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Senator Mark Hatfield Giving a Report on the Tax Reform Bill with Details

Color & Sound. // Senator Mark Hatfield giving a report and details of the Tax Reform Bill.

School Christmas Program,Free Parking Sign from KMED

Elementary school Christmas Program with visit from a very skinny Santa Claus. // Installation of a Free Parking Lot Sign Courtesy of KMED TV & Radio

More School Reading Buddies, Meeting in an Auditorium

Continuation of 1731 School Classroom where fourth or fifth grade students are reading to second or third grade students. // Meeting in an Auditorium or Theater

School Reading Buddies, Installing Snow Plow Blade, Tree Planting

School Classroom where fourth or fifth grade students are reading to second or third grade students. // Two mechanics installing a snow plow blade to the front of an International Harvester Truck. // Several officials plating trees in front of a building

Very Short City or County Meeting

Very Short City or County Meeting. //  A few men giving speeches.

Clone of More Wrecking Yard, College Course in Animal Forensics

More Cars Being Smashed in Wrecking Yard, // Man showing various drawers of dead birds, mice, squirrels, bears, etc in what appears to be a College science or Forensic class

More Wrecking Yard, College Course in Animal Forensics

More Cars Being Smashed in Wrecking Yard, // Man showing various drawers of dead birds, mice, squirrels, bears, etc in what appears to be a College science or Forensic class

Smashing up cars in a junk yard

Smashing up cars in a junk yard into cubes of metal

Medford Police at Car Accident, Senator Bob Packwood in color film speaking

Police at an accident involving a Ford Mustang and a station wagon ( See 1725 dated 12-5-1969). // Film changes to color and senator Bob Packwood is making a statement. // Film changes back to Black & white and a few seconds of a continuation of the men at a loan office from 1726 12-08-1969A

Loan Office Meeting, Check for Shakesperean Festival, Construction of Bowmer Theater in Ashland

Three men conversing in a loan office with a huge stack of paperwork. // Man leaves loan office with paperwork.//  Presentation of what appears to be a check to two men in the Angus Bowmer Theater as it's being constructed. // Views both inside & outside of Bowmer theater.

Car Accident between Mustang & station wagon, Fire chief presents award to another fireman

Car Accident between a Mustang and a station wagon. // Fire Chief presenting an award to another Fireman.

Clone of Landscaping Draftsmen, Planning Dept, Lake Creek Xmas Bazaar

Landscaping Draftsmen drawing  a rendering sketch of what looks to be a park. // a sketch of a bridge over water. // Planning Department. // Lake Creek Christmas Bazaar showing jams, cookies, Christmas items, etc.

Landscaping Draftsmen, Planning Dept, Lake Creek Xmas Bazaar

Landscaping Draftsmen drawing  a rendering sketch of what looks to be a park. // a sketch of a bridge over water. // Planning Department. // Lake Creek Christmas Bazaar showing jams, cookies, Christmas items, etc.

Firetruck and Burned Field With Smudge Pots

Short Film showing a Firetruck  and a burned field with smudge pots.

Local Council Meeting, National Meeting in Color

Appears to be a Medford Jackson County Council Meeting. // Film changes to Color at about 1:10 mark. Looks to be a meeting at the National level. No sound.

Christmas Tree Farm, Association To Preserve Our Rights To Keep & Bear Arms, Inc

Several people on a Christmas Tree farm cutting down Christmas trees. // View outside of the Association to preserve the right to keep & bear Arms, Inc. // Inside of the Association building showing secretary and bulletin board.

Audio & Video Press Interview of Dignitary, Possibly State Senator Wayne Morse

Audio & Video Press interview of Dignitary Possibly State Senator Wayne Morse who ended his term in 1969, who often  opposed his party as well as the Vietnam war.

Red Cross Meeting, Backhoe Work, Private Airplanes at MDF

Red Cross Meeting. // Two men staking a piece of ground. // Backhoe digging up ground as a man watches. // Medford airport focusing on private airplanes. Inspecting outside. // View inside of planes gauges. // senator Lynn Newbry & several other men standing outside of private plane. // Man exiting from private plane.

