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Timber Auction; Medford Police Cadet Official filling out paperwork at table, Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium / man displays twenty-dollar bill / pan across audience / official at… '7-19-1967'
Timber Products Company Shutdown, Sale Pan down printed notice: "Notice to All Employees--All employees are hereby notified that the assets of the Timber Products Company are being sold.… '9-1-1967'
Timber Products Company; Sketch of Criminal Suspect Pan across Timber Products Company building / follow pickup as it drives across grounds / / closeup of police artist sketch of young white male… '9-4-1967'
Timber Products Equipment Auction; Dunlevy Draws Winners on Television Same auction sign as in SOHS Film No. 1185 / people milling about in parking lot, wigwam burner burning in background / interior of mill: table… '12-7-1967'
Timber Products Plywood Warehouse, Hand Loading Boxcar Pan across railroad tracks at Timber Products / TP warehouse full of plywood / interior pans across plywood / men loading plywood into boxcar one… '3-4-1966'
Tiny Tots of Valley School Stage Fairy Playlet

COPCO Film 54: Tiny Tots of Valley School Stage Fairy Playlet

Titan Missile at Medford Airport

Missile arrives at airport in sections on two trucks / trucks jockey sections around to join sections / closeups, pans

Tom McCall Cuts Cake; 1850s Court Dockets; Medford Swim Team at Snowy Practice Tom McCall shakes hands with girl wearing "Oregon Dairy Princess" sash and crown / they cut cake, serve Legionnaires / / pan across old handwritten… '2-14-1967'
Tom McCall Speaks at Kiwanis Meeting, Amphicar on Rogue River Men in suits leave meeting past camera / speaker at lectern / Tom McCall at lectern / McCall shakes hands / Amphicar amphibian automobile drives into… '10-6-1965'
Tom Vaughn Speaks at RVCC about History Building Pans across banquet scene, Mary Hanley present / closeups of speakers / speaker with architect's drawing of building '9-30-1965'
Topping Out Medford City Hall; Mexico Map Telephoto shot: Men carry evergreen to top of new Medford City Hall under construction /  VIPs follow / shot of same from roof of city hall / VIP in… '2-28-1967'
Tour of Duff Water Treatment Plant Man in hat giving tour of Duff Water Treatment Plant under construction: interiors: men examine monitoring equipment / closeup of recording sensor /… '8-14-1967'
Tour of Glendale Oregon, Jacksonville's Vanwey Market, School Budget Tour of the town of Glendale Oregon. Shows service Clubs Sign, Main street, Schools. //   Jacsonville's Vanvey's  Market and some firewood(trees… '1972'
Tour of Half-Completed Providence Hospital Sign: "Under Construction Sacred Heart Hospital" / pan across facacde / interior shots / nun gives tour / man speaks to group touring / crane lifts… '5-18-1965 Tour of Half-Completed Providence Hospital'
Tour of Jacksonville Derelict Cars and Junk Piles Shot from moving car of old cars stored in yards and alleys / drive-bys of junk piles, more derelict cars '3-31-1966'
Tour of New Construction in Medford Officials in suits visit new buildings and construction sites: Witham's Truck Stop / building site with earthmover at work / unknown building /… '4-1-1966'
Tour of New SOSC Library; Wind Storm VIPs enter building toward camera already inside, take off overcoats, go through turnstiles, up stairs, chat / / trailer house lying on its side /… '1-12-1968'
Tour of Providence Hospital Exterior: pan across Providence / landscapers working on plantings / interiors: operating room / x-ray room / dignitaries tour building / patient's… '3-18-1966'
Tour of Southern Oregon Experiment Station; Britt Festivals Children's Performance; Rotary Argentine Visitor Men, including Porter Lombard, tour orchard at Southern Oregon Experiment Station / man speaks / pans along irrigation hose and seedling trees /… '8-15-1967'
Tour of Truck Farm Near Jacksonville Group of men and boys standing in field / sign: "Wade Barley" / men and boys examine grain / shot from back of moving tractor '8-17-66'
Tower Sections on Train Cars Ore cars on track in Rogue River (?), Texaco and Gulf stations in background / closeups of triangular antenna tower sections in cars, OK Tires in… '8-15-1968'
Toy Repair for Christmas at V.A. Domiciliary Closeup of battery-operated train running on floor / pan across Dom residents in workshop / closeup untangling jewelry, rock tumbler operating / man… '11-15-66'
Track Meet Short Film showing either a Track meet or practice. Film shows athletes running, throwing discus, hurdles, etc. '1972'
Track meet at Jackson co. Fairgrounds. [Note 1927 plate on auto

