Walker, Enoch F.

Moved from KY to central IA with family in 1837, working as a carpenter, building first houses in what would become Des Moines. In 1849 went with several other young men to prospect in CA gold fields. Made good sum of money. In 1855, left with wife and 3 children ( Sarah, Jesse and Mary Sibella), his 3 brothers (John P, Minus, and Franklin Fruit Walker) sister Martha, and mother Elizabeth for Oregon, arriving in Rogue Valley in Sept. 1853. Enoch made DLC claim #49, approx where Ashland is now, with Emigrant creek running through center of ranch. Worked with upper valley settlers in providing school for children of the pioneers, building a school on Patrick Dunn's property. Bought DLC # 59 of Judge Levi Rice when he died, consisting of 640 acres located on both sides of Bear Creek, north of present I-5, Table Rock, Merriman, and Crater Lake Hwy. The SW corner of DLC is in Fred Meyers parking lot. (1) Enoch was lover of high spirited horses. He owned 640 acres north of Medford. He had large orchards of apples, pears and a grape vineyard. He owned thoroughbred horses and the best of stock, was a wealthy man with a 12- roomed house, furnished with black walnut furniture, and marble-topped tables, etc., In his early years he was interested in politics and was the first, or one of the first, Congressmen from the Oregon country after Oregon became a state in 1859. He also located several good mines, as he loved to prospect. (1) (1) Sources: Table Rock Sentinel V.6, #1, p. 3-7. (2) VF. From a letter received from Mrs. Edward E. (Alice Grant Ford) Cahill, 1429 Weaverly Dr. Petaluma, CA. (Great- granddaughter of Enoch)

'Christian Co. KY'
Sarah Elizabeth, 1841 - 11/23/1865 m. John P. Roberts Jesse, David ,07/1848-19/10/1933 m. Anna M. Van Piper; Martha, 1849-28/12/1924 m. James S. March; Mary Sibella, 07/1856 - 25/07/1920 m. Wm. W. Angle Harvey S. d. 10/1891 m. Alice Wertz 07/04/1880
'Samuel H. Walker b. 1788, NC'
'Elizabeth Fruit b. 1791, KY'
'Builder, orchardist, prospector, Congressman', '2') ,
Death Place
'Medford, OR'
'Luhetta (died); Mrs. Prudence M. Rice m. 01/10/1866 '
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