Construction of Hwy 140 near Crater lake Hwy

Construction of Hwy 140 near Crater lake Hwy Finishing paving and tearing off paper to reveal signage. Laying cables

Kids With Estes Model Rockets, Selective Service office

Kids at a school playground firing off Estes Model Rockets. // Sign on door for Selective Service Office.// Inside Selective Service office. Women typing, on phones, filing paperwork.


Color FIlm of Multi Level Construction Site, Art Show or Museum, More Construction Site

Film is in Color.// Starts out with construction workers at a multi level construction site. // Film switches to an Art Exhibit or Museum.// Film switches back to Construction video with workers working on a large cylinder section.


Widetrack Town Racing, Man & boy Raking Leaves, 1969-1970 Oregon Drivers Manual

Man showing off Widetrack Town Racing equipment. // ( Continued from 1714 ) // Same man showing adding machines./  /Man raking leaves into the street. // Boy raking leaves into the street.. // 1969-1970 Oregon Drivers manual. Flipping through the pages of the new drivers manual.

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus downtown, Montgomery Wards Store, Simms Cycle & Hobby Shop, Widetrack Town Dealership

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus arrive in Sleigh downtown near Montgomery Wards Store & Simms Cycle & Hobby Shop. // Parents & Children standing in line to talk with Santa.//  Widetrack Town Dealership with dealer & customers.

Planning Meeting, Executive College of Barbering, Men getting different types of haircuts.

Several men talking in what appears to be a planning meeting. // View of front door of Executive College of Barbering. // Men learning how to give haircuts.// Barbers practicing on men by cutting their hair.

Christmas Tree Installation, Airport Fog & Snow, Lady Pointint to Snow

City Installing Christmas Tree ( See Also 1710) // Airport views outside in fog & Snow. // More photos of snow and fog. // Lady Pointing to trees at airport with dusting of snow.

Thanksgiving Meal (Soup Kitchen or Hospital) // Air Force Soldiers serving food to Vietnam families.

Thanksgiving dinner being served to lots of men in what appears to be a soup kitchen or hospital.// FIlm turns to COLOR. United States Air Force Soldiers serving Thanksgiving turkeys to Vietnam families.

Installing City Christmas Tree

Several City Workers.Installing City Christmas Tree downtown. // A man pointing to some trash along side of road.

Picking up Litter in Ashland

Group of people (Maybe Students) picking up litter in Ashland on Siskiyou Blvd.

Rogue Valley Nursery Fire, Men Near Pompadour

Rogue Valley Nursery sign, then the Nursery with smoldering buildings.from an apparent fire. // Men looking at a map outside. (Film Dark) .// View of Pompadour in background suggests Ashland area.

Panoramic Lake View, Sewage Treatment, Corn Crops, Erosion Control

Panoramic view of a lake. //  Lumber Mill. // Sewage treatment plant. Loading up trucks with sewage. // Corn Stalks and corn crops. // Treatment plant. // Panoramic view. // Spraying hay on hillsides in what appears to be erosion control..

Man from possibly Medco and Medco Train

A man standing near a ditch pointing to a dead animal in a box. appears to be a dog. // He is pointing out several things around an area that is near a highway. Same man is near a building that could be Medco. // Several views of a Train that says Medco on it. // Plaque that says Donated in 1959 by Medford Corporation to the City of Medford.

Interviewing a school librarian

News person interviews a grade school Librarian. // Kids reading books. // Librarian talking to parents in Library.

Peace circle, School Meeting, students on High School Grounds

Veteran's Day peace Circle. Group of People gathered in a circle. Passing around a loaf of bread and sharing it.. // School meeting at what may be Hederick. Big H on podium. // High School (Maybe Medford or Ashland) with students walking across quad.

