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SOHS Sites - The PastPerfect Online catalog. Other SOHS resources, such as the Mega Index, are not searched at this time

SODA - Southern Oregon Digital Archives

SOU - SOU's digital resources, including SOHS photos and Peter Britt photos

RVGS - Jackson County Genealogy Library sources, provided by Rogue Valley Genealogical Society

Truwe: SO History - Southern Oregon History, Revised; Ben Truwe's website, which includes thousands of transcribed newspaper articles 

As It Was Stories - Covers As It Was Stories compiled by SOHS and other volunteers, aired on Jefferson Public Radio (add "as it was" to a search to narrow down results)

Additional sites that are NOT included in the multiple site search but may be helpful:

Historic Jacksonville website

Historical Oregon Newspapers

Medford Oregon History, sponsored by the Medford Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission

Oregon Historical Mining Information, Jackson County Site