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A Price Guide to Victorian Houseware: Hardware and Kitchenware

Ronald S. Barlow, 1992

683.82 B25 1992
Hearth to Cookstove: Collectibles of the American Kitchen 1700-1930

Linda Campbell Franklin, 1976

683.82 F73 1976
300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles

Linda Campbell Franklin, 1997, cooking, tools, storage, gadgets

683.82 F83 1997
Early American Wooden Ware & Other Kitchen Utensils

Mary Earle Gould, 1962, "Jo Williamson, Iona, Idaho" written on the inside cover

683.82 G69 1962
Old American Kitchenware 1725-1925

Louise K. Lantz, 1970, Victorian, Graniteware, Hornware, Nickleware, pots and pans, washboards, aluminum

683.82 L35 1970
L.H. Mace & Co. 1883 The American Historical Catalog Collection

1971, Woodenware, Refrigerators, Meat Safes, Water Coolers, Freezers, Weather Strips, Toys, Children's Carriages

684 M32 1971
The Restorer's Handbook of Furniture

Daniel Alcouffe, 1977

684.1 A43 1977
Repairing and Restoring Antique Furniture

John Rodd, 1976

684 R63 1976
Restoring Antique Furniture

Leslie Wenn, 1975, workshop, Oak, Walnut, Carving, Lacquer, Embossing

684.1 W45 1975
Western Wagon Wheels: A Pictorial Memorial to the Wheels that won the West

Lambert Florin, 1970

684.7 F56 1970
Sage Brush and Axle Grease

Mike Hanley and Omer Stanford, 1979, signed by Mike Hanley IV three times

684.7 H35 1979
John Bolt

Oregon Journal 5-31-1036, Wenger & Eswine's, Scottsburg, McIlwain's, Biz Naucke, Nathan G. McVay, Elizabeth Richert, Marhoffer, Dave Kendall,…

Bolt Vertical File Biographies
Thomas Jefferson Munkers

Oregon Journal 12-10-1935 interview, Soda Springs 

Health Resorts, Resorts, Wagner Soda Springs Vertical File Subjects
Joseph M. Pomeroy

Oregon Journal 7-8-1935 interview, Sailor Diggins, Ola M. Bell

Sailors Diggings. OR Vertical File Subjects
Horatio Van Vighton Johnson

Oregon Journal 7-2-1935 interview, Mary Jerusha Bushnell, Judge William M. Ramsey

Johnson Vertical File Biographies
John Richard Newton Bell

Oregon Journal 6-17-1935 interview, Ashland Methodist Episcopal Church

Bell Vertical File Biographies
James M. Rankin

Oregon Journal 5-29-1035 interview, Hugh Rankin, 

Ra Vertical File Biographies
Jackson County Community Concert Association

Jackson County Community Concert Association 2016.54.1 Sixty-eight folders dated 1931 through 2015 containing photographs, programs, newspaper…

34 F 2
Pete Zell

Oregon Journal 4-29-1935 Interview, Charles DeBow, W. C. Potter, Charles Dealy, Sarah Hiatt

Z Vertical File Biographies
Thomas Dunn

Oregon Journal 10-22-1934 Interview, Mother Flavius, St. Mary's Academy, 

Dunn Vertical File Biographies
J. C. Bradford

Oregon Journal 10-13-1934 interview, Major Ward Bradford, Crescent City, Robert Randall

BR Vertical File Biographies
Dr. John Nicholas Coghlan

Oregon Journal 10-5-1934 Interview, Charles Herron, Hannah Coghlan, Mary Ann Callahan

CO Vertical File Biographies
Wilbur Newell

Oregon Journal 9-4-1934 Interview, William Kerns, Frank Chambers

NE Vertical File Biographies
P. L. Frazier

Oregon Journal 8-4-1934 Interview

Fr Vertical File Biographies
A. H. Phelps

Oregon Journal 4-20--1934 Interview, 

PH Vertical File Biographies
Frank Zell

Oregon Journal 12-20-1933 Interview, Callie Shelton, Nancy Elizabeth Scott, Levi Scott

Z Vertical File Biographies
Oliver Pickard

Oregon Journal 12-22-1033 Interview, Della Brown, Rheuhanna Shrum, Thomas Brown

Pi Vertical File Biographies
G. W. Goddward

Oregon Journal 9-1-1933, Interview

Godward Vertical File Biographies
J. C Mason

Oregon Journal 8-16-1933, Interview

MA Vertical File Biographies
American Carriages, Sleighs, Sulkies, and Carts

Don H. Berkebile, 1977

684.702 B47 1977