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Art of Dressmaking

Butterick Publishing Company, 1927

646.2 B98 1927
First Steps in Dressmaking

Late 1920's (?), sewing, stitching.

Edwardian Hats: The Art of Millinery (1909)

MME. Anna Ben-Yusuf, 1992, hat making, hat of the first decade of the twentieth century 

646.5 B45 1992
The Art of Hair Work: Hair Braiding and Jewelry of Sentiment with Catalog of Hair Jewelry

Mark Campbell, 1989 (original 1875)

646.724 C18 1989
Vision with a View: How Rogue Valley Manor Evolved Through Grace Gumption

Faye Isaak, 2015

647.94 I83 2015
Beeton's Book of Household Management: A first edition Facsimile

Isabella Beeton, 1969 (original print 1861), cooking, sanitary, medical, & legal memoranda. How to handle household servants/employees…

647 B41 1969
Calligraphic Alphabets

Arthur Baker, 1974, calligraphy text/fonts

652.1 B33 1974
Handwriting in America: A Cultural History

Tamara Plakins Thornton, 1996, history of handwriting from colonial times throughout the twentieth century. 

652.1 T51 1996
Do Your Own Printing

The Kelsey Press Company, 1934, printing devices 

655.1 K
The Tramp Printer

Ben Hur Lampman, 1934, biography of a journeyman printer. Copy 46 out of 500. 

655.1 L34 1934
Specimen Book Linotypes Faces

Mergenthaler Linotype Company, 1930, text faces/fronts/designs

655.24 M47 1930
Books, Boxes and Portfolios: Binding, Construction, and Design Step-by-Step

Franz Zeier, 1983, book cover making

655.702 Z45 1983
Rowe's Bookkeeping and Accountancy

Harry M. Rowe, 1910, The H.M. Rowe Company. "Presenting the art of bookkeeping in accordance with the principles of modern accountancy"

657.2 R87 1910
Safe Methods of Business

J.L. Nichols, 1914, the business guide

658 N59 1914
An Historical Sketch of Harry and David's Bear Creek Orchards

Bruce O. Rogers, 1966

658.8 R63 1966
Illustrated Catalogue of the Busiest House in America

1885, Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, Canes, Gold Spectagles. First 43 pages are unreadable due to pervious owner gluing cut out…

685.802 B8 (subject to possible change)
Everyday Fashions of the Forties: As Pictured in Sears Catalogs

Joanne Olian, 1992, clothes, suits,  dresses, shoes

658.802 E93 1992
Whiteside, James

Whiteside, James

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Watson, E. B.

Watson, E. B.

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Waldo, Peter

Waldo, Alvie

Waldo, Lorino

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Van Dyke, Frank J.

Van Dyke, Frank, J.

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Sisley, Mattie

Sisley, Mattie

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Saxbury, LaMonte R Saxbury

Saxbury, LaMonte R Saxbury

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Prescott, George

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Nichols, Rowena Bunyard

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Morris, Earl and LaRue

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