonstration; Timber Auction; Paving Crater Lake Highway Man shows timer, sets it on table / x-ray machine lowers over timer / fluoroscope image of ticking mechanism / technician demonstrates developing… '10-30-1967'
Folk Singer Pete Seeger with Guitar in Concert Folk Singer Pete Seeger with guitar singing to a packed house in concert. // Pictures of smudge pots. // More Concert Singing This land is your land… '11-04-1969'
Football game

COPCO Film 12: Football game

Football, Medford defeats Grants Pass 20 - 0 (1925 or 1926)

COPCO Film 11: Football, Medford defeats Grants Pass 20 - 0 (1925 or 1926)

Football, Medford vs. Marshfield [Medford Mail Tribune 2 Nov 1925, 10 Dec 1925]

COPCO Film 5: Football, Medford vs. Marshfield [Medford Mail Tribune 2 Nov 1925, 10 Dec 1925]

Foothills Road Brush Fire Smoky brush fire on hillside from distance / view from moving car past hillside / truck brings bulldozer on lowboy / "State of Oregon Forestry" on… '8-10-1965'
Footlighter's Theater Performance, Medford Sign on building: "Footlighter's Theater" / performance of play, "Pools Paradise" by Philip King, with Jeanette Paulson, Christine Miles, Shirley… '1-30-1967'
Foreign Exchange Students in Medford Parents and students mill around outside school (Hedrick?) / exchange students pose as a group for camera / more milling '6-24-1966'
Forensics Meet; Snow Storm; Medford Airport in Snow Pan across teens sitting in classroom / teacher at lectern smoking pipe / teen delivering talk to judge / table with speech/forensics trophies / /… '1-26-1968'
Forest Field Trip; Archaeological Survey of Farmer's Field Pan across hundreds of middle schoolers and school buses assembled in woods / speaker / students troop past camera / man explains samples of bark,… '4-30-1968' Video Link
Forest Fire Shot of smoking hills from distance / family in smoking field / remains of burning house, car / pans across smoking hillside / remains of burned… '8-12-66'
Forest Fire 7/17/1967 Wooded hillside on fire / burned-over scrub-oak forest / burning Ford tractor / smoking oil tanks / pan across smoking woods / burning stumps / more… '7-17-1967'
Forest Fire Aerials at Paisley Views of smoking forest through window of high-wing single-engine airplane, whirlybird visible below briefly / '8-22-66'
Forest Fire Clip with Flames Smoking hillside from distance / flames rising above trees / burning trees / burning brush / burning house or barn, cars, closeup of same / closeup… '8-12-66'
Forest Fire Danger; Heavy Equipment Auction Preview Sign: "Forest Fire Danger Today" / forester indicates forest areas on wall map of "Southwest Oregon" with yardstick, speaks at length / / sign: "… '4-30-1968'
Forest Fire Talk; Agriculture Slide Show People examine labeled forest fire fighting equipment in classroom / speaker at lectern / tight closeup of speaker / audience shot / / shots in… '5-9-1969'
Forest Fire; Work on Railroad Crossing Pan along hose / airplane and twin-rotor helicopter overhead / burning stump / helicopter carrying bucket over building / helicopter with bucket… '7-11-1968'
Forest Firefighters Board at Medford Airport Firefighters in hard hats eating, lounging in airport coffee shop / mechanic works on airplane engine as pilots and firefighters look on /… '6-22-1966'
Forest Plane Crash; VIPs Meet Forest: pan across topped fir trees, branches on forest floor / parachute on ground and in trees / more of same (plane crash? no wreckage visible) /… '4-7-1967'
Forest Rangers Examine Vehicles; Leavens Brothers Fireworks Stand Old man standing by helicopter / secretary at typewriter / man at counter / state Forest Service ranger speaks / rangers pose uneasily in front of… '7-3-1968'
Forest Service Airplane; Spring Classes at SOC Pan across building marked "USFS" to idling single-prop Cessna airplane N3418S / plane taxis away / aerial view of forest, clearcuts / views of plane… '3-11-1968'
Forest Service on Fire Danger; Jacksonville Pioneer Village, Pioneer Days Queens Forest Service men examine large forest map / sign on map: "Forest Fire Danger Today" / man pulls dry grass in field / man lights handful of grass on… '6-16-1967'
Forestry Office Short Film showing the Forestry sign & office.// Inside a man is talking and pointing at a map. Then he is sitting at a desk. '1972'
Former Gold Hill Postmaster Man mows yard with power mower / closeups of man on porch with bridge, I-5 in background / '9-5-1966'
Fort Klamath, Oregon Feb. 26, 1933. 8th Annual Crater Lake Ski Races and Winter Carnival

COPCO Film 45: Fort Klamath, Oregon Feb. 26, 1933. 8th Annual Crater Lake Ski Races and Winter Carnival

Four Corners, Crater Lake Highway Traffic; U.S. Weather Bureau Pan across buildings, Highway 62 / "Central Point" directional sign / Crater Lake Avenue and Vilas Road street sign / traffic on Highway 62 / teens… '7-13-1967'
Francis O'Connor B-Roll on Agate Dam Closeups of man speaking with White City Kiwanis Club banner behind him; pan across room '12-31-1964'
Free Coconut Meat Exterior: women and girls gouge meat out of coconuts / pan across huge bags of coconuts / man with bandsaw cuts unhulled coconuts in half / closeup… '3-9-1965'
Freeway Litter Cleanup Young man in tee-shirt picking up trash on freeway median, putting it into burlap bag / longer shot showing other young men doing same, their pickup… '7-17-1969'
Freeway Semi Accident; Junior High School Assembly; Helium Balloon Men changing semitruck tire on side of highway / damage to front end of Consolidated Freightways trailer / damage to side of trailer / more flat… '9-6-1967'
Freight Train Passes; Cafeteria, Fire Department at Camp White Freight train passes before waiting cars, quick pans across scene / / nurses eating in cafeteria / scenes in large industrial kitchen / exterior:… '10-6-1969'
Fruitdale School Break-In, Josephine County Police car door: "Sheriff Josephine County" / "Fruitdale Elementary School" on building / boys' bathroom door off hinges / policeman taking photos of… '10-13-1966'
Fuel Problems at Medford Airport; Hawthorne Pool; Robert Kennedy Memorial in Medford Closeup of hand holding fuel filter, pan down to carburetor / man standing at workbench pointing at filter / more of same / / children splashing in… '6-10-1968'
Funeral of John Wayne Rowden, Killed in Vietnam Marines carry casket, followed by bereaved family / Marines fold flag as pastor reads / Douglas Rowden and family at graveside as Marines fold flag;… '2-29-1968'
Furniture Sale; Accident at Interstate 5 Overpass Basketball gym (Medford Armory?) filled with hundreds of new sofas and chairs--men setting up, removing packing material, pans across setup / /… '10-2-1969'
Future Farmers at Airport; Making Hay Medford Airport: people milling about and chatting with young men wearing FFA jackets / closeups of young men and embroidered names on jackets: Jeff… '7-10-1969'
Galice Bridge Under Construction Shot down uncompleted bridge, pan to river / uncovered deck supports / pan from center of bridge / pans across bridge from distance, pan to old… '10-20-1966'
Game Commission Plants Legal-Size Trout Men seining rearing pond in woods / transferring fish to truck / "Oregon State Game Commission" on truck / closeup: dumping fish into truck / truck… '4-23-1965'
Garage, Houses Fire, Central Point Street sign: Cherry and North 8th streets / pan across spectators / firemen pull down gutted, smoking building / clearing out interior of burned… '8-5-1966'
Gary Poythress Receives Scholarship Check from Police Association Banquet scene: pan across room / pan across dais / Poythress receives check, handshake / speaker '9-19-1966'
Gas-Heated Smudgepots in Orchard Man shows off gas valves in orchard near Table Rock (Modoc Orchard?) / stands by meter and gas tank / closeup of valve in ground / man opens valve… '3-30-1966'
Gebhard Road Brush Fire Fireman hoses down burning brush / tank truck on road / tanker drives into field / smoke rises across road '8-5-1966'
George Joyce--Hawthorne Park Pool Dome Man holds brochure up to camera; it shows an inflatable dome over Medford Hawthorne Park swimming pool / pan across Hawthorne Pool, Hawthorne Park /… '3-8-1966'
George Romney Quits Presidential Race; Smudgepots Burning; Lassie TV Show Promo Black and white, silent: Headline of Oregonian: "Romney Quits Presidential Race" / photo of Romney on front page / similar headline and photo, Oregon… '3-8-1968' Video Link
George Shearing Quintet and Seeing Eye Dog Closeup of Shearing, pan down to seeing eye dog / pan across group in tuxedos and overcoats '10-24-1966'
Georgia-Pacific Inaugural Ceremony; Australian Boy Scouts at Southern Oregon College Good, slightly faded color footage, silent: VIPs speak at Georgia Pacific lectern, outdoors, groundbreaking ceremony for Georgia-Pacific headquarters… '7-28-1967'
Giant Monoplane With Six Noted Passengers Lands