COPCO Film 67: Track meet at Jackson co. Fairgrounds. [Note 1927 plate on auto

Tract House Construction Bulldozer fills hole in lawn on new tract home / shot between houses, pan down row of houses '9-24-1969'
Traffic Accident in Snow, Jackson and Riverside, Medford Policeman directs traffic in snow, Medford intersection of Jackson and Riverside, American, Shell and Texaco service stations, Knights Inn Motel, I-5… '12-18-1967'
Traffic Inventory Meeting Men shuffle papers, discuss in front of "proposed zoning" map of valley / brief shot of man looking through "1966 Annual Traffic Inventory" '10-4-1966'
Traffic on Rural Highways Traffic on rural artery (Table Rock Road?) / traffic through windshield, northbound on Hwy. 99 south of Central Point / stopped at traffic signal,… '6-6-1968'
Trailers (In Color) This clip is in color. This film begins with a shot of the Idle Wheels Medford Mobile estates. There is footage of construction of the club house as… '1972'
Train & Semi Accident, Christmas Gifts for the Home, More Train, Christmas Seals Continuation of 1691 Train & Semi Truck (American Steel & Supply Truck) Accident. // Loading Injured man on stretcher. // Nieman - Marcus… '11-06-1969'
Train in woods. (Probably Butte Falls)

COPCO Film 56: Train in woods. (Probably Butte Falls)

Train-Dump Truck Collision Near Gold Hill Men stand by heavy dump truck overturned next to railroad tracks at Gold Hill quarry or cement works / closeup of damaged front of truck, pan to… '4-19-1967'
Train-Truck Accident, North Medford Box car slowly being moved on railroad tracks, probably Sage Road area / closeup of dented fender and bent bumper on semi-truck / man wiggles bent… '2-8-1966'
Transporting Fish from Medco Pond to Hatchery Sign: "This lake is leased from Medco" / pan across muddy, empty pond / shot of dam / men seining fish from remainder of pond / closeup of fish /… '4-5-1965'
Trap Shooting

COPCO Film 11: , Trap Shooiing

Trash Cleanup; Kids Fill Gift Bags; Safe Delivered to Jacksonville Museum Men filling government pickup with trash / / kids fill cloth gift bags with school supplies / / small children pose for camera / safe unloaded from… '5-29-1967'
Trash Cleanup; Tree Planting Truck door: "City Sanitary Service" / loaded truck backs up toward camera / dump truck passes camera, dumps trash into dumpster / men pull debris… '5-20-1967'
Tree Plant This is a color film of a class of children planting sapling trees on a piece of land. 1972
Trees ~ Processing Seedlings Shows the processing of tree seedlings from out in the tree farm to inside a seedling processing plant ~ Color '1972'
Trial Courtroom trial scene, lawyer speaking / out-of-focus closeup of lawyer / slow pan across audience / '5-1-1969'
Triplets at Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital Shot of Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital / nurses with babies in incubators / closeups of babies / nurses attend babies in bassinets / still photos of… '1-18-1966'
Trouble at Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital VIP at desk talking on phone in Jackson County Courthouse office--Medford Hotel visible through window / closeup of legal document / "Rogue Valley… '3-20-1967'
Trouble at Thrifty Green Stamp Corp.; Rogue Valley Plywood Wood Chip Equipment; Nurses Receive Checks Closeups of Thrifty Green Stamps books / Thrifty Green Stamps sign at building at Tenth and Front Street, "For Sale" sign on building, Medford… '8-4-1967'
Trouble at Tonti Station June 10, 1971: Illinois Central No. 1 at the Chicago station is headed for trouble down the line. The train derails, but disaster preparations and… '1972'
Trouble on Air West Flight; Illegal Street Racing Twin-prop Air West F27 airliner N781R landing at Medford Airport, fire engine drives to meet it / shot from moving car over driver's shoulder of… '7-2-1968'
Truck Accident--Man Pinned Under Wheel Men examine truck on its side in ravine / men pull cable from "Freeway Wrecker Service, Grants Pass" tow truck on road / righting truck / men carry… '9-14-66'
Truck Farm; Timber Sale; Medford Meeting Man checks onions in field (Seven Oaks Farm?) / closeup of onions, pan down rows / checking tomatoes, pan down irrigation pipe / checking squash… '8-13-1969'
Truck Highway Accident; Medford City Hall Construction; California Agricultural Highway Inspection Station Men shovel around semitruck trailer on its side on shoulder of highway / man attaches cable to frame / / VIPs examine new Medford City Hall, under… '10-4-1967'
Truck Mechanic with Leg Braces Mechanics at work on engine of log truck parked on rural road / mechanic limps toward camera / closeup of braces on legs / he climbs in Steve Wilson… '10-5-1967'
Truck Tips Over on I-5 Oregon State Police cars and ambulance parked by side of freeway at Table Rock Road overpass, tipped over Von der Ahe Van Lines semi-truck in… '10-27-1966'
Truck-Car-Trailer Accident, Grants Pass Exterior, night: pan across police, semi trailers, damaged 1955 Chevrolet and trailer / woman and small child / pan across damage '8-1-66'
Truck-Train Wreck, Medford

Shots of crushed semi-truck trailer, load of bread, Medford warehouses in background

