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Medford Airport footage

Footage at the Medford Airport. United plane deplaning. Air West DC-9 Deplaning. Footage is split screen in spots showing two different pictures at the same time. People getting off Air West flight. Avis rent a car desk. Shell Fuel truck. Plane taking off. { Film Canister says "Airport" on it}

Rogue River Basin Project, Sexton Dam Meeting unhappy man & woman

Rogue River Basin project & sexton Dam Meeting ( See also 1681) Unhappy couple speaking

Lone Pine School, Children, Southern Pacific Train

Shot of School. Appears to be Lone Pine Elementary, Children in school standing in lines and eating food. View of bulk food boxes. // Cars at train track intersection. Pictures of Southern Pacific Train crossing intersection. Pan both ways to show length of train. Women's meeting. Pan towards a stack of books. Maybe a book club, or teachers previewing books.

Construction & Paving of Hwy 140

Construction Sign announcing your tax dollars at work on Hwy 140, Dump trucks, Paving Equipment, Asphalt trucks & workers

House damaged by car, Sexton Dam & Reservoir plans, Kids & Pumpkins

House possibly damaged by a car. // Men wandering about holding debris that looks to be a corner of a house damaged. // Possible land use meeting. Men gathered around pointing to a map that has Sexton Dam & Reservoir including North & East Canals // Lots of kids holding pumpkins. // More kids, but too dark to see what they are holding

Voter Precinct Cards, Intermediate District Building

Jackson County Elections Office with a stack of Voters Precinct Memorandum Cards. Officials thumbing through cards. // Jackson County Intermediate District Building (ESD). // Inside of IED/ESD where an electronic technician works with a scope. //  View of files & documents available to check out at ESD. // View of a school?.

Clock Shop, Dismantling of a Wigwam Burner

Inside a Clock shop (continual of 1678). // Dismantling of a wigwam burner.// Using a crane to dismantle top cone and side chute.

Clock Shop, Charles A Sprague Tree Seed Orchard

Inside a clock shop as Owner winds various clocks (running at 2x speed) // View of area housing seedlings at Charles A Sprague Tree Seed Orchard.// View of seedlings // Ceremony at Tree Seed Orchard. // More views of seedling variaties

Sewage treatment Plant, Planning Meeting

Sewage Treatment plant . Scan around the area of treatment plant. Man riding tractor around treatment plant. // Planning Meeting. men talking while looking over plans.



Farmland with Table Rock in background, School Board Meeting, Ashland Pompadour view

A view of farmland with Table Rock in the background. // School Board meeting. man talking with people listening. //  Ashland Land use meeting. // Panned view of ashland with Pompadour in the background. Vehicle driving up Dead Indian Memorial Road. // Another Pan of Ashland



Farmer in field with pipes & box (bees?) Farmer in field with pipes & box (see 1674 also) Airport Arrivals, School Board Meeting

A farmer in a field with pipes and a box that could be for bees. // Airport arrivals with people waiting. // People walking around // Diving in a car with view from passenger side. // School Board meeting. man talking to group of people.



Water Quality Control Plant Report to City of Medford, Ambulance & Wrecked cars

City of Medford Meeting where Water Quality Report was presented Gene Hess. // Accident at an intersection. Ambulance loading a person in the back on a stretcher. Damage to a station wagon & a Mustang.


Farmer in field with pipes & box (bees?) PHS School board meeting

A farmer in a field with pipes and a box that could be for bees. // Phoenix High School board meeting with a lady accepting an award & then making a speech. People in a group listening. Man speaking possibly principal or Superintendent.



