Deuel, F. K., b. 1864

F. K. Deuel was a merchant in Missouri and continued trade in Medford. His first store in Medford was Deuel and Stevens on East Main just west of Hubbard Brothers. The next store was Deuel and Kentner at 230 E. Main across the street and west of the first store. The store moved in 1908 to the corner of East Main and Bartlett. Deuel was one of the organizers of the First National Bank in 1906 and served as a vice president. He also bought and developed Del Rio Orchards with Alfred Weeks in 1906, and purchased Fernwald Farm in Sam's Valley in partnership with pharmacist Charles Strang.
Deuel was fond of horses, and had horses that he raced in Medford.

'Six children including: Deuel, Hobs (Halbert S.), eldest son b. 1890, Harris, MO Deuel, Luther Robinson, Susan Deuel (married Robinson, Gain) Vilas, Ned) Deuel, Fred Kramer, youngest son born 1906, Medford
'Stewart, Mary'
'Retail, banking, agriculture',
Other Names
'Deuel, Fred Kramer'
'Nancy Elizabeth '