Tuberculosis Testing, Research Footage Color, completely faded to red, silent: Exterior: giving tuberculin skin tests / Interiors in laboratory: woman looks through microscope / bacteria… '11-13-1967'
TV Antennas, Medford Zoom in on TV antenna atop two-story circa 1910 American Foursquare house, pan up tall radio mast / shots of other rooftop antennas, downtown… '9-16-66'
Two Boys Hurt in Motorcycle Accident Ambulance and gurney on street , motorcycle on its side / attendants put splints on boys' legs, lift them on gurneys, put them in ambulance / state… '3-24-1966'
Two Josephine County Car Accidents Night: Attendants ease woman onto gurney and into Wheeless Ambulance Service ambulance / ambulance drives away / closeups of mangled 1958 Chevrolet… '7-11-66'
Two-Car Accident, Interstate 5 and Highway 62 Traffic on I-5; pan to Maynard Hadley Chevron tow truck and Bell Studebaker truck;/ pan to Jeepster upside down, Bell Telephone logo on door; Buick… '5-21-1965'
Two-Car Accident; Ashland Groundbreaking Police and bystanders at two-car accident on road in the woods / upended badly mangled VW beetle / / groundbreaking scene at real estate office on… '8-11-1969'
Two-Truck Accident, Galice Road Pan across scene, patrol cars parked by road / crane moves logs spilled by road / slow pan across damaged log truck, "H. T. Slagle" on door / closeup… '6-22-1966'
Two-Way Car Radio; Rummage Sale Tight closeup of man's face / he enters car / seated in driver's seat, he talks on radio / tighter closeup of his eyes / talking on radio / leaves… '12-8-1967'
U of O Track Meet & Pro Am Golf ProAm Golf Tournament // U of O Track meet featuring track, hurdles, discus, etc. '4-1-1972'
U.S. Army Band, Camp White Interior: Army band on stage, army chorus in front / pans across band, conductor '5-5-1965'
U.S. Bank, Medford Computer Equipment Women feeding checks into machine, punching numbers / man feeds stack of punch cards into reader / printer Man may be branch manager Allan F. Perry.… '12-22-1965'
U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Speaks on Taxes Shot of U.S. Capitol building / man standing nervously in park holding paper / man speaks--seems to think taxes are too high '9-15-66'
U.S. National Bank Grand Opening, Medford Pans across crowded interior of bank / displays of historic photos / exterior of front doors: "Medford Branch United States National Bank of Oregon" '8-8-66'
U.S. Naval Reserve, Medford, Inspected Interior: Naval cadets in uniform at attention / officer reviews troops / officer speaks / exterior: two officers talk by brick building '5-19-1965'
UMC Awards Banquet Banquet scene: men go to dais and receive awards from congressman / shots of people eating / closeup of stacks of plaques and awards / Girl Scouts… '3-24-1966'
Union Creek, Oregon. New Type of Snow Plow Given Preliminary Test on Crater Lake

COPCO Film 45: Union Creek, Oregon. New Type of Snow Plow Given Preliminary Test on Crater Lake

United Air Lines B Roll Customers at United Air Lines counter, Medford Airport terminal / United clerk behind counter / four-propeller United DC-6 airliner N37502 taxiing at… '10-22-1968'
United Airliner, Medford; Bank Opening, Ashland; Livestock Auction; Movie Set Airliner landing, not at a local airport / schoolchildren at Medford Airport / United airliner taxis up to gate / closeup of passengers disembarking… '5-15-1967'
United Airlines Convair; Miss Rogue Valley Talent Competition Mechanic works on wing of United Airlines twin-prop Mainliner Convair at Medford Airport / pilot boards / pan across airplane / views of empty… '2-29-1968'
United Airlines Jet Pilot School; Meeting Sound, color, faded to red: exterior shots of building / pilots in classroom / cockpit training mockups in large room / small jet takes off / cockpit… '8-21-1969'
United Airlines Promo Film; Medford Fairgrounds; Anti-Littering Footage Good color, silent: aerial shot of airliners at terminal at San Francisco International Airport / pilot seen in cockpit of United Airlines jetliner… '2-24-1967'
United Artisans Drill Team

