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Dellenback, John (1918-2002)

John Dellenback was the Oregon Dist. 19 Representative from 1960-66 (Republican). He wrote legislation establishing the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. From 1966-1974 he was Oregon's 4th District Congressman. Mary Jane Dellenback (his wife) donated one of her kidneys to him. Dellenback and his wife volunteered in Calcutta to help the poor and met Mother Theresa. He was the Director of the Peace Corps. from 1975-1977 and was the Board Chair of World Vision USA and World Vision International. Lastly Dellenback was the President of Christian College Coalition (1977-1988), (later named "Council of Christian Colleges and Universities"). Source: Vertical file Interview with Mary Jane by phone DVD from Channel 8. SOPTV

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'in 1941 he graduated from Yale and in 1948 graduated from Michigan Law School.'
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