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Bus, Stolen Car, Animals

There are three clips to this film:

1) The first is called Bus. It shows a Volks Wagon Bus with signs on the side that say Mount Ashland stage Lines.

2) Stolen Car. This film has a policeman dusting a car for finger prints that was apparently stolen.

3) Animals is the title of this clip. It is a farm like setting where there are Camels and Elephants, and Bears, Oh My!

Original NID
M7B Box 7 28G/37G
Description on Can
5-109A Stolen Car, 5-107 Bus, 5-89 Animals
Year or Date Range
June 2, 1972 to June 4, 1972
Film Length
Black & White
Internal Link
SOHS Film 1864 ~ June 1972 Bus, Stolen Car, Animals