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The 1882-1886 Diary of Charles T. Anderson A Foots Creek Placer Miner

by Oaks, Leo & Michael

920 O11 2004
Green Spring Mt Lumber Concerns start operations

The Mon Lumber company is operating 2 sawmills in the Greenspring mountain district, cutting 50,000 feet per day.  Two other sawmills in the area…

Vertical File, Subjects, Greenspring
Historic Fishways in Rogue River

The 1928 Mail Tribune stated that Carl Shoemaker and several fishing buddies blasted an adequate fishway in the Ament damn above Rogue River. …

Vertical File subjects, Fisheries.
CA Devoe Who Retired Buys a 103 Acre Farm

Devoe, who was a West Side business man for 16 years decided sitting reading was bad for his health.  He purchased his mother-in-law 's Regar farm…

Mrs. H. H. Sargent writes book of war experiences

Mrs. Alice Applegate Sargent, widow of a nationally known military expert, has written of her life including her memories of President Roosevelt…

Vertical File Biographies, Sargent
Medfiord Woman a House Painter Once Operated an Airplane Fleet

Mrs. Nellie McGarvey began painting houses that her painter husband couldn't get to in Iowa.  After they moved to Oregon she painted as well as…

Vertical File Biographies, Mac/Mc 1 of 2
State of Oregon Statements and Arguments of Political Parties and Independent Candidates

General Election November 6, 1928 issued by Hal E Hoss, Secretary of State

Candidates: Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis; Alfred E. Smith…

PAM 324.2 S79 1928

by J.C. Barnes, Medford, OR - Currency A minimum wage 1934  Commercial Printing Dept. of the Mail Tribune, Medford, OR - A discussion of the…

PAM 331.2 B37 1934
Fred Tice Relics of Pioneer Days Shown at C of C

Biographical details of Mr. Tice who attended school in the Oak Grove area, and drove stage teams from Rock Point to 

Douglas County.  …

Vertical File Biographies, Tice
Pension Is explained (1928 Medford Mail Tribune)

Simpson Wilson explains his refuge in a fort in 1872 when the Modoc Indians were on a rampage.  Although he was not an enlisted soldier he  helped…

Indians of North America, Modoc Folder #1
Will the Fun Never Cease, Peggy Dover column

Peggy covers many topics, but does cover her visit to the Hanley Farm.

Vertical File subjects, Hanley Farm.
A History of Josephine County, Oregon

A description of clubs from the Josephine Historical Society.

Vertical File, Subjects, Josephine County, OR, History
The Truth about Medford Bridge and other stories

A 1912 article in the Mail Tribune gives the history of the bridge which was initially built in 1902

Medford, OR, Bridges
William Thacker Leever and spouse Elizabeth Constant

Brief statistics of their birth, life, and children

Vertical File Biographies, Leever
Thomas Downing

There are photos and a biography of Thomas Downing who was born in Cornwall, England about 1852.  He homesteaded 80 acres between Central Point…

Vertical File Biographies, DOW
Closure of Mail Tribune (Peter Sage's blog)

The last published issue will be Friday January 13, 2023.

Vertical File, Subjects, Newspapers
Extension Monitor

The University of Oregon Extension Monitor Vol 12 No 9 September 1924  Contents include: Local History Contest in Douglas County Schools, ; The…

PAM 979.529 E97 1924
The Halo Trail

by Anne Applegate Kruse 

PAM 1979.529 K78 1954
History of Elementary Athletics within the Medford Public School System

By Robert Kramer May, 1962 in partial fulfillment of History of the Pacific Northwest class of Dr.Haines  

PAM 979.5286 K73 1962
SOHS Volunteer Orientation Handbook

General and specific information for volunteers at Southern Oregon Historical Society 1995

PAM 979.528502 S7
Oregon Historical Society Educational Services 1987-1988

1230 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 

PAM 069.1 066 1987
A Century of Dedication The Sisters of the Holy Name 1865-1965

Image of Mother Marie Rose on the front , Images of Father Francis X Blanchet, Josie Orth, Emma Bolt, and Ella Caron, The Caron sisters from…

PAM 282.09 S23 1965
Saint Peter's Lutheran Church 1928-1978

 Golden Jubilee 50 years of God's Work Amongst His People

PAM 284.1797 HIS
The Jacksonville Museum A Southern Oregon Institution

Pamphlet prepared by Arthur Samuel Taylor (2 copies) 

PAM 069.0979 T39
The Jacksonville Museum

A history prepared on the Occassion of the Oregon State Centennial by Arthur Samuel Taylor

PAM 069.0979
1975 Directory 1st Presbyterian Church

85 S. Holly St. Medford, OR

PAM 285.109 M43 1975
1976 Directory 1st Presbyterian Church

85 South Holly, Medford, OR 

PAM 285.109 M43 1976 C2
Early United States Census of SW Coastal Counties of Oregon

Coos 1870; Curry 1860 and 1870; Umpqua 1860

317.95 C87 1870
Coos County, Oregon Census 1860

by Addie Dyal typed copy reprinted by Willamette Valley Genealogical Society


317.95 C65 1860
First Presbyterian Church

85 South Holly, Medford, Oregon. 1982 photographs of congregation  and directory of members circa 1980s 

PAM 285.109 M43 1982