Firefighting a burning building, Council Meeting

Leaking fire hoses on back of firetruck - Firemen looking up firetruck ladder - Using firetruck hoses on building - More leaking hoses // Council Meeting


Clone of Lucille Ball Arrives; Cyclamates in Low-Calorie Products

Lucille Ball pulls poodle out of Rolls Royce, hugs and kisses (more footage on SOHS Film 1672) / / man speaks at lectern / / closeup of can of low-calorie root beer, closeup of ingredients including cyclamates / closeups of Sego, Shasta cola, Funny Face powdered beverages, closeups of ingredients / closeup of Metrecal, ingredients/ closeup of can of low-calorie Bartlett pears, cyclamate on ingredients



Lucille Ball Arrives; Cyclamates in Low-Calorie Products

Lucille Ball pulls poodle out of Rolls Royce, hugs and kisses (more footage on SOHS Film 1672) / / man speaks at lectern / / closeup of can of low-calorie root beer, closeup of ingredients including cyclamates / closeups of Sego, Shasta cola, Funny Face powdered beverages, closeups of ingredients / closeup of Metrecal, ingredients/ closeup of can of low-calorie Bartlett pears, cyclamate on ingredients



Rocket Models, Moon Rocks; Lucille Ball at Medford Airport

Models of Apollo rocket, moon lander / children examine minuscule samples of moon rocks under plexiglas / poster: "Man Will Conquer Space Soon" / man looks at posters of moon explorers and space station / jetliner taxis at Medford Airport / Lucille Ball deplanes, is greeted, drives off in Rolls Royce (more footage at SOHS Film 1673)

Talent Highway Accident; Fifth and Central Accident; Medford Planning Department

Tow truck picking up wrecked car (more footage of accident from SOHS Film 1669) / / police taking measurements of scene, accident at Fifth and Central, Medford / / man reviewing map of Medford, tracing pointer along map


Meeting of Housing Authority of Jackson County

Three men and woman meeting around desk, two of them pretty much ignoring woman and black attendee / sign: "Housing Authority of Jackson County"


Talent Highway Accident; Medford Council Meeting; Apostolic Church Fire

Pan by Lithia Drive-In Theater, Talent, to damaged car on Hwy. 99 (additional footage on SOHS Film 1671) / / bored men in suits sitting in Medford City Council chambers / pan across councilors in meeting, closeups, schmoozing after meeting / / Medford Apostolic Church / firemen inside church / damaged ceiling (more footage in SOHS Film 1668)


Medford Fire Department Mops Up; Jetliner Mechanical Problems; Meetings

Medford Fire Department--backing up fire truck, carrying fan downstairs / shot of damaged ceiling, refrigerator (Apostolic Church fire, more footage at SOHS Film 1669) / / United jetliner / mechanics looking inside jet engine / / people milling about outside meeting, tight closeup of man / / informal meeting


Demonstration at SOSC; Jackson County Commissioners Meeting

Long-haired young people at SOSC people milling about, eating, talking (same shot as in SOHS Film 1666) / some link hands for moment of silence, raise hands /  they all in turn touch potted plant / / Jackson County County commissioners meeting, closeups of speakers, Henry Padgham, shots of spectators


Televised Speeches at NMHS; Wigwam Burners

Man speaks behind lectern, North Medford High School auditorium / audience applauds, leaves / closeup of TV camera, TV technician at equipment / long shots of people milling about, talking, getting coffee / / long-haired young people milling about outside / man speaks at lectern / / aerial view of wigwam burners


Medford City Hall, Parking Lot; Meeting

Pan across cars in City of Medford parking lot / closeup of Medford police car, pan to city hall / / meeting: closeups, pans


Crater National Bank Opening; Applegate Sale


Exterior, men in suits: man speaks into microphone / two men use ax to cut wooden ribbon, Crater National Bank at Eighth and Front, Medford / interior shots of bank / "Applegate" sign on Hwy. 238, pan to Mountain Dew sign / pan across school / interiors: tight closeup of man / people examine, buy baked goods, vegetables, plants



Crater High School Tractor Training

Teenagers and teacher stand around new Case tractor / teen checks oil, filter, demonstrates three-point hitch, drives tractor around Crater High School parking lot


Freight Train Passes; Cafeteria, Fire Department at Camp White

Freight train passes before waiting cars, quick pans across scene / / nurses eating in cafeteria / scenes in large industrial kitchen / exterior: fire extinguisher on ground / firemen at rear of fire truck, fireman pulls tarp off truck / exterior: fire trucks exit small fire station / "Veterans Administration" on door of fire truck


Furniture Sale; Accident at Interstate 5 Overpass

Basketball gym (Medford Armory?) filled with hundreds of new sofas and chairs--men setting up, removing packing material, pans across setup / / parked patrol cars, policemen directing traffic at north I-5 overpass, Medford





