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Wright, George Franklin

George Wright was born in June, 1896, in California. He grew up near the Klamath River in California, spending his time exploring Dutch Creek and Camp Creek areas; learning to hunt and fish; getting to know local people, both Indian and white. He attended Lowood School next to Camp Creek when he had to, but left home and school at the age of 14 to "paddle his own canoe." As an adult, George lived in Oregon, on land now called Cold Springs Flat then, but now known as Agate Flat. For income, George raised and sold livestock and sometimes worked as a range rider and sheriff's deputy.  Fortunately, George Wright kept journals on many subjects, and those materials are now in the SOHS Archives. (Full record link). The notebooks are unique because George made them with paper folded and stitched. Each one is carefully labeled and usually part of a series. His handwriting is very clear, his writing is mostly a straightforward account of facts. One of George's unique efforts that is so valuable to southern Oregon history is his account of hundreds of place names in the Klamath River/Hornbrook area of California, and the Soda Mountain Wilderness area of Oregon. The records are searchable on this website and some have the full text (Full record link). This Southern Oregon University link provides the pdf version: Link. The links below are to Pat Harper's presentation on George Wright, given as a Windows in Time talk on June 10, 2020:

George Wright's Life and Family

George Wright's World View (based on an interview Wright gave in 1977). 

George Wright's Place Names

NOTE: Various family trees that include George Wright are available on If you do not have a subscription, you may access it through the Jackson County Library. This family tree focuses on George (searching for the Public Family Tree may not produce this one, but the link should work:)  

'Siskiyou County California'
'through about 6th grade at Lowood School, near Klamath River, California', ;,
'Thomas J. Wright'
'Mary Moore'
Death Place
'Ashland, Oregon'
'Cold Springs Flat (now Agate Flat) Oregon'
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