COPCO Film 12: United Artisans Drill Team

United Crusade Banquet Banquet scene: "1966-67 Campaign, Jim Beck, Chairman" progress tote board / pan across board, names visible: Martin Craine, Gene Kent, R.… '9-26-1966'
United Crusade Banquet 10/17/1966 Pan across banquet scene / board behind dais: "United Crusade 1966-67" "Goal $204,958.84" / man writes totals on blackboard / '10-17-1966'
United Crusade Kickoff Dinner Pan across banquet scene / band with large trumpet section playing  / speaker / more pans '9-13-66'
United Crusade Luncheon Exterior: man spray paints left halves of metal hard hats / interior: man at luncheon puts on hard hat, grins / speaker at dais in front of United… '9-27-1965'
United Crusade Progress Report Banquet Pan across men and sign: "United Crusade 1966-67 Campaign, Jim Beck Chairman, Jerry Clark Assistant" with goals and donation totals / they shake… '9-19-66'
United Crusade Tote Board Man at work on United Crusade charity tote board, Red Cross headquarters, Medford '10-23-1967'
United Crusade Tote Board; Washing Airplane, Medford Airport Pan across United Crusade 1967-68 Campaign tote board: Martin Crane Chairman / goals, totals, closeups of totals for various mills, public employees… '9-25-1967'
United Medford Campaign Luncheon Banquet scene: speaker in front of tote board / table captains stand and report, applaud. Names on tote board: Martin Herrin, J. R. Acheson, G. Clark… '10-11-1965'
United Way Crusade VIPs Closeups of VIPs in suits schmoozing, probably Rogue Valley Country Club / '8-18-66'
United Way Executive; Medford Police, City Employees Man at desk on phone, looking through papers / closeup of United Way paperwork over his shoulder / more of same / / policemen schmoozing in office… '9-29-1967'
University of Oregon Press Conference; Memorial Day Ceremony Young couple speak at microphones in conference room, flanked by lawyers / university buildings / sign: "Johnson Hall," pan to building / pan on quad… '5-30-1969'
University of Oregon; 1969 Boatnik Onyx Bridge science building, University of Oregon / pan across sunbathers by Rogue River in Riverside Park, Grants Pass, Caveman Bridge in… '5-30-1969'
University Open House Good color: Young women unload suitcases, bedrolls from cars, enter dormitory of unidentified university / arriving at elevators / pan across crowds… '6-13-1968'
Unknown Banquet; Lewis and Clark College Canoeists; Camp Withus Motel, Medford Man speaks at lectern / closeups of dais, banqueters, speakers / more of same / / young bearded men don backpacks from aluminum canoes by river /… '4-21-1967'
USAF Test of STOL Airplane Testing short takeoff and landing Air Force twin-prop plane--views from runway and cockpit / plane lands and takes off on bumpy test runway '7-27-66'
USAF Thunderbirds Perform Jets roar over desert toward camera in formation, do barrel rolls, close formation flying / fly over camera. No narration or music, sound of jets… '1960s'
USFS PSA for Campground Fees Faded color, sound: Closeup of "Notice of Violation," pan across campground / voiceover explains that a fee is now required for camping / "You wouldn… '5-23-1968'
Vacant Ashland Field; Local Air Force Academy Graduate Pan across field,  long line of boxcars on siding in distance, Ashland-Talent area / pan across field / pile of gravel on same field / street sign:… '5-27-1969'
Valley High School, Las Vegas Dignitaries walk toward camera / "Valley High School" on building / interior, students between classes / dignitaries meet in small room / they… '5-11-1966'
Very Short City or County Meeting Very Short City or County Meeting. //  A few men giving speeches. '12-10-1969'
Veterans Administration Domicilary Arts & Crafts Program, Mark Hatfiend Speech, Cat Show View of the Veteran's Administration Dom building where arts & Crafts are taught. Vets display their crafts. // Speech given by mark Hatfield.… '1972'
Veterans Administration Domiciliary Office Dedication Cutting ribbon in front of office / long shot of Domiciliary building / people in wheelchairs and folding chairs on lawn / dignitaries and priest… '5-9-1966'
Veterans Day Parade, Medford Medford, camera on Eighth Street by Alba Park, Federal Building under construction in background: Color guard / riderless horse / young spectators /… '11-11-66'
Veterans Domiciliary Craft Fair Sign: "Veterans Administration Domiciliary" / shot of Dom from moving car / interior, craft fair: displays of crafts: paintings, leatherwork,… '4-20-1966'
Vietnam Demonstrations, University of California Berkeley Pan from top of building across students milling below / telephoto closeup from above of tables full of literature / ground view: demonstrators march… '3-28-1966'
Vietnam Petitions at Southern Oregon College

In office, students examine three-ring binder full of signatures / student signs /