COPCO Film 39: Giant Monoplane With Six Noted Passengers Lands

Girl Scouts Meetings; Bridge Demolition; Table Rock Road Railroad Crossing; Police Auction; Candidate Speaks Pans across Girl Scouts board of directors meeting / man in suit with 16mm film projector / film projected / woman addresses different meeting / /… '9-6-1967'
Glen Strange & Banquet .There are two clips on this film: 1) Glen Strange, Actor who played Sam the Bartender on the television series Gunsmoke arrives at the Medford… '1972'
Glenn Jackson Speaks, North's Chuckwagon, Medford Exterior: "North's" on building, North Riverside, Medford / Glenn Jackson speaks at lectern / pan across banquet / more Jackson, more pans '10-4-1965'
Gold Dust at Stock Exchange; Fallout Survey Reminder; Demolishing Snyder Garage Man weighs gold dust on small balance scale / closeup of gold in pan / grinning man at desk, pan across office / man at teletype machine, pan to Dow… '11-29-1967'
Gold Hill Bike Race; Containerized Shipping Black and white, silent: Kids milling about on bikes on Hwy. 99, Gold Hill during Gold Dust Days / bicycle racers lined up, man shoots pistol, they… '9-5-1969'
Gold Hill Cemetery Pans across concrete tombs in cemetery: Edwin Carlisle Stanwood, Josephine Catharine Stanwood / man doing something inscrutable--picking at rotten… '10-11-1968'
Gold Hill Gold Dust Days 1969 Adult bicyclists race down street / young bike riders mill about in middle of street, directed by VFW member, Texaco station in background /… '8-22-1969' Video Link
Gold Hill Population 600, Rogue River, Flooding Conditions Footage opens up with a shot Gold Hill Population 600 sign, // Rogue River with lots of water, // Ditches and canals overflowing // Meeting of five… '12-23-1969'
Gold Mine; Extracting Trapped Log Truck Driver Man enters old shack on hill / man pans for gold, pan up to shack / man walks past ore car to mine / view from mine / / logs by mountain road / truck… '6-9-1967' Video Link
Gold panning contest in Medford

COPCO Film 5: Gold panning contest in Medford

Golf Champs of Pacific Coast Play Exhibition Match at Local Course.

COPCO Film 17: Golf Champs of Pacific Coast Play Exhibition Match at Local Course.

Golf Pros Roxy Ann Golf Links Presenting the Carlos Morris ProAm Golf Tournament.// Shots of several golfers Teeing off . '1972'
Golf ~ Bear Creek Course Short Film of men playing golf. With the manor in the background, it appears to be Bear Creek Golf Course. '1972'
Government Surplus Vehicles Pan across field full of pickups and panel trucks, South Gateway area / closeups of vehicles / more pans '10-28-1965'
Government Vehicle Auction Shotsof crowd / auctioneer on platform / closeups of crowd from above / more crowd shots / pan across building '11-1-1965'
Governor Rolph Presents Crown to Queen Dorothy.

COPCO Film 45: Governor Rolph Presents Crown to Queen Dorothy.

Governor Tom McCall Delivers Budget Speech Oregon Governor Tom McCall speaking at dais, pan to sign: "1967-68 Budget" / pan across audience / assembled cameras recording event / reporters… '10-16-1967'
Grace's Visit to Rogue River Valley This is the 16mm copy of the original 35mm film. Silent, no sound track. For research on the film, as well as a transcription of commentary on the… '1915'
Grace's Visit to Rogue River Valley--with 1965 Commentary An abridged version of Grace's Visit to Rogue River Valley, with onscreen and voiceover commentary by Russ Jamison, Grace Andrews Fiero and A. C.… '1965'
Graduation Exercises Pan across auditorium full of graduates standing in gowns / speaker at lectern (very dark film) / shot of stage / stage from above / same speaker… '6-9-1969'
Grand Opening Medford Gas Station; Color Photocopier Demonstration VIPs standing in front of new Shell service station, pan up to sign / Model A Ford drives through enormous paper imprinted with Shell logo, VIPs… '10-23-1968' Video Link
Grand Opening, Grants Pass Montgomery Wards Exterior: Drum major leads Grants Pass High School band in uniform / closups, pans across band / dignitaries lined up behind ribbon, men speak at… '5-19-1965'
Grants Pass "Peanut Pusher" Exterior: people standing around, gas station in background / man with spoon taped to forehead kneels, pushes peanut up steps, people applaud /… '5-13-1966'
Grants Pass Accident, 6th & Main Night: cars drive past fender-bender scene, tow truck, ambulance / damaged station wagon, small children inside in pajamas '9-8-1966'
Grants Pass Arabian Horse Show SIgn: "Josephine County Fair Grounds" / sign: "Arabian Horse Show" / stable names painted on trucks and trailers / sheriff's posse license plate /… '5-3-1965'
Grants Pass Blood Drive--Cavemen Deliver Blood to Airport Exterior Elks Lodge / interior: men lying down on cots, nurses at work / closeup of man giving blood / closeup of nurse poking arm / Grants Pass… '6-9-1965' Video Link
Grants Pass Boatnik Rogue River Races Parachutist lands in river near target / ditto / drivers run to speedboats on Rogue River near bridge, Grants Pass / boats race past camera / winners… '5-30-1967'
Grants Pass Burglary Investigation Broken cigarette machine, policemen milling about darkened diner / debris on floor / policemen examine broken-open pinball machines, cigarette… '11-3-1966'
Grants Pass City Council Wm. V. Wrightson sitting at desk in council chambers, speaking / councilmen flipping through booklets / pan across councilmen, names visible: Don… '4-22-1965'
Grants Pass City Council Meeting Pan across meeting, maps and aerial photo on wall / identified: Don Smith, Jack Rollins, Bill Gillespie, Robert C. Martin / man talks at blackboard '9-22-1966'
Grants Pass Council Names City Manager

Councilmen at desks, nameplates readable: Robert C. Martin, Jack Rollins, William V. Wrightson / closeups of councilors, mayor

Grants Pass Fire Engine Visits Elementary School Firemen and Dalmatian with Grants Pass Fire Engine No. 3 / elementary school children swarm out of building, pose with teachers in front of engine /… '10-12-1967'
Grants Pass Forest Fire Seal on truck door: "State of Oregon Forestry" / pan across cars parked in field along road, smoking hills in distance / pan across smoking farm… '7-3-1966'
Grants Pass Groundbreaking; Eagle Point Reservoir, Water Use; Eagle Point School District 9 Buses Pan across dignitaries on dais to speaker at lectern / audience listening, standing in field / digntaries break ground, artist's rendering of… '6-28-1967'
Grants Pass High School and Athletic Field, football game in progress.

COPCO Film 56: Grants Pass High School and Athletic Field, football game in progress.

