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Copco #39 First Airmail, Eddie Stinson, Lindbergh at Medford

This film is titled Copco 39-D ( It is a duplicate of original Copco 39.

First Airmail Survey Plane in Medford ~ First Airmail to go through Medford ~ First Airmail cabin plane at Medford Airport (Eddie Stinson) ~ Boarding a Mainliner ~ Trimotor plane at Medford ~ Lindburg at Medford

Pacific Air Transport Survey Plane at Newell Barber Field. "Claude Ryan Builder & Pilot of the Ryan M-1 Monoplane." "Vern C. Gorst, Pacific Air Transport Co." "C.N. Comstock, Vice President P.A.T. Co Points out Medford on a list of Airports."

"The First Air Mail" "Medford, Oregon Sept 15, 1926. First Air Mail Plane arrives from North & South within a few minutes time." "Postmaster William Warner Greets Captain Applegate, Famous Oregon Pioneer." "Pilot 'Pat' Patterson and the Good Ship Medford."

"Medford, Oregon. First Air-Mail Cabin Plane arrives at Medford Airport." [Medford Mail Tribune 20 Sept 1927]

Arrival of USMC Observation Squadron from San Diego.

"Medford, Oregon. Giant Monoplane with Six Noted Passengers Lands in Medford Airport." [Eddie Stinson in his plane Veedol]

"Edie Stinson, Famous Pilot, Poses for COPCO Camera Man." [Medford Mail Tribune 20 Sept 1927]

D.E. McDaneld of Pasadena lands at Newell Barber Field.

DC-3 at Medford Municipal Airport

Boeing Tri-motor plane at Newell Barber Field.

"Medford Airport. Colonel Lindbergh on Mysterious mission. Makes Second Visit to Medford within a week." [27 August 1928]

"Lone Eagle' Makes Haste to Escape Photographers and Newspapermen."

Auto-Gyro at Medford Airport.[Lewis Yancey and his Auto-Gyro were in Medford the week of 14 June 1932]





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