Vietnam Protest; Medford Fire Hall; Medford City Yards Protesters carrying signs in front of federal building, 8th Street, Medford; Presbyterian Church in background / signs say: "Kill the Slant Eyes," "… '4-27-1967'
Vietnam War Flag Presentation; Civil Air Patrol Free Flights Color guard marches, Santo Center, Medford / flag presented to young woman / spectators in folding chairs / reservists march past spectators / /… '6-17-1968'
Vietnamese Christmas; Deserted Medford Air Force airmen and Santa Claus passing out Christmas presents to Vietnamese children as “Silent Night” plays / children going through gifts / GI… '12-25-1968'
Views along Biddle Road, City or County Board Meeting Looking up and down Biddle Road.. // City or County Board Meeting '12-27-1969'
Views from Upper Klamath Lake Views from boat speeding across lake / view of Mount McLoughlin in haze / cabin at lakeside / town, park from boat '5-18-1966'
Views of 10th and Front, Railroad, 1900 Depot; Postmaster with Law and Order Stamp Man points down railroad tracks, warehouse district, downtown Medford, pan to distance / tracks in foreground, 1900 Medford freight depot in… '5-17-1968'
Views of Medford Airport; Hwy. 62 Interchange Construction; Daylight Savings Time Reminder Pan across parking lot, tarmac from roof of Medford Airport terminal: West Coast airliner, bare tarmac, private airplanes, fuel truck, junked cars /… '4-25-1967'
Views of Rogue Valley Manor Views of Manor from below / pan up from entrance level, "Rogue Valley Manor" VW microbus parked in front / sign: "This Is a PRIVATE Residence for… '10-26-1966'
VIP Arrives, Medford Airport; Drug Bust Evidence Medford Airport: West Coast jetliner approaches camera / VIPs disembark, walk toward camera, are greeted, kissed, pose, schmooze / / Jackson County… '8-18-1967'
VIP Greeted at Medford Airport by Boy Scouts West Coast twin-prop airliner taxis up to camera / Boy Scouts wrestle roll of carpet to airplane, unroll it / VIP disembarks, shakes hands with other… '8-23-1967'
VIP Greeted at Medford Airport; New Community Theater Building Passengers disembark from Western Airlines DC-8, Medford Airport / VIP greeted, schmoozed with at terminal gate / closeup of VIP / / pan across… '11-7-1967'
VIP Greeted at Medford Airport; Schoolchildren at Jacksonville Museum People at gate, Medford Airport / jetliner arrives / people disembark / VIP is greeted / closeups of VIPs / / "Jacksonville Museum" sign, pan down to… '8-3-1967'
VIP Inspects Army Troops Man in suit shakes hands with Army noncoms in locker room, inspects troopsm greets officers / closeups of VIPs and officers '2-8-1968'
VIP Pontificates Man in suit standing and speaking in small room / closeup of reporter's notepad as he takes notes / over-the-shoulder spot of speaker talking to… '1-18-1968'
VIP Speaks Slow pan across crowd of adults in high school gymnasium / gray-haired speaker at lectern / audience applauds / different speaker / pan across dais… '11-13-1968'
VIP; Society Ladies Man sitting and talking at desk / closeup of same / / well-dressed men and women chatting at gate, Medford Airport / pan across group of women… '7-26-1968'
VIPs Arrive; Medford Post Office; Shakespeare Rehearsal Gate 3, Medford Airport, VIPs arrive, shake hands with other VIPs, chat / / closeup of certificate of membership in Mail Users Council / sorting mail… '6-11-1968'
VIPs Fly from Medford Airport to San Francisco on West Coast Airlines DC-9 Inaugural West Coast Airlines jet airliner taxis up to gate, Medford Airport runway in fog / VIP speaks in front of sign: "Southern Oregon and West Coast… '2-6-1967'
VIPs Greeted at Medford Airport Passengers disembarking from DC-8 airliner, Medford Airport / VIP greeted / more passengers disembarking / closeup of VIPs chatting outside terminal '3-25-1968'
VIPs Schmooze; Medford Police, Fireman; John Lusk Honored by Junior Service League Closeups of VIPs schmoozing; one has WWP (Washington Water Power Co.?) patch on suit pocket / closeup of patch / / exterior, South Grape Street:… '8-8-1967'
VIPs Stroll Along Medford Railroad Tracks; Cave Junction Fender-Bender; Medford Policewoman with Kittens; Barber Shop Men in suits walk down Medford street / sign: "Private Property, All Persons Forbidden to Trespass Hereon," pan along tracks to men schmoozing,… '7-6-1967'
VIPs Take Aerial Tour of Rogue River National Forest Tight closeup of man aloft in five-seater private plane, pan to map on his lap and typed document he's reading, pan across pilot and other passengers… '2-12-1968'
VIPs Tour SOC Campus VIPs wearing name tags exit building, SOC campus / pan across large group of adults on campus / group gets coffee, snacks, chats, loiters / '8-20-1968'
VIPs Visit Veterans Administration Domiciliary VIPs talk to old man lying in hospital bed / VIPs talk to man getting massage / VIPS walk on grounds of VA Domiciliary / they chat up old man sitting… '11-6-1968'
Visitors Information Center; Dog at Wayne Morse Campaign Headquarters View through windshield driving south on Siskiyou Grade, Interstate 5 / Information/Rest Area signs, exit / pan across parking lot, visitors center… '5-15-1968'
Vocational Agricultural Program, Phoenix High School Tractor cultivating field / young men walk across field / boys drive two tractors working same field, boys watch / teacher shows flash cards of tools… '10-14-1965'
Volkswagen-Train Wreck Boxcars on tracks / people and uniformed nurse gathered around Volkswagen Beetle / man removes gurney from ambulance / woman on gurney / front of… '9-30-1965'
Volunteer, Ren. Fair

There are two clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Volunteer. It shows a lot of people in a room. There appears to be a class…