Grants Pass High School Scenes Men examine school schedule on wall / high school front desk / shots of students in corridors, on stairs between classes '9-6-1966'
Grants Pass Highland Road Safety; Police Impounded Car Auction Street sign "Morgan Lane" and "Highland Avenue" / Highland School Grants Pass / "Speed checked by radar" sign and road / ditch creek / empty parking… '4-13-1967'
Grants Pass House Fire Night: firemen at work on smoking house / fireman chops at house with ax / fire chief, captain and police discuss / fireman dons breathing apparatus… '10-3-1966'
Grants Pass Intersections; BLM Moves Offices to Medford Federal Building Grants Pass street sign: corner of Elm and Jordan streets / pans around area of (dangerous?) intersection / nearby corner market / man indicates… '1-13-1967'
Grants Pass Lions Give Check to Blind Girl Exterior: Grants Pass High School; cheerleaders lined up, man presents check to cheerleaders and blind girl '8-26-1966'
Grants Pass Prisoner Arraigned; Picking Reter Pears; Car Fire Police examine unidentifiable stolen goods: boxes, bins, bags / policeman wanders outside Grants Pass jail / handcuffed prisoner walks from jall to… '9-22-1967'
Grants Pass Rapist Is Arraigned Sign above door: "District Court" / prisoner and deputies walk down stairs / they walk across courtyard into building / officials discuss '10-17-1966'
Grants Pass Redwood Market Holdup Suspects Night: Police examine scene / policeman whittles wooden peg / nervous young man in store / man counts change / policemen scratch themselves, mill… '11-2-1966'
Grants Pass Rogue Recovery House Pan across Victorian house / street number (707) and front door / interior views: living room with resident / bedrooms / dining room / exterior again '7-19-1966'
Grants Pass Rural Fire Department Checks Equipment 1930s fire truck with hose sprays water onto field / man operates pump / rescue van arrives '9-14-1966'
Grants Pass Sanitation Service; Medford Fire Wardens Do Home Inspections Man shovels gravel from roadway into truck / Grants Pass Sanitation Service truck arrives / following sanitation truck through windshield of car /… '5-6-1968'
Grants Pass Store Robbery, Suspect Lineup Storefront: "Illinois Market" / interior shots of store / pan across interior, proprietor / police station, seven black men lined up / closeup pan… '10-21-1966'
Grants Pass Vietnam Soldiers Memorial; Children Get Airplane Rides at Medford Airport Parents standing on grass (at Grants Pass?) with sergeant in uniform / servicemen speaking at lectern, pan to parents / parents receive plaque, medal… '6-12-1967'
Grants Pass Water Pumping & Filtration Station Man points to riverside tree (indicating flood levels?) / pan across Rogue River / more pointing, pan down tree / points at streamside vegetation,… '8-24-1966'
Grants Pass Zoning; Citizens Naturalized; Check Donated for Grants Pass Parks People examining maps in office / map: "Preliminary Zoning, Harbeck-Fruitdale District" / / courtroom: adults and child in jury box / pans across… '4-24-1968'
Grants Pass, Oregon 'It's the Water'.

COPCO Film 56: Grants Pass, Oregon 'It's the Water'.

Grape Street, Medford; Grants Pass Labor Strike People wander on sidewalk, South Grape Street, Medford, Labor Temple Pharmacy, Tumy Insurance visible / strikers picket Disco Gas service station,… '6-19-1967'
Grass Fire on Barneburg Hill, Medford Looking north on Interstate 5, pan east to grass fire / pan across bare hill and oak trees / closer view of fire, Roxy Ann in background / young man… '7-9-1965'
Grass Fire, Coffee, Food Stamps

This Film has three clips:

1) The first clip is titled Grass Fire. Central Point Fire Department appears to be extinguishing a grass fire…

July 1972
Grass Fire; Meeting; Golf B Roll Pan across wooded hillside, smoke clouds in distance / man shoveling dirt on burning grass and shrubs / Medford Fire Department pickup with fireman… '7-12-1968'
Grass Fire; Replacing Jet Engine; Applegate School Grass fire by road, East Medford area / lifting engine onto tail of AirWest jet airliner, Medford Airport / / pan across grass fire / closeup of… '9-3-1969'
Griffin Creek School Fire, Military talking with Medford Police Griffin Creek School Fire. The old portion of the school that was built in 1902 was destroyed. The destroyed building housed the cafeteria,five… '12-15-1969'
Griffin Creek School Fire, Political Speeches near the Hub Part 2 of Griffin Creek School Fire ( see 1735), // Part 2 of political speeches near store "The Hub". ( See 1736) '12-15-1969'
Grocery Shopping at Bazar Interiors, Bazar Shopping Center, Medford: women push shopping carts down grocery store aisle, examine, buy meat, toss it into cart / worker restocks… '7-9-1969' Video Link
Grocery Store Burglary Pan across small grocery store / closeup of Medford police car / store fixtures behind store / hole in closeup of cinderblock wall / interior of hole… '2-15-1966'
Groundbreaking at "Gold City" View of cars parked in field, buildings in background / families seated on hillside, milling about / sign: "Gold City Groundbreaking Ceremonies May… '5-16-1966'
Groundbreaking for Medford Girl Scouts Building

People shivering in field / pan across vacant site covered with oaks, parked cars / dignitaries speak / Mayor Dunlevy and woman in Girl Scout…

Groundbreaking for North Medford High School Pan across people on oak-covered school site / closeups of administrators / man speaks at lectern / dignitaries (a lot of them) digging with shovels… '2-21-1966'
Groundbreaking for Sambo's, South Riverside, Medford Mayor Dunlevy with shovel, South Riverside, Medford / Dunlevy poses with other dignitaries, digs shovelful / men examine plans, Elliott Equipment Co… '10-10-1966'
Groundbreaking for U.S. National Bank, Medford Sign on wooden wall: "Behind this Wall Will Be One of the Nation's Finest Buildings . . . Watch US Grow" / gaggle of men in suites; executive climbs… '5-13-1965'
Groundbreaking, Dark Hollow Reservoir Closeup of wooden stake: "Center of Res." / three men, two in business suits, digging in middle of grassy field, simultaneously throw shovelfuls dirt… '4-20-1965'
Grubbing Fire Line, Fighting Grass Fire Men in hard hats, pan to grass fire among oak trees / grubbing fire line in grass area / closeups, long shots and pans of fire and workers building… '6-29-1965'
Gymnasium Meeting; Jackson County Commissioners Meeting Woman speaks at lectern in high school gymnasium, man speaks / pan across audience / banner at back of gym: "Beat Those Cave Cubs" / / meeting scene… '3-3-1967'
H. O. Martin--Realtor of the Year Exterior: closeup of elderly gent holding plaque / shakes hands with Mayor Jimmy Dunlevy / shakes hands with other guy '3-11-1966'
Harlem Globetrotters; California Pacific Utilities; Lumber Mill; Medford City Council Good color, silent: Harlem Globetrotters or imitator basketball team running circles around white college team / / black and white: "California… '1-23-1969'
Harry & David Pear Packing Plant; Meeting Women sorting pears on conveyor belt / scenes in packing plant, women packing pears into boxes / filled boxes on conveyor belt / man weighing boxes… '8-20-1969' Video Link
Harry & David's IBM Computer Center Good color--shots of IBM reel-to-reel tape decks, control panel, printer / sign on wall: "CSC: Computer Service Center, a division of Harry &… '11-7-1966'
Harvesting Grain; Miller's Egg Ranch Men standing in field examining straw / tractor pulls load of straw from road onto field / offloading straw into thresher / stacked bags of grain /… '7-30-1969'
Hatfield for Senate Speech Hatfield sits in chair and discusses his reasons for running for reelection--unemployment, highways, education, water projects, his vision of Oregon'… '1-12-1966'
Hatfield Talks to OAB Interior: pan across banquet guests / Senator Mark Hatfield at lectern / more pans, more Mark '5-3-1965'
Hawthorne Park Easter Egg Hunt Parents and small children waiting at Hawthorne Park / at a signal children race under rope, across field / chaos ensues / children at board fence… '4-11-1966'
Hawthorne Park Pool, Medford Pan across children waiting outside Hawthorne Park pool building / closeups of children / children interact with man at pool counter, paying and… '6-13-1966'
Hay Theft; Medford City Hall Construction Policemen in office discuss / pan across stacks of hay bales / tracks on ground / more of same / / Medford City Hall nearly completed / welder… '2-9-1967'
Hearing on Jackson County 1965-66 Budget Interior: man speaking at dais; pan across audience / pan across commissioners, staff on dais (Earl Miller?) / more pans, closeup of audience /… '3-11-1965'
Heart Fund Drive Kickoff Exterior: "Girls Community Club" sign, North Bartlett, Medford / interior: meeting, Mayor Dunlevy present / table with Heart Fund brochures displayed… '2-4-1965'
Heart Monitor & IRS Office There are two clips in this film: 1) The first clip features a nurse hooking up a heart monitor to a patient in a hospital setting.. 2) The second… '1972'
Heavy Equipment Auction; Installing High-Tension Line on Mountaintop Men milling about, pan across heavy equipment / pan down extended cranes / pan across bulldozers, front-end loader, earthmovers, men examining same… '5-2-1968'
Heavy Snow--I-5, Mount Ashland Ski Area Beauty shot of snow in yard, on trees / through windshield driving up snowy lane / driving up Siskiyou Grade / parked as cars drive by / snowplow on… '12-31-1965'
Helicopter Flight; Eighth Street Medford Railroad Crossing; Shriners Greet VIP at Medford Airport Refueling whirlybird parked in field (possibly by Agate Lake) from 5-gallon cans / helicopter takes off in slow motion / view traveling over wooded… '5-8-1967'
Helicopter Sprays Forest; Jacksonville Antique Show Fast pan from tank truck to helicopter, filling up / long shot of helicopter spraying chemical on forest, flies over cameraman / "Department of… '5-17-1967'
Helitanker Borate Bomber Pilot connects electrical cable of bucket to twin-rotor helicopter N2855J / shots, pans of helicopter / "Command Helicopters" painted on door / '… '8-22-1969'
Hellgate Bridge Under Construction Josephine County sheriffs deputies examine broken door on shed / shot through windshield of car crossing on old bridge / examining compressor on… '11-1-1966'
Hellgate, Rogue River; West Coast Airline Stewardesses Arrive; Archery Competition Rogue River, Hellgate from above / pan along river to rafts / / stewardesses in uniform and transparent bubble helmets disembark from jet, Medford… '6-19-1967'
Henry Fluhrer, Medford's Newest Pilot Prepares

