Hedrick, Ercel

Ercel Hedrick was a dedicated educator and civic leader who was born Nov. 24, 1888 and died Feb. 25, 1963. In addition to 30 years as Superintendent of Medford Schools, Hedrick served as Vice-President and long-time member of Southern Oregon Historical Society. He was also active in the Medford Kiwanis, Masonic Lodge, Hollah Temple Shrine, and the American Legion. Hedrick Junior High School was named and dedicated as a tribute to his outstanding service in education. Hedrick's wife Helen (nee Helen E. Norcross) was a writer who published one book, "The Blood Remembers", published in 1941 by Knopf about a teenage ranch girl who runs away with a stranger to live in the Oregon wilderness. Helen also wrote a story for Liberty, "Corey-Belle Loves"; a story for Saturday Evening Post, "Road Kid"; and other stories for various magazines. MMT articles. VF info.

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'William N.; Eva E, m. Richardson; Nora H. m. Work; Carolyn A. m. Norton
'Central Oregon State Normal School; Monmouth Normal School, graduated June, 1909; University of Oregon, BA, b1916, Master\'s 1929.\r\n'
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'Helen E. Norcross 06/11/1923 in Medford, OR. ',
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