Voter Precinct Cards, Intermediate District Building Jackson County Elections Office with a stack of Voters Precinct Memorandum Cards. Officials thumbing through cards. // Jackson County Intermediate… '10-24-1969'
Voter Registration, Voting People registering to vote / sign: "Register to Vote Here" / pan across people registering, voting machine / man in overalls voting in booth /… '10-7-1966'
Voting Sign on lawn: "Vote Here" / voters, poll watchers inside busy brick gymnasium polling station / people voting / slow pan across scene / exterior of… '11-5-1968'
Voting 1969 "Vote Here" sign on door; door opens, people go in and out / poll watchers at polling station / voters give ballots to watcher, she puts them in… '3-5-1969'
Voting at Jackson County Courthouse Entrance to Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium with "Vote Here" signs / interior, with poll watchers, people waiting, people in voting booths / "… '5-28-1968'
Voting in Gymnasium; College Registration; Courtroom Awards Ceremony Poll watchers at tables in brick gymnasium / voters put ballots in ballot box / / young people waiting in line / man at head of line stamps papers /… '5-1-1967'
Voting on Scoville Road Zoning, Grants Pass Man walks up to house with flag and "Vote" sign / intersection sign: Scoville Road and Greenfield Road / men (Josephine County commissioners?) on… '9-27-1966'
Voting; Children Tour Newsroom Earl Miller shakes hands with two men / closeups / / people enter and exit building, "Vote Here" by doorway / interior of gymnasium: people lined up… '5-26-1967'
Voting; Log Truck Accident; Jackson County Commissioners Meeting Sign outside building: "Vote Here" / interior: poll watchers, voters signing in, walking to widely separated school desks to vote / putting ballots… '9-26-1967'
Waiting for Civil Defense Conference VIPs mingle in parking lot / closeup of Civil Defense logo on car door / pan across men, Boy Scouts in parking lot '11-18-66'
Walking to Lincoln School; Driving Simulators; Airliner Lands on Flat Tire Young children and teens walking and walking their bikes down sidewalk / crossing street at Lincoln School / walking on sidewalk toward camera /… '9-4-1968'
Wallace, Plastic, Baseball

There are three clips on this film.

1) The first clip is called Wallace. This is a view of the local campaign office for Gov Wallace…

Wards Creek Forest Fire Smoking hillside seen from Highway 99 / men and bulldozer in field / interior of command van / firefighter drinks water by burning tree /… '8-8-66'
Wards Creek Forest Fire 8/8/1966 Fireman cuts down trees in smoking forest / firemen lounge in parking area / sign on camper: "Fire-Weather Mobile Station, U.S. Dept. of Commerce… '8-8-66'
Water Quality Control Plant Report to City of Medford, Ambulance & Wrecked cars City of Medford Meeting where Water Quality Report was presented Gene Hess. // Accident at an intersection. Ambulance loading a person in the back on… '10-30-1969'
Water Supply Meeting; Dog Killed by Arrow Man speaks to audience / speaker with outline written on pad: "Precipitation, Soil Moisture, Ground Water, Reservoired Water" / /  young woman chats… '4-12-1967'
Watermelon and Corn Dogs; Communion in Home Man cuts watermelon, boy eats same / man wipes watermelons in back of pickup / woman eats, alternating corn dog and watermelon / man throws horseshoe… '9-15-1969'
Wayne Morse Campaign Headquarters; Halloween Costumes Men installing banner on California Street building, Jacksonville: "Independent Republicans for Wayne Morse" / / children posing in Halloween… '10-23-1968'
Weaver-Mink, Carpenters, Fish There are three clips on this film. 1) The first is of James Weaver & Pasty Mink running for Congress. Appears to be James Weaver's campaign… 1972
Wesley Tuttle Sings "Yodeling Boogie" Snader Telescriptions musical number: "Yodeling Boogie" by Wesley Tuttle and his Westerners Wesley Tuttle, backed by quintet, sings in "barnyard"--… '1950'
West Coast Airliner Under Repair; Rep. John Dellenback with Young Visitors; Men Play Catch Long shots of West Coast Airliner on tarmac, mechanics working on wing root, telephoto view / views of same from above / / Rep. John Dellenback on… '3-15-1967'
West Coast Airlines Show DC-9 Model to Medford Mayor Dunlevy Mayor Dunlevy in his office discusses DC-9 model with executives / pan across execs / Dunlevy admires model with grinning stewardesses, execs '8-1965'
West Coast Airlines, Medford Airport; Medford Post Office Mails Zip Code Notices Passenger jet takes off, Medford Airport / West Coast Airlines ticket desk / sign: "Now! West Coast Airlines Daily Nonstop DC-9 Fan Jet Service to… '9-19-1967'
West Coast Shot Company Shot Tower Collapse CBS Sunday News anchor Gerald Harrington introduces Hank Henry-narrated clip of collapse of shot tower at 4902 McLoughlin Drive, Central Point. Andy… 'circa 1976'
West Eighth Street, Medford View east on Eighth Street at Columbus / view west, same place / signs: "City Center, Right Turn Only" / sign: "Do Not Enter" / view east on Eighth… '9-21-66'
White City Auto Accident Pan across front end of heavy International Harvester truck to demolished 1957 Chevrolet sedan and 1950s DeSoto station wagon--White City, Highway 62… '7-27-1967'
White City Car Wreck; Wind Storm Damage Closeup of rear-view mirror on ground / ditto of broken glass, pan to wrecked 1950s car on side of HIghway 62, in White City next to Cascade Village… '1-19-1967'
White City Day Care Center; AAU Girls Swim Meet Preschool classroom full of children led in dancing and jumping / eating lunch around tables: girl with black eye / sign: "White City Day Care Center… '6-27-1969'
White City Lumber Mill; Medford Airport Control Tower Pans across log deck beside road, wigwam burner in background, White City area / Hyster carrying logs / more of same / crane lifts wheels onto back… '9-12-1967' Video Link
White City Pool; Arden Farms Offices; Josephine County School District Dignitary People in waiting room uneasily lounging, snacking, smoking under gaze of camera / / White City public swimming pool, views from outside, through… '6-7-1967'
White City Traffic Accident; Children and Tape Recorder White City, intersection of Highway 62 and Antelope Road, Cascade Shopping Center, wigwam burner in background: wrecked Buick, pan to car upside down… '11-3-1967'
White City Water Tower; Airport Parking Construction White City water tower / telephoto view of scaffolding on top / long view again / men working on railing / pan across Medford Airport / grader, front… '5-26-1969'
Widetrack Town Racing, Man & boy Raking Leaves, 1969-1970 Oregon Drivers Manual Man showing off Widetrack Town Racing equipment. // ( Continued from 1714 ) // Same man showing adding machines./  /Man raking leaves into the street… '11-28-1969'
Wigwam Burner B Roll; Placing Concrete Beams Wigwam burner, pan across lumber mill to wigwam burner with cyclones on top / "Olson Lawyer Lumber" on building / closeup of wigwam burner, pan to… '5-14-1969'
Wigwam Burner; Red Cross Blood Drive; Airport Ground Lights Wood waste falls from conveyor belt / pan up belt to top of wigwam burner / pile of waste inside burner / inside view to top of burner / exterior… '9-30-1969'
William Frye, Candidate for U.S. Congress Closeups of Frye talking, listening / '3-3-1966'
Wimer, Ashland 4th of July