COPCO Film 52: Henry Fluhrer, Medford's Newest Pilot Prepares

Henry Ford Main Street USA Railroad Car Museum Exhibit "Main Street USA Sponsored by Henry FordM useum" painted on train cars, pan across gaily painted cars / shots of exhibits inside: quack medicine jars… '3-26-1965'
Here's a Real Thrill! Sliding Down Roof of Community House.

COPCO Film 45: Here's a Real Thrill! Sliding Down Roof of Community House.

High School Bands; Timber Products Equipment Auction; New White City Building Closeup of Elmer Ayres conducting high school band in classroom / pan across band / another conductor / a different band / / sign: "Public Auction on… '12-1-1967'
High School Economics Class; Destruction of Pinball Machine Man poses with trophies / pan down largest trophy / high school class with trophies on desks, "American Economics" on poster / students discuss… '2-20-1967'
High School Manual Training class building a model home

COPCO Film 5: High School Manual Training class building a model home

High School Teachers in Action; Lottery Winners Receive Checks Teacher at work in high school classroom / another teacher / more teachers in classrooms: math, English, art, science / / men pose in front of… '6-20-1967'
High School Typing, Secretarial Skills Class Pan across high school typing class full of girls at typewriters--no boys / girls at IBM punchcard computer terminal / teachers watching class /… '1-27-1969'
High Water--Rogue and Applegate rivers Shots of high water, Rogue River / Savage Rapids Dam / sign: Applegate River / flooded cabin / flooded Applegate Valley / '1-4-1966'
Highway 238 Intersection; United Good Neighbor Banquet Sign on Hwy. 238, intersection of Union Ave. and Harbeck Road /  buildings, scenes along that road  / / choir sings / Jimmy Dunlevy speaks… '10-1-1969'
Highway 66 Map; North Medford High School Event Closeup of map of Rogue Valley with towns labeled / Hwy. 66 portion of map, with animated arrow tracing highway to Ashland / arrow traces along I-5… '8-30-1967'
Highway Accident, Jacksonville Fire Department This appears to be a motor vehicle accident on a highway with a steep embankment such as the Greensprings or Siskiyou pass. Lots of rescue vehicles… '11-10-1969'
Highway Accident; 4th of July Parade; Summer Sports B-Roll Highway accident, night: poilceman holding flare flagging traffic / cars and patrol cars light with lights on parked by road, policeman filling out… '7-4-1969'
Highway Accident; Bob Packwood; Timber Carnival Black and white, silent: Night: highway accident scene: headlights, flares, cars driving  by, police directing traffic with flare / tow truck… '7-7-1969'
Highway Department Hearing on Highway 140 at Eagle Point Closeup of map of Crater Lake Highway-Brownsboro section of HIghway 140 / men pore over map   '2-16-1966'
Highway Department Hearing on Highway 66 Improvements Pan across aaudience, men at dais / man with pointer indicates chart of Highway 66 on wall / man speaks / "Lakeview Klamath Falls" Highway 66 sign /… '3-9-1965'
Highway Department Hearing, North Medford Interchange Man speaks at lectern, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium, as another man indicates map of Biddle Road Interchange with pointer / Mayor Dunlevy… '3-22-1966'
Highway Department Patches Riverside Avenue, Medford Cars backed up, moving slowly along Riverside at Jackson in Medford / men sling asphalt as roller rolls new surface / Highway Department logo on… '9-8-1965'
Historic Klamath Town Big Winter Carnival, Skiing

COPCO Film 51: Historic Klamath Town Big Winter Carnival, Skiing

Hitch Hiker, Junkies, Crater Lake (Color) Hitch Hiker on his way to California. // Police searching "Junkies" for drugs after a car stop. // Crater lake (Film turns to color) 'Jan 1972'
Hodgepodge Bulldozer and front-end loader clearing building rubble on construction site next to Gates Furniture, 341 North Central, Medford / VIPs in office /… '1-13-1969'
Holiday Inn Sign, Interviews; Bank Accounting Office Man at top of crane / crane lifting element of Holiday Inn sign / pans up Holiday Inn sign / interviewing applicants at tables outside entrance of… '7-30-1968'
Holiday Inn Site Work; Meeting; Presentation of Medals to Parents Pan across construction site, Holiday Inn/Nendels/Ramada Inn, 2260 Biddle Road, bulldozer, dump trucks dumping shale. Orchards, Mobil station, Bazar… '3-4-1968'
Home Economics Dinner; Library Processing Center Family sitting down to dinner at table in Home Economics kitchen / teenage daughter at table wearing nametag / she washes dishes / / VIP in office /… '7-23-1969'
Hooded College Student; Josephine County Sheriff's Patrol Person wearing sheet and hood walks down college corridor / hooded person sitting in classroom, pan across laughing students / / young man sitting at… '4-6-1967'
Horse races, crowds, exhibit buildings, chariot races, midway rides.

COPCO Film 56: Horse races, crowds, exhibit buildings, chariot races, midway rides.

Horseback trip to lake in mountains

COPCO Film 11: Horseback trip to lake in mountains

Hospital , U.G.M.

There are two clips on this film. 1) The first clip is called Hospital. It focuses on National Hospital Week May 7-13, 1972. The poster says "We…

May 1972
Hotel Jackson Demolition; Burning Trash; Construction Site; North Medford High School Tree Assembly Pan across Jackson Hotel undergoing demolition--walls standing / burning rubbish in field, pan along smoke / closeup pan of burning trash / pan along… '3-20-1968'
Hotel Jackson, Medford "Hotel Jackson" sign on roof of building, pan down to "Jackson House" sign on street / closeup of "Jackson House" sign / '12-27-1967'
Houghton and Bauer at Round Table, Bear Creek Footage Man speaking at lectern / pan across people at banquet tables / different man at lectern / more pans, more speakers / pans, closeups of Bear Creek,… '7-19-1965'
House Blocks Head Road House on road, tilted / sign: "Bad Corner" / closeup of house from other direction / underside of house, damage from contact with road / more… '10-8-1965'
House damaged by car, Sexton Dam & Reservoir plans, Kids & Pumpkins House possibly damaged by a car. // Men wandering about holding debris that looks to be a corner of a house damaged. // Possible land use meeting.… '10-27-1969'
House Fire at Night Night: flames of almost totally consumed residence / silhouette of fireman spraying water / unburned section of structure / more flames / '8-29-1968'
House Fire; First Babies of 1967 Pans across smoking, burning ruins, house fire / dazed residents watch / / three sets of proud parents, siblings pose with first babies of 1967 / '1-2-1967'
House Fire; Police Destroy Gambling Machine; Medford Meetings; Pioneer Village Receives Big Wheel Firemen at work in smoking ruins of house against hills / pan across smoking ruins / bystanders discuss / / police with gambling machine at back of… '3-29-1967'
Housewives Press Conference Women sit and talk in living room. Magnetic sound stock--sound not transferred, possibly no sound on clip '11-3-1966'
How to Use Vot-o-matic Voting Machine Closeup of Vot-o-matic / woman holds cards up / closeup of insertion of card, punching, turning page / extreme closeup of punching / clerks with… '11-7-1966' Video Link
Howard Morgan Man (Howard Morgan) in suit / discussion at table / long closeup of Morgan talking to camera (silent) '5-16-1966'
Howard Prairie Lake Boat Basin Construction Pan across bulldozer, power shovel, trucks at work in mud / closeup of shovel digging, dumping / coring machine at work / pan from boat across lake,… '10-21-1965'
Howard Prairie Lake Investigation; Blue Star Highway Dedication; Ashland Airport Construction Jackson County Sheriff's deputies in office / map of Highway 66, lap dissolve to Howard Prairie Reservoir / arrow on map points to lake / car turns… '8-31-1967'
Howard School Carnival Sign: "Summer Fun at Howard School" / children playing carnival games: ring toss, cake walk / misspelled sign: "Are You Thrusty?" / getting… '7-20-1966' Video Link
Howard School Christmas Program Pan across audience, large Christmas tree / small choir sings / Christmas play: creche, manger, angels etc. '12-16-1965'
Howard School, doctors giving shots to students

