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January 10 and 11, 1977 News Clips

Clip 1: sof: Interview at Medford Chamber of Commerce about upcoming bowling tournament Clip 2: Interior of warehouse, Civil Defense supplies stacked high / opening can of crackers, closeup of same / man holds crackers but doesn't eat one Clip 3: Jacksonville Museum in snow / workers load display case into pickup / pans across Peter Britt exhibit / glassware exhibit / photos Clip 4: sof: Interview with woman about Klamath Falls Washburn Manor nursing home criticisms, restoration of certificate (hairs on gate) Clip 5: Stand-and-talk about District 9 school tax levy in front of Eagle Point Little Butte Intermediate School / Eagle Point High School shots / banner over Eagle Point Main Street: "Support Your Schools" / Eagle Point Junior High / elementary school playground shots / high school library interiors Clip 6: Closeup of historic photo of Ashland Plaza / more exhibit shots, Jacksonville Museum / exhibits in former jail Clip 7: out of focus: Men perform CPR on dummy Clip 8: out of focus: Same, people review recording strip of CPR attempt / women perform CPR / more of same Clip 9: sof: Interview with C. W. Smith about block parent program applications Clip 10: sof: Interview with Klamath Falls state trooper about first woman trooper in Southern Oregon Clip 11: Building / sign: "Vote here" / poll keepers at work / plywood voting booths / putting ballots in box            
Original NID
M5B Box 1 16B/17B
Year or Date Range
'1-10-1977 and 1-11-1977'
Film Length
Internal Link
SOHS Film 0668 January 10 and 11, 1977 News Clips

Mixed silent and sound footage. Color quality is good.