This Film has two clips:

1) The first clip is titled Wimer (7-6). This could very well be the town of Wimer. There is a 4th of July type…

July 1972
Winching Car Near River, Wreck at Central Point Exit Policeman and tow truck driver attach cable to compact foreign car at bottom of highway embankment near river / car is winched to two-lane road,… '9-29-1966'
Windy Day Footage; Medford VIPs; I-5 Fender-Bender C-54 Skymaster airliner landing at Medford Airport / U.S. Weather Bureau building / residence with chickens in yard, pan up to trees / traffic lights… '10-2-1967'
Winifred Coleman Mallinckrodt Award; Ashland YMCA; Banquet Earl Miller speaks at dais / more speakers / pan across audience / / man presents engraved tray to young lady / closeup of tray: "Mallinckrodt Award… '9-28-1967'
Winter Dome Booth, Medford Shopping Center Shot from moving car passing by Medford Shopping Center, Sears / stationary pan across shopping center: World Wide Camera, J. K. Gill / setting up… '7-7-66'
Winter Dome Booth, Medford Shopping Center 7/8/1966 Exteriors: Crowded Medford Shopping Center scene / pan along long line of people waiting at Winter Dome booth / closeups of servers in action making… '7-8-66'
Winter Sports Enjoyed by 'Kids' From 6 to 60.

COPCO Film 45: Winter Sports Enjoyed by 'Kids' From 6 to 60.