COPCO Film 11: Howard School, doctors giving shots to students

Hubert Humphrey Speaks in Eugene Lettering on building: "Mahlon Sweet Municipal Airport, Eugene Oregon" / police milling about / high school band assembles / pan across crowd on… '9-28-1966' Video Link
Humane Society Poster Winners Interiors, high school corridor / high school boy and girl discuss paper / closeup of poster / man and woman examine sheet of paper / boy and parents… '5-19-1966'
Humble Gas Station Entrance to gas station (Grants Pass?), door open / pan across pumps of Humble station to station bays / entrance / interior, closeup of credit card… '10-27-1966'
I-5 Accident; Bob Packwood on Budget; Eldon Johnson on Program Reduction Dusk: State Police Car, lights flashing, by side of I-5, Medford, Red Lion sign visible in background / car on its side / trooper and tow truck / /… '8-9-1980'
I-5 Car-Truck Accident, Josephine County View of accident from across freeway / closeups of mangled car, Wheeless Wrecker Service tow truck / interior of car with bent steering wheel / tow… '7-5-1966'
I-5 Recreational Vehicle B-Roll; Meeting; Golf VIPs Camera follows cars and trucks pulling trailers, pickups with campers, the occasional motorhome pass by camera on I-5 between Phoenix and Talent / /… '7-10-1969'
I-5 Rollover; Oregon Tourism Photos: Driving in Big Y Area Ambulance attendants working on driver lying next to rolled pickup, I-5 in background / they lift him to gurney / walking traveling shot of pickup… '6-5-1968'
I-5, Crater Lake Highway Interchange Views through windshield of car driving north on Hwy. 62 over freeway: pavement, construction, other cars, signs / ditto south '8-2-1966'
Ice Fishing, Lake of the Woods Long shot of ice fishers on Lake of the Woods, Mt. McLoughlin in background / family with small children fishing / fish flopping on ice / shots of… '1-9-1967' Video Link
Ideal Cement Company, Gold Hill Sign: "Ideal Cement Company," pan to parking lot / mill buildings on hillside / pan across whole operation '4-28-1967'
Illegal Dumping; Meeting; Forest Fire Cleanup Pans across pile of trash, White City / closeup of Pepsi label / more pans / man in tie examines trash / / man speaks to room full of blue-collar… '9-16-1969'
Illinois Valley Jubilee Preparations Men at Illinois Valley Jubilee booth / painted on door of truck: "Illinois Valley Fire Department" / girls in curlers ride double on horse / closeups… '9-6-1965'
Illinois Valley Search Party Pan across marshaling yard--parking lot, men on horseback / examining map on car hood / crowd of men in hard hats arrives / pan across line of men at… '6-1-1966'
Illinois Valley Search Party 6/2/1966 Slow pan across ranch, fog-covered hills / telephoto pan of cloud-topped hills / men around fire in drum on driveway of ranch house / parking lot /… '6-2-1966'
Immunization Clinic, Medford Public Health Center Exterior: "Jackson County Public Health Center," people lined up / people lined up inside / closeup: people getting vaccinated with pneumatic vaccine… '8-1965'
Income Tax Deadline; U.S. Mail Complaint Painted on glass door: "Internal Revenue Service" / interior: agent helps client / IRS logo on wall / people going through door / / postmaster Al… '4-15-1968'
Indian Marathon, aka Redwood Highway Marathon

COPCO Film 54: Indian Marathon, aka Redwood Highway Marathon

Injured Pedestrian Placed in Ambulance Rainy day, East Main, Medford; woman talks to policeman on sidewalk / attendants huddled around person lying in street / they place him on a gurney… '11-15-1966'
Inquest, Greyhound Bus Accident

Pan across jury / OSP patrolman in folding chair gives testimony as court reporter types / patrolman at diagram / other witnesses testify /…

Inscrutable Teen Film Teens examine newspaper in waiting room / nurse talks to them, they walk over to rack, pull and examine brochures For more of teens see SOHS Film No… '7-28-1969'
Installation of School Board; Mark Antony Hotel, Ashland Men sitting at table in high school classroom (new school board?) / men stand and take oath / pan across listeners in high school desks / one of men… '12-5-1967'
Installing Airplane Radio; VIP at Medford Airport Men walk from Max-Sig Communications hangar to 1956 Piper private plane N4567A, Medford Airport / Bob Larson, owner of Max-Sig, installs radio into… '1-11-1968'
Installing City Christmas Tree Several City Workers.Installing City Christmas Tree downtown. // A man pointing to some trash along side of road. '11-25-1969'
Installing Medford Christmas Street Decorations

Tinsel Christmas tree decoration on street light pole in front of Penney's building, Medford / lift truck by Hotel Holland with man on lift…

Installing Medford Outdoor Christmas Decorations; Medford Airport Control Tower Workers assembling outdoor Christmas decorations at Main and Fir, Medford / pan up light pole with tinsel decorations / man rises in cherry picker /… '11-20-1967'
Installing Sign at Richfield Station Crane prepares to install sign at Richfield service station '9-26-1966'
Installing X-Ray Machine at Jackson County Public Health Center Exterior: Jackson County Public Health Center / interior: technician assembles X-ray machine while executive looks on, gives demonstration / another… '3-8-1966'
Interiors, Medford City Hall Under Construction; High School Play Two men and policewoman examine unfinished interior, Medford City Hall / interior shots, pans, unfinished rooms / / high school play dress rehearsal… '7-18-1967'
Interstate 5 Aerial B Roll; Boating B Roll Good color: Aerial view of I-5 interchange--north of Grants Pass? / road cuts / aerial still photos of I-5 / marina / boat in marina / launching boat… '7-2-1968'
Interview with Miss Oregon at Atlantic City Stock views of Atlantic City / shot of several contestants / tight closeup of Miss Oregon being interviewed / announcer and bathing beauties at… '9-9-1965'
Interview with Winners of Grand Tour of Oregon Man in cowboy hat interviews family on couch (sound on film) / not much to say Mrs. Robert B. Reutlinger won a slogan contest promoted by Oregon's… '9-14-1966'
Interviewing a school librarian News person interviews a grade school Librarian. // Kids reading books. // Librarian talking to parents in Library. '11-19-1969'
Inventor, Cat, Health Day

There are three clips to this film:

1) The first is called Inventor. Film shows a man showing off his invention which is a special rudder…


COPCO Film 45: Inventory]

