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Baza'r Fire, Murder, Charlie Brown, Bikes

There are 4 clips to this film: 1) The Baza'r Store ( where food4less is now) had a fire in 1972. This is footage of firemen performing cleanup. 2) Murder. This clip shows a trailer and a shack on some property. Assume it was the location of a murder. 3) Charlie Brown. This clip shows parts of a play involving characters of the Charlie Brown cartoon strip. 4) Bikes. This clip shows children with their bikes in a line with police officers inspecting the bikes.
Original NID
M7B Box 6 27G/37G
Description on Can
5-8A Baza'r Fire, 5-9 Murder, 5-8 Bikes,5-12 Charlie Brown
Year or Date Range
Film Length
Black & White
Internal Link
SOHS Film 1828 ~ 1972 Baza'r Fire, Murder, Charlie Brown, Bikes