Highway 238 Intersection; United Good Neighbor Banquet

Sign on Hwy. 238, intersection of Union Ave. and Harbeck Road /  buildings, scenes along that road  / / choir sings / Jimmy Dunlevy speaks at United Good Neighbor banquet / women's trio plays guitars, sings / shots, pans, long shots of audience / Miss Rogue Valley speaks / Len Hannon & Lynn Newbry




Airport Ground Lights; Flying Shoebox Short Skyvan at Medford Airport

Closeup of airport ground light / ground light parts on shelf / technician holds light / / "Short Skyvan" airplane on tarmac (SC.7 "Flying Shoebox") / exterior and interior views / pilot at controls / pilot closes back door on airplane


Kip Morgan, Student President of Associated Students of University of Oregon

Young man at desk through glass reading "A.S.U.O. President" / he talks with young woman, shuffles papers, talks on phone, walks down corridor, talks with student in dining commons over coffee / closeup of student newspaper, pan to Kip / exteriors: Kip walks from student union building / meeting around large table




Wigwam Burner; Red Cross Blood Drive; Airport Ground Lights

Wood waste falls from conveyor belt / pan up belt to top of wigwam burner / pile of waste inside burner / inside view to top of burner / exterior views / / truck unloads at Red Cross office, Hawthorne Street, Medford / nurses chat at desk / taking information from donor / nurse prepares to draw blood / exterior of building / / ground lights at airport / man in suit examines light / closeup of light / man points to Table Rock / telephoto view of Table Rock /


Mary Hanley Retirement Observance; George Romney and Operation Breakthrough

Mary Hanley and ladies eating, schmoozing on Jacksonville Museum grounds / interior meeting: / / faded color, sound: George Romney speaking / closeup of "Operation Breakthrough" (anti-poverty program) packages on dais / "Response to Operation Breakthrough has been overwhelming" / Romney speaks about housing proposals in U.S., Canada and overseas

Jacksonville Museum Reception; Fruit Shipment to Brazil

Jacksonville Museum grounds: ladies chatting / men chatting separately / cake shaped like courthouse / buffet line / Earl Miller present / / color, sound: men standing in front of "Maltese Cross" fruit boxes on dockside discuss shipment of Hood River and Jackson County fruit to Brazil / "3,000 tons of pears going to Brazil" and speaker bites into hard, green pear

Prospective Firemen Test; Burned Fluhrer Building Lot

Exterior: men milling about by fire engine / men climbing extended ladder on ladder truck / men climb over 6-foot wall / interior: men taking written test / foot racing down North Front Street / / empty lot, demolished burned Fluhrer Building, small wooden house, somehow related to the United Good Neighbor Fund, on grounds  / Craterian Theater in background 

Meeting 9/26/1969

Closeups of VIPs  somberly looking at camera / pan across meeting, speakers

SOSC College Registration

Students lined up outside building / interior: college registration, students lined up, registrars with boxes of punch cards / students in booths registering for classes / student health insurance booth / veterans aid booth / pan across gymnasium / students fill out paperwork on metal folding chair seats

Tract House Construction

Bulldozer fills hole in lawn on new tract home / shot between houses, pan down row of houses

Paving Biddle; School Library and Temporary Buildings; Air Force Academy Footage

ONC freight semitruck passes / traffic crosses Biddle with fresh paving, traffic control cones / man with wheelbarrow shovels concrete around street light pole on corner / closeups of man, traffic / / interior of school library / closeup of VIP under canopy / man working on roof / man operates pipe threader / pan across new buildings / elementary school students at desks / / color, some good, some faded: Air Force Academy cadets  run, march, dine, chat, / stills of space flight / Thunderbirds perform / eagle mascot

Flag-Raising at Veterans Domiciliary; Boise Cascade Employees Donate Check

Man speaking / interior: nurses and VIPs around table / shots of listeners, speaker / participants walk on path at Veterans Domiciliary  / flag-raising ceremony, savings bonds flag with minuteman and stars / / pan across millpond, log deck, crane lifting trailer onto log truck / men unload oversized, barely legible check from pickup: "Pay to UGN (United Good Neighbor Fund) $19,054 from Employees of Boise Cascade" maybe / closeups of man with Boise Cascade logo on hard hat, VIP / crane lifts check