Investigating Attempted Holdup of Russ' Market, Grants Pass Night: Interior police station / exterior of store / store owner on telephone / police mill around store, talk to owner '11-2-1966'
Investigation of Shootout Site, Medford Shack "Medford Fire Rescue-Salvage" van, other vehicles in field, Roxy Ann in background / police car / shack in field by ditch, South Gateway area, Miles… '11-11-1966'
Ireland Ranch Hereford Auction Shot from moving car of cars parked in ranch field / auctioneer, livestock, people on bleachers in auction barn / auction scenes / banner: "A Polled… '2-8-1966'
Iron Filings in Aircraft Fuel at Medford Airport Man lying on concrete in hangar drains fuel from twin-engine airplane engine, examines filter, grins at camera / closeup of dipstick with metal… '6-7-1968'
IRS Income Tax Filing Reminder; V.I.P Arrives at Medford Airport Man walking into Medford federal building / "Internal Revenue Service" glass office door / Man reads brochure "Instructions for preparing your… '4-14-1967'
Itchy Children; Jet Fighter Pan across weedy field / suburban ranch house with small children in yard / woman points to, discusses field / small child / closeups of itchy… '8-15-1969'
Jackson County 4H-FFA Fair Pan across fair buildings / interiors: hogs / women and girls groom sheep / calves / exteriors: Hereford steers / interiors: rabbits in cages / girls… '8-9-1966'
Jackson County Budget Committee Interior: Earl Miller, county commissioners, budget committee at tables covered with papers / man looks at printout / pans across committee '5-5-1965'
Jackson County Budget Committee Meeting Pans of people discussing around table covered with documents, two smoking pipes (including Earl Miller) '4-7-1966'
Jackson County Budget Hearing Interior: Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / County Commissioners (including Earl Miller) / pans across audience and dais / shots of individual… '6-11-1965'
Jackson County Budget Hearing 3/25/1966 Jackson County Courthouse auditorium: pans across audience and officials at dais / Earl Miller at lectern / more of the same '3-25-1966'
Jackson County Budget Hearing 6/17/1966 Exterior: entrance to Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / interiors: shots of audience, speakers / Earl Miller at lectern / blackboard covered… '6-17-1966'
Jackson County Commissioners Meeting Out-of-focus closeups of people in audience / pan across audience / Jackson County commissioners at dais '5-19-1969'
Jackson County Commissioners Meeting; Medford High School Commencement County Commissioner Earl Miller standing, speaking / man sitting in audience speaks / commissioners / pan across audience / more of same / man at… '6-7-1968'
Jackson County Commissioners Meeting; Oak Grove School Neighborhood Earl Miller speaks at dais /  Henry Padgham / / man in suit stands by rural road (Oak Grove Road?), points at orchard / pan across rural homes… '5-4-1967'
Jackson County Commissioners Meeting; Policemen and Ponies Earl Miller at dais / speaker / audience in folding chairs, Jackson County courthouse auditorium / Otto Frohnmayer speaks / pan across commissioners… '3-13-1968'
Jackson County Commissioners Meeting; Wigwam Burner County commissioners meeting, old Medford city hall, Earl Miller in attendance / man discusses Jackson County zoning map / / men at lumber mill, pan… '4-7-1967'
Jackson County Commissioners Vote / School Association Officials Earl Miller sits down at dais / shots of Jackson County commissioners at dais: Rodney Keating / they put slips of paper in box / / empty school… '12-12-1966'
Jackson County Commissioners; Luncheon Meeting Discussion in office, Earl Miller present, reporters recording, taking notes / / man speaking at lectern, luncheon scene, pan across listeners /… '2-14-1969'
Jackson County Commissioners; More Digging in Forest Jackson County Commissioners at dais / man hands papers to Earl Miller / commissioners examine papers together / closeup of spreadsheet totaling $3… '7-5-1967'
Jackson County Courthouse Corridor Painted glass on Jackson County Courthouse door: "District Court--All Traffic Violators Report to District Court Clerk's Office" / civilians and… '9-18-1967'
Jackson county Courthouse dedication

COPCO Film 123: Jackson county Courthouse dedication

Jackson County Courthouse Election; Office Discussion Speaker at lectern, Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium / pans across listeners / people tally votes on blackboard as clerks at desk open ballots /… '11-30-1967'
Jackson County Election Department, Voting Machines Pan across IBM voting machine cardboard boxes / women count boxes / man demonstrates machine / woman rapidly punches cards / office scene: man on… '10-14-1966'
Jackson County Elections Computer Demonstration Man holds up handwritten stack of computer punch cards: "Jackson Cty. May 24, 1966 Primary Elect. Vot 10 & Controls" written on edges / dot… '10-25-1966'
Jackson County Fair

COPCO Film 44: Jackson County Fair

Jackson County Fair Swine Winners; Blue Seal Industrial Service, Ashland Teenagers holding ribbons and herding pigs to pose for camera / scrum of teens and recalcitrant pigs / / staff pose in front of building: "Blue Seal… '8-10-1967'
Jackson County Fair. [Sep 1929]

COPCO Film 56: Jackson County Fair. [Sep 1929]

Jackson County Fairgrounds; Holiday Inn, Big Y Area Pan across outside of arena, Jackson County Fairgrounds / silent interview with old man standing in front of fairgrounds office / / VIPs mingle in… '8-7-1969'
Jackson County HEU Christmas Bazaar Pans across women staffing, shoppers at bazaar--baked goods, sewed items, crafts '12-3-1965'
Jackson County Juvenile Detention Facility Women in cinderblock office talking to Jackson County Sheriff's deputy / woman oversees teen sewing at table, pan across institutional living room /… '8-29-1967'
Jackson County Media Confab; Hospital Tour Man speaks at lectern behind dais / at dais: local TV newsman Hank Henry, radio personality Dave Allen, Mail Tribune writer Joe Cowley / / women… '11-10-1967'
Jackson County Meeting Meeting: man at dais stands and speaks / chairman speaks / sparse audience, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / '9-9-1968'
Jackson County Meeting; Medford Washington School Bicycle Inspection Empty meeting room table, fade to black / fade in: same room full of VIPs: Ray Lamberg, Donald Denman, Larry Silveira, Douglas Philips, Victor B.,… '4-20-1967'
Jackson County Park and Planning Commissions Meet Shots of commissioners sitting in folding chairs, talking / man with composite aerial photo of Bear Creek Valley on easel '12-16-1965'
Jackson County Parks Commission Meeting Man in suit points to map / committee members in folding chairs around table discuss, look at papers, smoke '6-22-1966'
Jackson County Planning Commission Hearing Man with pointer at map / pan across audience / man speaks / more pans across audience '8-23-1965'
Jackson County Planning Commission Meeting 10/14/1965 Pans across audience, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / pans across Jackson County Planning Commission at dais '10-14-1965'
Jackson County Planning Commission Meeting 11-12-1965 Pans across audience in folding chairs, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / men at dais / speaker / '11-12-1965'
Jackson County Planning Commission Meeting 4/14/1966 Commissioners on dais / man speaks / shots of audience, speakers / some in audience stand / '4-14-1966'
Jackson County Planning Commission Meeting 5/12/1966 Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium: Man with pointer at map / commissioners at dais / audience / small boys sitting on floor / more of the same /… '5-12-1966'
Jackson County Planning Meeting Pan across audience, Jackson County courthouse auditorium / man with pointer talks about maps '10-27-1966'
Jackson County Polling Places Pans across busy polling place, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / "Vote Here" sign / poll watchers joking and schmoozing / "Information" table… '11-8-1966'
Jackson County Summer Education Day Camp; Wounded Duck; Boy Scout Posters Children--many of them black, Hispanic or Indian--wearing Jorgensen's Dairy paper hats, displaying handmade poster with drawing of dairy plant,… '8-25-1967'
Jackson County Vector Control; Jacksonville Pioneer Days Man hoses abandoned concrete structure / pickup truck: "Mosquito Control" / / VIP standing by mosquito control truck speaks / pickup drives down… '6-16-1969'
Jackson County Water-Sewer Hearing Pan across crowd in Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / Earl Miller (?) speaks at lectern / more pans, more men speak / slide show of water and… '4-29-1965'
Jackson County Zoning Hearing Pan across audience, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium / man with pointer discusses large maps on easels / pan across audience from dais / '7-23-1965'
Jackson County Zoning Hearing 10/28/1966 Pan across audience, Jackson County courthouse auditorium / many closeups of speakers '10-28-1966'
Jackson Pool Swim Meet; Baza'r Ribbon Cutting; Medford Policemen; Charity Home Construction People lined up at edge of Jackson Pool, Medford  / swimmers dive in, swim / pan across spectators / more of same / / aerial shot of Disco (… '8-7-1967'
Jackson Pool Swim Meet; Beekman Bank Small girls on swimming starting platforms, Jackson Pool / man with starting gun / girls finish race / closeup of coach / different race finishes /… '8-19-1968'
Jackson School Open House; Residence Fire; Surplus Vehicle Auction Brief pan across front of Jackson School, Medford / poster: "Visit Your Schools" / pan across display of photos / classroom with paper cutouts of… '11-6-1967'
Jacksonville Celebration for JFK Rep. Sonj Farkell Dim nighttime exterior, California Street, Jacksonville: stagecoach arrives, man in Indian headdress arrives / interior, from stairs of U.S. Hotel:… '8-1965'
Jacksonville City Hall Meeting Pan across meeting room, Jacksonville City Hall / trustees discuss business around table / pans across audience, trustees '2-26-1966'
Jacksonville Council Works on Zoning Ordinance Exterior: Jacksonville City Hall / interior. councilors working around table / closeup of zoning map / more of the same / exteriors on Oregon Street… '7-6-1966'
Jacksonville Highway Planning Meeting; Dairy Princess Returns; Medford Print Shop Makes Pear Boxes Meeting scene, Jackson County Courthouse auditorium, man points with pointer to map on wall / closeup of map: "Hearing Map: Oak Grove Rd.-Elm St.,… '6-29-1967'
Jacksonville Historic House Tour Exteriors of historic houses, three women enter, then interior of house / Nunan House '8-10-1966'
Jacksonville LPA Meeting, California Street Pans across audience, U.S. Hotel ballroom / speakers with drawing of proposed development / closeup of plans / pans down California Street--signs:… '12-1-1965'
Jacksonville Museum Reception, Truck Loses Load on Siskiyou Grade Sound not functional: Interview with historical society official at desk / exterior, Jacksonville Museum / interior, pan down curtained window /… '1970s'
Jacksonville Museum Reception; Fruit Shipment to Brazil Jacksonville Museum grounds: ladies chatting / men chatting separately / cake shaped like courthouse / buffet line / Earl Miller present / / color,… '9-29-1969'
Jacksonville Pioneer Days Pan across crowd waiting on Calfiironia Street for parade / parade passes: stagecoach, Southern Oregon Sled Dog Club, children on horseback, Smokey… '8-16-1965' Video Link
Jacksonville Pioneer Days Parade Participants; New Van at Ashland Fire Department Children in cowboy outfits wander arouind Pioneer Village, Jacksonville / "prospector" / Pioneer Days parade participants ride past Pioneer Village:… '6-19-1967'
Jacksonville School Board Meeting Jacksonville School building exterior / parking area, gymnasium / sign on tree: "No Horses Allowed" / meeting in gymnasium, folding tables in… '6-18-1969'
Jacksonville Storefront Museum; Shriner Parade; Christmas Tree Lot People polishing wood cook stove in museum display / “Ye Olde Bakery Shop” sign in window, pan to woman on sidewalk / cakes in shop window / pan… '12-9-1968' Video Link
Jacksonville Utility Excitement; Shakespeare Festival Feast of Will Obscured pan across smoky downtown scene, Fuller Paints sign, Rasmussen's Super Service (201 California Street, Jacksonville) visible: utilty pole on… '7-20-1968'
Jacksonville Vote, Morse, Tennis

