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Forget Me Not: A Gallery of Friendship and Album Quilts

Jane Bentley Kolter, 1985

746.9 K81 1985
101 Ghost Town Relics

Wes and Ruby Bressie, 1967, photos, Jacksonville Museum

747 B74 1967
The Art of Decorative Design

Christopher Dresser, 1977

747 D74 1977
Jacksonville Renovation Project

N.E. Nachtman, 1966, interior, architect, maps

747 N32 1966
Interior Decoration for the Small Home

Amy L. Rolfe, 1917, walls, ceilings, windows, floors, rugs, carpets, lighting

747 R64 1917
The Collecting of Antiques

Esther Singleton, 1937, the name "Madeline Ineskeep" is written on inside cover, China, Silver, Glass, furniture, Clocks, Textiles, Metal-Work,…

747 S55 1937
The History of Del Norte County California

by Esther Ruth Smith 1953

979.411 S65 1953
American Interiors: From Colonial Times to the Late Victorians

Harold L. Peterson, 1971

747.2 P48 1971
Wall Papers For Historic Buildings

Richard C. Nylander, 1983

747.3 N99 1983
American Rugs and Carpets: From Seventeenth Century to Modern Times

Helene Von Rosenstiel, 1978

747.4 V65 1978
Floor Coverings: For Historic Buildings

Helene Von Rosestiel and Gail Caskey Winkler, 1988, wood, brick, matting, floorcloths carpet, rugs

747.4 V94 1988
Fabrics: For Historic Buildings

Jane C. Nylander, 1983, wools, prints, woven designs

747.5 N99 1983
The Restorer's Handbook of Ceramics and Glass

Jean-Michel Andre, 1976, cleaning, gluing, filling, retouching, glass, pottery 

738 A53 1976
Pottery and Porcelain volumes 1 & 2

Warren E. Cox, 1944, China, Korea, Japan, Europeans

738 C83 1944
Stoneware and Porcelain: The Art of High-Fired Pottery

Daniel Rhodes, 1959

738 R46 1959
Pottery on the Willamette: A History of the Oregon Pottery Company 1866-1896

Blaine A. Schmeer, 1987, Portland, Smith Family, Amedee Smith, Buena Vista

738 S34 1987
Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks

Geoffrey A. Godden, 1991

738.03 G57 1991
Dictionary of Marks-Pottery and Porcelain

Ralph M. and Terry H. Kovel, 1953

738.03 K69 1953

Cooper-Hewitt Museum, 1981, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, China. Islamic, Europe, American, Collectors

738.1 P86 1981

Jerry E. Patterson,1979, China, Europe, England

738.2 P38 1979
China and Cut Glass: Higgins & Seiter 1899

1971, vases, pottery, clocks, plaques, steins, cups, plates

738.202 H53 1971
American Historical Views on Staffordshire China 3rd ed.

Ellouise Baker Larsen, 1939 ( 3rd ed. 1975), pottery and porcelain 

738.27 S3 1975

Susan Benjamin, 1983, Byzantium, Persia, India, China, Russia, Europe, Gold, Silver 

738.4 B46 1983
Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni

Allan and John Blom, 1996, Native American Culture, Navajo, Hopi, Mojave

738.91 H41 1996
The Old China Book

N. Hudson Moore, 1903, English Pottery and Porcelain. American Revolution era.

738.92 M82 1937
Beekman books, children's books

Wesley Brothers' Two Extremes Songster (Minstrel Song Book)// Little Pets (Linen book)// Wynken Blynken and Nod signed Joan Vroman

M31 C 4
Exciting New Mural On Tolman Creek Road


LINK Walk Ashland website

Hanns-Ulrich Haedeke, 1970, History of Metal working

739 H33 1970
Silver: The Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques


739 M15 1981
Dover Stamping Co. 1869

1971, illustrated catalog of tin items.

739.02 D69 1971