Witham's Truck Stop Opens Pan across Witham's Truck Stop / Mayor Dunlevy cuts ribbon, backed by dignitaries / shots of crowd waiting to enter building / dignitaries outside /… '3-16-1966'
Witham's Truck Stop Strike Strikers on roadside with sign: "Withams Truck Stop Cafe Are Not Provided Benefits, Please Do Not Patronize" / pans across Witham's truck stop,… '2-7-1967'
Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday Very old woman (centenarian?) in hospital bed holding carnation, speaking / nurse talks with her / '11-14-1967'
Woman Drives Bulldozer; Courthouse Meeting Woman at controls of bulldozer / she drives while being instructed by man standing beside her / speaker at lectern / /.different speaker, Jackson… '2-27-1969'
Woman Receives Recognition; Brush Fire Demonstration; Truck Accident Woman at lectern is applauded, handed plaque, shakes hands / exterior: she displays plaque, shakes more hands, closeup / / truck parked in field, "… '5-26-1967'
Women Collect Signatures, Downtown Medford Woman at card table on busy sidewalk, downtown Medford, another woman signs paper / woman stops, they talk, she signs / view of different woman at… '11-1-66'
Women Pilots Group at Medford Airport Private plane taxis at Medford Airport / group of women waiting on tarmac / woman emerges from airplane, waves, greets waiting women / banner: "… '9-10-1965'
Women Stuff Ditty Bags at Red Cross Women at work in warehouse / pan across items for bags: nail clippers, soap boxes, wash cloths / closeup of women at work / '10-13-1966'
Women's Food Boycott Meeting Pans across audience in crowded meeting room / pans across women at dais / women speak / more of same / audience members speak, audience applauds /… '11-1-66'
Wood Shavings Fire Pan across site, smoke in distance, fire truck in foreground / closeup of burning pile, road grader drives past cutting fire line / pan across fire… '8-26-66'
Work on Eighth Street Railroad Crossing; Agriculture B Roll Flagman at Eighth Street railroad crossing, Medford / man with jackhammer, pan to stack of new railroad ties / closeup of jackhammer at work /… '6-28-1968'
Wreck on I-5 Pans across damaged guard rail / closeups of debris / grille of wrecked late 1950s Plymouth / closeups of interior of car / extreme closeup of grille '10-11-1966'
Wrecked 1955 Chevrolet Front end of 1955 Chevrolet that had been driven into a utility pole / pans, closeups of damage '3-3-1967'
Wrecked Airplane Men examine wrecked private plane, area north of Medford Airport / closeups of damage to plane / hand chips away snow and ice on wing / shots of… '1-29-1968'
Wrecked Car Smashed-in front of car in field / pans across car / interior shot '10-20-1966'
Wrecked Car; Horse Show; Walk with a Pet Bear Men walk to emergency vehicles on side of road / wrecked Chevrolet Impala convertible on mountainside / closeups of car / / horses being led from… '5-8-1967'
Wrecked Car; Medford Pharmacy Burglary Aftermath Pans across wrecked 1955 Chevrolet sedan, closeups / / exterior, West Main Pharmacy, Medford / back door broken off hinges, closeup pans / interior… '1-30-1967'
Wrecked Car; Southern Oregon College Hannon Library Construction Mangled automobile in garage / closeup of broken windshield, bent steering wheel / Florida license plate / pans across damage / / VIP poses in front… '10-13-1967'
Wrecked Cars Pan across wrecked Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, doors roped together / boy rushes up to peer inside / more pans / pan across wrecked Corvette in garage '9-6-66'
Wrecked Crop Duster; Senator Wayne Morse on Log Exports to Japan Debris on ground, pan to wrecked crop duster Cessna airplane, man repairing fence / pans across damaged plane, N9734V / men repairing power lines in… '1-8-1968'
Wrecked Volkswagen Beetle; Maltese Cross Pears at Medford Airport Wrecked Volkswagen Beetle / closeups, pans, interior shot / / VIPs examine "Maltese Cross" pears on trunk of Ford Thunderbird parked at Medford… '2-21-1967'
Wrecked Volvo; Cracked Safe Closeup of front of wrecked Volvo / more shots, closeups of Volvo, interior and exterior / / opened safe / broken safe dial, knob, other parts /… '11-27-1967'
Wreckers--U.S. National Bank and Senior Citizens Buildings Pan across U.S. Bank building, Main and Central, Medford, under demolition / shot of man walking on roof / wrecking ball working on interior / E. S.… '1-28-1965'
Wrestling, Tax co There are two clips in this film: 1) The first clip appears to be a semi professional wrestling match between to large men. 2) Tax co. This clip… '1972'
WWII Navy Combat Footage Good color, silent: Navy fighter planes flying in formation / pan across fleet of destroyers and freighters / gunsight camera footage of dogfights… '6-19-1969'
Yarding Logs; Pigeon Problem Crane yarding logs at log deck / men conferring at pickup truck, log decks towering in background / closeup pan across log decks to crane / logs on… '12-5-1968'
YMCA Grand Opening; Roseburg Parade Luncheon scene: man speaking at lectern, shots of dais / pan from back of room / succession of speakers / / pan across exterior of Medford YMCA… '6-24-1969'
YMCA Open House

Building exterior, YMCA on building / lobby / people in judo outfits exercising, tumbling / pool, pan up to ceiling, balcony / pan across people…

Young America Takes possession offield between halves"

COPCO Film 5: Young America Takes possession offield between halves"

Yreka Inn, main entrance.

COPCO Film 55: Yreka Inn, main entrance.

Yreka Quarterhorse Show Exteriors: pan across fairgrounds, bleachers, horses and people waiting to compete / shots of horses being shown in arena / woman handing out ribbons… '6-29-1965'
Yreka, Calif and Siskiyou County.

COPCO Film 56: Yreka, Calif and Siskiyou County.

Yreka, Calif Governor Young of California and Other Notables Visit County Seat

COPCO Film 63: Yreka, Calif Governor Young of California and Other Notables Visit County Seat

Zoning Hearing; Ashland Rural Area Exterior: Ashland Junior High School / interior: pan across audience / man with pointer and large maps on easel / more pans across audience, more… '6-2-1965'
ZOOMSI Plane Arrives with Leopard Cub, Medford Airport Banner on plane, Medford Airport: "Zoo Portland Oct. 28-29 + OMSI = ZOOMSI" / twin propellers on plane stop / "Lynn Mucken, Press" on man's sash,… '8-29-66'