Hanley, Alice E.

Alice was active with Oregon State College's Extension Division from 1918. She was also active with the Chataqua movement in Ashland. In 1922, Alice ran for Oregon State Legislature but she, along with many other Oregon candidates, lost to a Ku Klux Klan candidate. Alice was also a founder and officer of Southern Oregon Pioneer Society. Alice’s home for her entire life was the Hanley Farm. She took care of both her parents during long illnesses, and raised her niece Claire after Claire’s parents died when she was six. Sources: Alan O'Leary, SOSC Senior Seminar paper, History 415, Winter 1995. Oregon Journal, 8 July, 1940. p. 8 SOHS Hanley files. Vertical files. Historic Structure Report, Alfred Stashli, SOHS library 728.6 577 1994.

'Raised her niece Claire'
'Attended St. Mary\'s Academy in Jacksonville, graduated in 1875. Attended Skidmore Academy in Ashland (Methodist)
'Michael Hanley'
'Martha M. Burnett Hanley'
'Operated the Hanley Ranch',
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'never married'
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