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Frank Clark Inventory

Frank Clark practiced architecture in the Rogue Valley from 1902 to 1945.

Inventory of homes and buildings designed by architect Frank Clark, 1903 - 1957. In 1982, Kay Atwood and Gail Evans produced an inventory of his buildings and homes for the Southern Oregon Historical Society.

The online version of the inventory gives most of the data that SOHS has in its print versions of the inventory. The photos are in MS1063. The notebooks shelved under 920.9795 provide inventory sheets for the sites that were considered definitely Frank Clark sites.
Note that many buildings were only deemed likely or suspected Frank Clark designs.
The full online records may include updates and notes added after January 2013. Otherwise, the records reflect the work accomplished in 1982. Records from the book Lure of Medford are also included.

If an SOHS record indicates a source of information is a "Frank Clark Journal", this apparently refers to an account book loaned to SOHS which is no longer available (it may no longer exist). 

If SOHS receives additional information about homes listed in the inventory, the information is added to the record. Also, if homes that were not included in the inventory are determined to be Frank Clark-designed homes, that information is added also. We welcome new data.
Please contact the SOHS Library,, if you wish to request additional information or comment on the Frank Clark Inventory.

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