There are three clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Jacksonville Vote. It shows local Jacksonville residents coming into city…

Jacksonville, Oregon. COPCO Cameraman Attends Big Prohibition Booze Party

COPCO Film 64: Jacksonville, Oregon. COPCO Cameraman Attends Big Prohibition Booze Party

January 10 and 11, 1977 News Clips Clip 1: sof: Interview at Medford Chamber of Commerce about upcoming bowling tournament Clip 2: Interior of warehouse, Civil Defense supplies stacked… '1-10-1977 and 1-11-1977'
January 28-30, 1975 News Clips Clip 1: Fender-bender in snow / driving on South Central Avenue, Medford at Tenth Street in snow / tow truck pulling car out of ditch on I-5 / downed… '1-28-1975 to 1-30-1975'
Javelin Throwing, Shady Cove Incorporation There are two clips on this film: 1) Javelin ~ appears to be a high school track student (#14) throwing the javelin. 2) Shady Cove Inc. ~ This clip… '1972'
Jazz ~ Track ~ Ashland Budget There are three clips in this film: 1) The first clip features a Jazz group performing in a school gym. Lots of spectators 2) The second clip… '1972'
JCF, Shakespeare Tennis There are two clips on this film. 1) The first clip is titled JCF. ( Jackson County Federal Savings & Loan) 2) The second clip is titled Shakes… 1972
Jehovah's Witnesses Confab, Miles Field Crowd walking through parking lot to Miles Field / pan across crowd in bleachers and folding chairs on field  / palm trees, pond built on field… '8-15-1968'
Jet Ferry--Shady Cove "Highway Closed by Bridge Out" sign in snow / "Ferry Service Every Half Hour" sign / pan across river / powerboat approaches from upstream / people… '1-8-1965'
Jet Travel B Roll Air West jetliner taxis up to gate, Medford Airport / passengers disembark far from gate / new passengers trek to jetliner / jetliner takes off /… '8-12-1968'
Jetliners at Medford Airport; Old Medford City Hall; Police Baton Riot Drill Jet taxiing at Medford Airport / camera follows jet as it takes off / different jet taxis up to Gate 5 / / man in hard hat at new Medford City Hall… '7-11-1967'
JFK Ambassador Chili Supper, Hawthorne Park Pan across people lined up in Hawthorne Park, Medford / closeup of people dishing out food / closeups of people talking / woman performing ethnic… '6-11-1965'
Jill St. John Campaigns at Mill; Animated Oregon Map B&W, silent: Closeup of actress Jill St. John, talking, at lumber mill / greeting, talking to millwrights, passing out buttons or stickers or… '5-21-1968'
Job Corps Cleans Up Flood Damage at Tunnel Ridge Park Pan down running stream / closeup of Job Corps shoulder patch / Job Corps workers move picnic benches / removing logs from creek and burning them /… '3-23-1965'
Job Corps Tour of Medford Corporation Young men mill about in parking lot / pan across Medco headquarters / kids walk up outside stairs into building, "Medford Corporation" painted on… '3-25-1965'
Job Corps Work in Gold Nugget Park, Gold Hill "Gold Nugget Recreation Site" sign / young men in hard hats digging in woods, apparently building trail, filling depressions / dump truck dumps soil… '3-1-1965'
Job Corps Youth Training Begins at Fort Vannoy Sign: "Welcome Job Corps Youth," pan to Redwood Highway / pan across new Job Corps buildings, people emerging from cars / interior, young men, two… '8-18-1965'
John Boyle Defeats Paul McKee in Burro Race

COPCO Film 25/53: John Boyle Defeats Paul McKee in Burro Race

John Dellenback Campaigns in Plywood Mill Closeup of John R. Dellenback speaking / shakes hands with workers in plywood mill / workers assembling plywood veneer/ '8-2-1966'
John Dellenback Speaks for Memorial Day Safety Stock footage: car crashes against tree / people attend crash victims / Congressman John Dellenback speaks at desk / Dellenback in voiceover over… '5-25-1967'
John Holmer Old man at desk / Medford Mayor Dunlevy shakes his hand John Holmer was City of Medford Director of Building Safety. '9-27-1966'
John Holmer, Medford Construction Projects Men shake hands / closeup of Holmer, chairman of Terpening Construction / exterior at U.S. Bank, downtown Medford, Holmer points at bank / exterior… '10-31-1966'
John Tomlin Lecture Guests, Rogue Valley Country Club Poster: "I'm Cured of Cancer!" / dignitaries shake hands, exterior Rogue Valley Country Club / interior: women at registration table / '8-26-1966'
Johnson, Mayor Jimmy Dunlevy in Jail Pan across banquet hall / sign on easel: "Rotary International" / Johnson and Mayor Dunlevy (in prisoner costume) laughing and eating / exterior,… '10-10-1965'
Joseph McCarthy; Puerto Rico; President Eisenhower; Buffalo Fire; Texans in London Titles: "This Week's News in Review" / / "On the Political Firing Line": "Joseph McCarthy tangled with Secretary of the Army Stevens" / McCarthy and… 'Undated--late 1954'
Josephine County Burglary; Jackson County Meeting Man removing tools from bag / destroyed air conditioning unit / men conversing / suspects in the Josephine County Courthouse / suspects being led to… '3-17-1967'
Josephine County Car Accident Night: broken telephone pole / closeup of policemen and wrecked car, lift man onto gurney / women and dog look on '5-9-1966'
Josephine County Courthouse Citizenship Event Pan across Josephine County Courthouse / pan across jury box / pans across audience / man speaks to jury / shot of judge and bailiff / jury sworn in… '4-20-1965'
Josephine County Crime Prevention; Crime Stories; Klamath Falls Decoy Manufacturer   "Community Services Crime Prevention" van, zoom in on door logo: "Sheriff, Josephine County"  / officer showing and explaining van… '7-20-1978 and 7-21-1978'
Josephine county fair

COPCO Film 63: Josephine county fair

Josephine County Fair Carnival Men parking cars / sign: "Welcome to Josephine County Fair" / ambulance / pan across carnival / children on carnival rides / shot taken on moving… '8-17-1966'
Josephine County Fair Exhibits, Carnival Assembly Interior: pan across exhibits: "Merlin Grange No. 933" / exteriors: men offload generator / men assemble carnival ride / pan across carnival / man… '8-15-1966'
Josephine County Fair Scenes Children washing calf / man grinning in business office doorway / interior of barn / children with sheep, hogs / boys eating / interior: display of… '8-16-1966'
Josephine County Fair, 1928

