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SOHO photographs

SOHS photographs: Genevieve Sage, Bill Burk, Jack Kiracoff, Britt photo of young girl next to flowers, table ticket for steam ship "State of…

M37 E 3
Gold Hill News

Issues of Gold Hill News from Gold Hill, Oregon as follows

21 Jun 1907 Vol 10 # 7; 28 Jun 1907 Vol 10 #8; 5 Jul 1907 Vol 10 #9 ; 13 July…

M67 B
"Simon Beson Northwest Lumber King"

Alice Benson Allen, 1971

634.9 A3
An Intro-Duction to American Forestry Third ed.

Shirley Walter Allen and Grant William Sharpe, 1960

634.9 A34
This Was Logging!

Ralph W. Andrews, 1954, photographs of early logging and timber

634.9 A53 1954
Heroes of the Western Woods

Ralph W. Andrews, 1960, History of logging in California, Oregon, and Washington

634.9 A53 1960
This was Sawmilling: Sawdust Sagas of the Western Mills

Ralph W. Andrews, 1994

634.9 A56 1994
Random Lengths: Forty Years With "Timber Beats" and "Sawdust Savages"

H.J. Cox, 1949, lumber, timber

634.9 C6
The Ancient Forest of Oregon

Ralph W. Chaney, 1948, forest of the Carboniferous, Mesozoic, Cenozoic, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Quaternary

Lumbering in the Rogue River Valley

Helen P. Hicks, 1958

634.9 H53 1958
This Fascinating Lumber Business

Stanley F. Horn, 1943, written on inside page, "F. Alley, Jr. Feb.14, 1944 San Francisco, Calif. Waiting for a ship-". Logging and Timber Industry…

634.9 H6
Lumbering in Klamath

W. E. Lamm, 1956, early lumber mills

634.9 L34 1956
Medford Corporation: A History of an Oregon Logging and Lumber Company (two copies)

Jeffrey M. LaLande, 1979

634.9 L34
Elements of Forestry 2nd ed.

Franklin Moon and Nelson Courtlandt Brown, 1929, has the name "B. Dale(?) Clark 1932" written on inside page.  Forest Service, Logging,…

634.9 M6
Firestorm 2020: A Southern Oregon Fire Survivor's Account of 9-8-2020

Sandra Phoenix, 2021, Almeda Fire

634.9 Phoenix 2021
When Timber Stood Tall

Joseph H. Pierre, 1979, logging

634.9 P53 1979
BLM's Billion-Dollar Checkerboard: Managing the O & C claims

Elmo Richardson, 1980, Forest History Society, Oregon and California Railroad Revested Lands and Coos Bay Wagon Road Reconveyed Lands

634.9 R52 1980
Cable Logging Systems

Donald D. Studier and Virgil W. Binkley, 1974, Division of Timber Management 

634.9 S75
Christmas Tress In Southern Oregon

Larry Thornton, 1960, logging

634.9 T46 1960
William Thomas Hall, researched by Fred Lockley's Impressions

William Hall's father set claims six miles from Myrtle Creek.  Now the town is located on his father's farm.  He borrowed money from…

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Nugan Kautz profiled in Impressions and observations of the Journal Man Fred Lockley

Nugan Kautz, son of August Kautz who was a famous West Point soldier, lived in Oregon since 1857.  His mother was the daughter of Chief…

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George W Harris's Killing in Impressions and observations of Fred Lockley

There are three articles with versions of the George Harris killing.  His wife stood off a band of about 20 indians who killed her husband…

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Tom Frazer, from Fred Lockley's Impressions.

Tom Frazer was born in Massachusetts in 1813, came to Oregon, and became governor.  He bought a farm of 320 acres which later became East…

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Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Wood in Impressions by Fred LOckley

Sarah McCabe was born of Kentucky parents, but arrived in Oregon in time to grow up with Emil Brit.  She worked for families at an early age…

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The Siskiyou newspaper

The Siskiyou newspaper 2007 - 2017

M37 B 3
The Siskiyou newspaper

The Siskiyou newspaper 1998 - 2006

M37 B 2
The Siskiyou newspaper

The Siskiyou newspaper - book 1993 - 95

Sept 94 - Jun96

M37 B 1
The Siskiyou newspaper

The Siskiyou newspaper 1969 - 1993 (bound editions)

M37 A
JM McCall in Impressions & Observations of The Journal Man Fred Lockley

JM McCall was the first president of the Rogue River Manufacturing company in Ashland.  He bought the Ashland flouring mill in 1850 and…

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John Litster in Impressions and Observations of the Journal Man, Fred LOckley

This article goes into the background of Litster, and his founding of the House of Mystery.  (Oregon Journal, June 7, 1937)

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