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General Soil Map with Soil Interpretations for Land use Planning

Soil Conservation Service, 1914

551.48 U
Soil and Water Conservation Plan

Straus-Taylor Place, United States Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service

551.48 U5
Rogue River Valley Project and Willamette Valley Investigations

John T. Whistler and John H. Lewis, 1916, Department of the Interior United States Reclamation Service

551.48 W4
S P Trainline Fall 2022

Periodical Fall 2022 No. 153 The Official Publication of the Southern Pacific & Technical Society  includes article by Larry Mullaly p 25…

PAM 385.012 SP 2022
Southern Oregon Historical Society: Summary of Snow Survey Measurements For Oregon 1928-1967

W.T. Frost, Tom George, 1969, U.S. Department of Agriculture... Soil Conservation Service, Oregon State University and State Engineer of Oregon

551.573 S94 1969
The Two Islands and What Came of Them

Thomas Condon, 1904, Oregon Minerals

551.7 C65 1902
Eocene Stratigraphy of South-Western Oregon

R.E. Corcoran, 1974, Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

551.709 B34 1974
Environmental Geology of Western Coos and Douglas Countries, Oregon

John D. Beaulieu and Paul W. Hughes, 1975, Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

552.0979 B43 1975
Land Use Geology of Western Curry County, Oregon

R.E. Corcoran, 1976, Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.

552.0979 B43 1976
Bulletin 94 Land Use Geology of Central Jackson County, Oregon

Ralph S. Mason, 1977, State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

552.0979 B43 1977
Bulletin 88 Geology and Mineral Resources of the Upper Chetco Drainage Area, Oregon: Including the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and Big Craggies Botanical Areas

Len Ramp, 1975, State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

552.0979 G45 1975
Bulletin 93 Geology, Mineral Resources and Rock Material of Curry County, Oregon

Len Ramp, Herbert G. Schlicker, and Jerry J. Gray, 1977, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

552.0979 R34 1977
Bulletin 546 Mineral Resources of Southwestern Oregon

J.S. Diller, 1914, Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey

553 D54 1914
The Mineral Resources of Oregon: Petrology and Mineral Resources of Jackson and Josephine Counties, Oregon. Vol. 1 #5

The Oregon Bureau of Mines and Geology, A.N. Winchell, 1914

553.05 W55 1914
Geology and Mineral Resources of Josephine Co., OR

Len Ramp, Resident Geologist, Norman V. Peterson, District Geologist, 1979, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

552.0979 R34 1979
Bulletin No.16 Field Identification of Minerals for Oregon Prospectors and Collectors

Ray C. Treasher, 1940, State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.

553 074 1940
Bulletin No.27 Geology and Coal Resources of the Coos Bay Quadrangle, Oregon

John Eliot Allen and Ewart M. Baldwin, 1944, State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

553.2 A45 1944
Medford man to 0pen Up Caves

Mr. and Mrs. R Mcliveen will leave for the Oregon Marble caves in Josephine county to open the caves" accommodations for tourists for the coming…

Vertical File Subjects, Oregon Caves
Jacksonville Music Hub of Coast in Early Days

From the 1931 Mail Tribune:  Jacksonville and Southern Oregon rate high as being music hubs in the early days because of the number of spinet…

Vertical File Subjects, music, and Biographies, Alice Hanley
Drive continues to Buy Beekman Home

The Medford Mail Tribune, 1961 describes the campaign to acquire the home of banker CC Beeman.  Dr Haines, SOU Professor and past president…

Vertical File Subjects, Jacksonville, OR, Historic Houses, Beekman House
Fire Lookouts in Readiness Early Account Drought

Five stories from the 1931 to 1933 regarding Firelookouts at Crater Lake at Watchman Peak.  The Watchman lookout at 8938 is only reached by a…

Vertical File Subjects, Forest Fires
Old Fossils of Jayville Were at Sea

Prof, KS Crossman, U of O ethologist, visited the Jacksonville museum and offered to classify some of the town's old fossils that were found in…

Vertical File Subjects, Fossils
Lynn Sjolund Obituary

Mr. Sjolund passed away April 29, 2024 at his home at the age of 95.  The beloved teacher, mentor, and maestro taught in Lebanon and Medford…

Vertical File Biographies, SJ
Crater Lake Is Nature's Wonder Picture

A whimsical article in the 1923 Southern Pacific Bulletin about the creation of Crater Lake was delivered by J A Ormandy to the Portland Ad club…

Vertical File, Crater Lake, 1 of 2
Frank Applegate Dies at Hospital: Funeral Thursday

Frank Ap[plegate, 84, grandson of Lindsay Applegate who emigrated to Oregon by wagon train died at Sacred Heart Hospital.  He and his wife…

Vertical File Biographies, Applegates 1900's
Scouts Prepare for National Roundup

June 17, 1958 eight southern Oregon Girl Scouts held a practice encampment by Bear Creek for a roundup held in Michigan later that month.

Vertical File Subjects, Girl Scouts
Oregon tribes retrace the Rogue River Trail of Tears to heal old wounds

Greg Archuleta, cultural policy analyst with the Grand Round tribe, said the current focus is on refamiliarizing tribal members with the places of…

Vertical File Subjects, Indians of North America, Social Life and Customs
Banks Case

MMT Editorials 1933 Jackson County Politics & Government

Banks Case - Medford Mail Tribune Editorials 1933 Jackson County Politics & Government Vertical File Biographies
Applewhite, Guy T.

MMT 3-27-1957 article, Sgt. Warren Applewhite, Lura Applewhite, 

Applewhite Vertical File Biographies
Ankeny, Henry Edwards

1844-1906, Owner of Sterling Mine, Vin Cook, 

Ankeny Vertical File Biographies