Medford Armory Recruiting Station

Air Force recruiting posters, pan to Navy posters, Marines / interior: recruiters on phone at desks / closeup of Navy poster / Air Force seal / Army poster / shot down dark hallway, Medford Armory / armed forces insignia poster / table with books, brochures / "Fly Navy," "Travel Navy" signs

Medford Repurposes Camp White Building; Banquet; NMHS Marching Band Practice

Pan across ceiling to trashed floor / closeup of map cabinet, pan across office / men enter building / interior: Medford city truck, signs / exterior: pan across buildings, fields, Table Rock / three incinerator smokestacks, pan across abandoned equipment / officials examine grounds, demolished building / / interior: banquet scene, all-female audience / closeups of speakers / / exterior: pan across fields, buildings / band students lined up on North Medford High School field / dump truck unloads / army surplus truck drives across parking lot

There's a photo of the Camp White incinerators in the August 18, 1946 Medford Mail Tribune, page 3.

Camp White Building; Empty Bank Office

Pan from Table Rock across pile of broken masonry / pan across masonry buildings / interior: crematorium or incinerator door / / pan across VIPs in empty room, chairs, table, bank vauilt door

Medford Parking Meters, Train in Siskiyou Tunnel Collapse

Closeups of parking meter / tight closeup of "time expired" flag / meter maid tricycle / wheels on locomotive / ore cars stuck in tunnel / / hillside in Siskiyous / workers around train stuck in tunnel / closeups, pans of cars stuck in tunnel /

Parking Enforcement; Drought; Airport Parking

"Medford Police" on motorized tricycle / trike parked by car at meter--same footage as in SOHS Film #1640 / / man in overcoat in Channel 5 parking with hands outstretched looking questioningly at sky / anemometer and TV antenna from below / man pours dry soil from hand / man turns on lawn sprinklers, talks at camera / closeup of parking meter, lawn in background / tight closeup of man talking / exit booth at Medford Airport / "Parking Rates" sign / man ambles aimlessly along row of parking meters, Medford Airport parking lot / he turns handle on meter

For more parking enforcement footage, see SOHS Film #1640

Pharmacists at Providence, Rogue Valley Hospitals

Entrance to Providence Hospital / pharmacist counting pills as cigarette smokes in background / pan across shelves of bottled drugs / pharmacist counts change to customer, puts drugs in bag / exterior, Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital / closeup of entrance / pharmacist counts pills / pulls pills from shelf, counts them out

Parking Enforcement; Thunderbirds Jets Formation Flying

Black and white: Meter maid tricycle double parked beside car at parking meter / policeman slips ticket under windshield wiper, drives off / closeup of ticket under wiper blade / closeup of "expired" flag on meter, ticket in background, pan down row of parked cars / / good color: four jets (Thunderbirds) performing tight formation at air show / pilot's-eye view

For more parking enforcement footage, see SOHS Film #1642

Illegal Dumping; Meeting; Forest Fire Cleanup

Pans across pile of trash, White City / closeup of Pepsi label / more pans / man in tie examines trash / / man speaks to room full of blue-collar workers seated around table / closeups of speaker / / Forest Service workers digging hot spots after forest fire / twin-rotor helicopter dumps water /

Fighting Forest Fire; Auto Mechanic; Meeting; Parking Meter

Firemen wind hose back onto pickup-mounted reel / men hose smoking hillside / twin-rotor helicopter in air with bucket, drops water into smoke / / mechanic wearing necktie gets into car / opens hood, pan across engine / headlights / Chevrolet logo on grille / / meeting: men at table examine papers / spectators uncomfortably perched on folding chairs / more of same / / paper with cutout face taped to parking meter, Central Avenue, Medford, pan down to number on post / closeup of head of parking meter /

Fire at Moen Supply

Night: pan across Moen Supply / RFD firemen at work poking through smoking debris, names on turnouts: Seibold, Lovelace (?) / hosing down burning debris