COPCO Film 57: Josephine County Fair, 1928

Josephine County Fair, Carnival Sign: "Josephine County Fairgrounds," pan to ferris wheel and carnival in operation / pan down Polaris missile / carnival rides in operation /… '8-19-1965' Video Link
Josephine County Prepares for Election Clerks at work in office / man displays "Vote" sign, voting booths, seals ballot box '11-3-1966'
Josephine County Prisoner; Jewelry Store; Downed Orchard Prisoner led to courtroom, escorted by policeman, wearing “Jos. Co. Jail” jumpsuit / exterior view of courthouse / / man at jewelry counter displays… '12-26-1968'
Josephine County School Board Meeting Men and two women in crowded office talking, looking at papers '10-11-1966'
Josephine County School District Meeting Pan acrross meeting, men and women at folding tables / man speaks / more speakers / man indicates map with pointer / pans across audience '1-26-1966'
Josephine County Sheriff, Shooting Scene Pan across exterior of residence to street to running ditch across street / interior: joking sheriff and unidentified man / '10-5-1966'
Josephine General Hospital Scenes Sign: "Third Floor" / nurses in uniform adjust patient's bed / nurses at nurse's station '10-19-1966'
Judge Douglas L. Hay; Mugging Recreation; Halloween Costumes Tight closeup of photograph of man in Oregon Blue Book / caption: Douglas L. Hay, Salem / recreation of crime in Medford alley: man attacks another… '10-25-1967'
Judge Loren L. Sawyer Judge speaking at bench / closer shot of same / closeup of judge / he reaches for gavel Governor Tom McCall appointed Loren L. Sawyer circuit court… '7-3-1968'
Judges; Meeting Judges in robes in courtroom standing and talking, grinning with men in suits, young boy / / meeting scene: shots of participants For more footage of… '7-1-1969'
July 1 1972 Horse show, Plane Crash

This Film is comprised of two clips:

1) Horse show. This clip appears to take place in Ashland near Mistletoe Road near where McGrews…

June 1972
July 17 1972 Army, Kidnap, Urban Renewal

There are three clips to this film:

1)  Army ~ This is a color film and is upside down. It shows some soldiers getting out of a truck…

July 17,1972
July 17, 1972 Dunes, Fire School, Keating Cycles

There are three clips to this film:

1) The first clip is in color and is labelled Dunes. It features many political leaders giving…

July 17,1972
July 17, 1972 Lib, IFYE

There are two clips to this film:

1) The first clip is called LIB and it appears to be a meeting about Libraries  with citizens and…

July 17,1972
July 1972 Bear Creek

This film clip is in color and is titled Bear Creek. However, the first few seconds of the film appear to be Lithia Park above the playground…

July 1972 Bed Races, Frisbee

There are two clips to this film:

1) The title to this clip is Bed Races. It features men from the Southern Oregon C.B. Club pushing…

July 1972 Big Y Marina

This film clip is in color and features Big Y Marina which appears to be in Coos Bay Oregon. It shows lots of boats and fishermen readying the…

July 1972 Bread, Lincoln, Home Ec

There are 3 clips to this film:

1) Bread. This is some footage of bread being commercially produced and packaged in a bakery assembly line…

July 1972 Canal, Swim

There are two clips to this film:

1) The first clip is titled Canal. It shows a group of construction workers installing a large…

July 1972 Cycles, Marina, 3M tour

There are three clips in this film.

1) The first clip is called cycles. It shows many motorcycles racing around a track. Loading &…

July 1972
July 1972 Federal Wood Ins. Prog, Computer Logs

There are two clips in this film.

1) The first is a color clip and is called Federal wood ins. Program. A man is talking to the people…

July 1972
July 1972 Fire, Construction

There are two clips on this film:

1) Fire: This film although it was labeled fire, takes place at the Medford airport and shows an…

July 1972 Fishing, Murder

This film has two clips:

The first is called Fishing. This color clip takes place on a large boat in the ocean. Looks like a guided…

July 1972
July 1972 Lithia Trees, Traffic Survey

There are two clips in this film.

1) The first is a color clip and is called Lithia Trees. This clip takes place in Lithia Park Ashland,…

July 1972
July 1972 Lithia Water

This film clip is in color and takes place in Ashland, Oregon at the Lithia Water fountain on the plaza.It shows people young and old tasting the…

July 1972 Medford Raceway

This clip is labeled Medford Raceway, It shows people in the stands an cars racing as well as drivers being awarded prizes.

July 1972
July 1972 Picnic, Babe Ruth Baseball

There are 3 clips to this film:

1) Picnic ~ This clip appears to be in Lithia Park in Ashland, but is too dark to tell.

2) Babe…

July 1972 Pre-school

This very short film is titled Preschool. It shows a teacher on the floor reading to a class of preschoolers. There is no identification as to who…

July 1972
July 1972 Renaissance Fair

This film clip is of the Children's Renaissance Fair. it looks to be on the Britt grounds. It features a large dragon and unicorns, and fairy tale…

July 1972 Renewal Days, Urban Renewal

There are two clips to this film:

1) The first clip is titled Urban renewal. It features a group of men sitting around a large table…

July 1972 Roseburg Art, Fire

This film has two clips:

The first is in color and is called Roseburg Art. It appears to be an arts & crafts fair. Jewelry, paintings…

July 1972
July 1972 Slo Pitch, Pot

This film has two clips:

The first is called Slo-pitch. This clip shows two Slo-pitch softball games being played in Medford.


July 1972
July 1972 Track

This Film is titled Track. It showcases the 1972 United States Olympic Trials at Hayward Field in Eugene Oregon.

It features Track races,…

June 29- July 9 1972
July 1972 UCC Pool, Forest Fire

This film has two clips:

The first is called UCC Pool ( Possibly Umpqua Community College in Roseburg). This shows an aquatic building…

July 1972
July 1972 Youth Corps, Bike

There are two clips to this film:

1) Youth Corps. This clip shows the youth corps  workers out in the forest doing transit work and…

July 1972
July 29, 1972 Old Art, Poor Meet

There are two clips to this film:

1) The title to this clip is Old Art. This is a color clip that features and elderly woman and her art…

July 29, 1972
July 7, 1972 T-bird, A jets

This Film is about the Medford Oregon air show July 7, 1972

Featuring the T-bird "A" Jets

July 1972
July 8, 1972 Medford Air Show

This film has two clips:

The first is the Air Show in Medford Oregon. This is the second day July 8, 1972. (see film 1897 for first day…

July 1972
July 8-10, 1975 News Clips Clip 1: Sign: "U.S. Department of the Interior Warehouses" / long shot of warehouses near old Medford fairgrounds / sign: "General Services… '12-26-75 to 12-30-75'
July1972 RCC, Baseball

There are two clips to this film:

1) RCC ~ This looks to be a construction class for Rogue Community College. The young men (and teacher)…

June 12 1973 Bird Boxes, Weyerhauser Trees

This film contains two clips:

1) The first is titled Bird Boxes. It shows a man climbing a tall ladder against a tree to inspect birds…

June 12 1973
June 13 1973 Football Pros, Diving Preperations

This film contains two clips:

1) The first clip is titled Football Pros. It appears to be a high school football training camp with some…

June 13 1973
June 14 1973 Rogue Elk Tree Farm, Aquatic School

This film contains two clips:

1) The first clip is titled Rogue Elk Tree Farm. This color film shows people planting seedlings in a tree…

June 14 1973
June 1972 Crash, Dellenback, Table Rock

Three are three clips to this film:

1) Crash. This clip shows a crash between a motorcycle and a VW Bug.

2) Dellenback. Several…

June 1972
June 1972 House Fire, Crow

Three are two clips to this film:

1) The first clip shows firemen putting out a house fire and the cleanup afterwards. There are no…

June 1972
June 1972 Indians, Horses

There are two Clips on this Film:

1) The first clip is titled Indians. Children dressed up as Indians are dancing around teepees .

June 1972
June 1972 Jacksonville Building, Skeet Shooting,Wreck

Three are three clips to this film:

1) The first clip Shows carpenters laying out area for a new building in Jacksonville.


June 1972
June 1972 Legion Speech, Trouble Shooter, Phone Lady

Three are three clips to this film:

1) Legion Speech. Appears to be a foreign Legion conference.

2) Trouble shooter (color). This…

June 1972
June 1972 Logging, Timber

Three are two clips to this film:

1) The first clip is called logging. A group of men are sitting around a room bidding on timber sales.…

June 1972
June 1972 Okland Center, Rooster

Three are two clips to this film:

1) The first is downtown Oakland Oregon. Views of the buildings, people, & Horses.

2) The…

June 1972