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July 1972 Federal Wood Ins. Prog, Computer Logs

There are two clips in this film.

1) The first is a color clip and is called Federal wood ins. Program. A man is talking to the people watching. There may be sound with this video.

2) The second clip is called computer logs. It doesn't mean what you might think. It takes place at a lumber mill. There are 6 or 8 men standing around measuring logs and entering the measurements into an archaic counting machine that resembles a calculator. It has antennas attached so i assume it is transmitting information into the Lumber Mill office.

Original NID
M7B Box 9 30G/37G
Description on Can
7-35 Federal wood ins prog, 7-37 Computer logs
Year or Date Range
July 1972
Film Length
Black & White & Color
Internal Link
SOHS Film 1904 ~ July 1972 Federal Wood Ins. Prog, Computer Logs