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Negro Badly Cut; May Die

Medford Mail Tribune clipping 19 Sep 1910 p. 1 James Watson stabbed an employee of the Clark-Henery Construction Comp. near depot. The negro is…

Blacks in Medford
The Negro's Victory

Medford Mail Tribune clipping 7 July 1910 p. 4 editorial condemning the "sport" of boxing and saying that it is an activity that only men of color…

Blacks in Medford
Victorian Patterns and Designs in Full Color

George Ashdown Audsley and and Maurice Ashdown Audsley 

745.44 A89 1988
How to Make and Restore Victorian Art Object

Henry T. Williams, 1967 

745.5 H69 1967
America's Traditional Crafts

Robert Shaw, 1993, Baskets, Quilts, Woodwork, Decoys, Pottery 

745.5 S53 1993
Victorian Frames, Borders and Cuts: From the 1882 Type Catalog of George Bruce's Son and Co.


745.6 B78 1976
Cartouches and Decorative Small Frames: 396 Examples from the Renaissance to Art Deco

Edmund V. Gillon Jr., 1975

745.6 C37 1975
Decorative Frames and Borders: 396 Copyright-Free Designs for Artists and Craftsmen

Edmund V. Gillon Jr., 1973

745.6 D42 1973
Florid Victorian Ornament

Karl Klimsch, 1977, art

745.6 K53 1977
Frederick Lambert Letter Forms 110 Complete Alphabets

Theodore Menten, 1972 

745.6 L34 1972
Pictorial Archive of Printer's Ornaments From the Renaissance to the 20th Century

Carol Belanger Grafton, 1980

745.6 P52 1980
Pictorial Archive of Decorative Frames & Labels

Carol Belanger Grafton, 1982

745.6 P52 1982
Victorian Display Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts

Dan X. Solo, 1976

745.6 S64 1976
The Art of Decorative Stenciling

Adele Bishop and Cile Lord, 1976

745.7 B58 1976
Victorian Stencils For Design and Decoration

Edmund V. Gillon Jr., 1968

745.7 G54 1968
Technical Conservation Center Notes Number 1-15

Merrimack Valley Textile Museum, 1979

746 B63 1979
Quilts of the Oregon Trail

Mary Bywater Cross, 2007, quilts, textiles, women's history

746 C95 2007
Treasures in the Trunk: Memories, dreams, and Accomplishments of the Pioneer Women who traveled the Oregon Trail

Mary Bywater Cross, 1993, quilts, textile, women's history

746 C95 1993
A Winterthur Guide to American Needlework

Susan Burrows Swan, 1976

746 S93 1976
Famous Colored Hoopsters Visit City Wednesday

Central Point American clipping 14 Feb 1946 World famous Jesse Owens and his Kansas City All-Star colored basketball team were the guests of the…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
The Making of a Railroad Centennial Quilt

Sue A. Waldron, 1986, textile production

746 W2
Racial Problems Are Discussed by Jackson County PTA Council

Central Point American newspaper clipping 21 Sep 1944 p. 1  need for labor and education about racial tolerance...applied to the Japanese as well…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework

Gertrude Whiting, 1971

746 W45 1971
David John et al Swackhanner Ex Cannibal

Central Point Hearald 27 Jul 1911 [A black man] Deavid John Henry Allen Zamboss Swackhanner Jr. ... reformed cannibal from Hayti.... claimed to be…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Negro Porter Attempts Assault

Central Point Herald clipping 21 Jul 1910 p. 1 13 year old Josephine Moss selected as his victim.... "The coon was almost in the state of collapse…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
The Dictionary of Needlework: An Encyclopaedia of Artistic, Plain and Fancy Needlework

Sophia Frances Annie Caulfeild and Blanche C. Saward, 1972

746.03 C39 1972
Free Fight

Democratic Times 28 Mar 1874  p. 3 A fight between a white, Negro and Indian ... Albert Johnson and a white creature, named Barnhart had a combat…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
A History of Dyed Textiles

Stuart Robinson, 1969, Dyes, Fibres, painted, bark, batik, starch resist, discharge, tie-dye

746.39 R62 1969
The Ladies Guide to Needle Work

S. Annie Frost, 1986

746.4 F93 1986
the Winter Fights Have Commenced

Democratic Times 16 Dec 1871 p. 3 clipping ... Indian Billy and semi-bleached Alfred Johnson [likely Albert Johnston] whipping the Indian

Blacks in Southern Oregon