Panoramic view of a body of water & Mt Pitt, Veterans day meeting at bank with flag pins

Panoramic view of a body of water and some land with a view of Mt Pitt (Mcloughlin) in the background. // Looks to be a personal meeting and  a man is explaining something to others. // A bank meeting where flag pins are handed out to employees. (Veteran's Day)

Possible Planing meeting or land Use, Music room interview

Four men in a room watching the fifth sign a document such as a planning or land use meeting // Interview in a Music room. A woman interviews a man who appears to be a music teacher.. A girl plays a violin. // various instruments and adults playing them. // More interview between woman & man.

Downtown buildings, Possible road or airport construction

View of downtown buildings and a reserved parking lot. // Construction site with large earth movers which possibly could be a road or airport construction.

SOC President James K Sours, Ashland High Construction, Reserved parking Oregon Loggers check from SAIF, Logging

Southern Oregon College President Dr. James k Sours specking to classroom of students. // Dr. Kreisman joins in ( Dr. Kreisman gave Southern Oregon College it's nickname "The Raiders" in 1946). // View of Ashland High School Humanities building under construction. // Film turns to COLOR.// Oregon Log Truckers receives a check from SAIF for $354,267. // Various logging shots: Trucks, cranes, loggers,

Man Lecturing, Crane & Wrecking Ball Hitting Building

Man Lecturing ( See 1697 & 1698 for more). // Crane & wrecking ball hitting side of a building with lots of spectators watching.

Man speaking in classroom, Veterans Day parade

Man speaking at what appears to be a classroom, // Veteran's day parade down Main St in Medford. // Soldiers marching, Horses, Old cars, Boy Scouts Medford Black Tornado marching band

Man speaking in Classroom, Contryside panoramic view, Airport, US Air Force Red Cross Plane

Man speaking at what appears to be a classroom, // Country view of a road and then pans across the area showing the terrain. // Airport and view of a US Air Force Red Cross plane. View of Medford Tower. // US Air Force plane takes off.

Highway Accident, Jacksonville Fire Department

This appears to be a motor vehicle accident on a highway with a steep embankment such as the Greensprings or Siskiyou pass. Lots of rescue vehicles and tow trucks. // View around the Jacksonville Firehouse. View of trucks, then inside of firehouse. View of firemen and their equipment, Fireman looking over hose storage and trucks.

ADC Building, Field hands harvesting Crops, Tractor work

This is part 2 of film 1694. ADC used clothing building from outside. // Fields with harvesters picking a crop which looks like Horseradish or Onions. Shots of Tractor mowing fields

Farmers harvesting Crops, Meeting & Banquet

Farmers out in a field harvesting crops // Man speaking at what appears to be a Banquet

Logging Doak Mountain, Used Shoes & clothing, Telephone Operator

Men talking // Snow covered Logging truck going to Doack Mountain Selective Logging Area off Hwy 140 // Lady standing against a post that says ADC which looks to be a Goodwill type resale store featuring shoes & dresses. // lady showing a sewing machine // Telephone Operator answering calls. // Operator station says Community Service Program.

Train & Semi Accident, Christmas Gifts for the Home, More Train, Christmas Seals

Continuation of 1691 Train & Semi Truck (American Steel & Supply Truck) Accident. // Loading Injured man on stretcher. // Nieman - Marcus 1969 Christmas Catalog for the Home. Weird Gifts such as candy machine, dog umbrella, his & hers fur coats, Huge Honeywell Kitchen Computer. // More Train accident but with a pickup this time. // Loading a Bronco with packages for Christmas Seals.

County Meeting, Train & Semi Accident, Jacksonville Museum, Meeting

Begins with a road map to Jackson County. and meeting // Man with head wound laying on stretcher. View of damaged semi truck & train.// Debris on railroad tracks.// Jacksonville Museum view from outside.// A man (possibly new Curator / Director Lowell Hocking) entering Jacksonville Museum and looking through mail.//  Same man ( Lowell Hocking) in room full of picture collection at Jacksonville Museum. Possibly a collection such as Peter Britt.

Folk Singer Pete Seeger with Guitar in Concert

Folk Singer Pete Seeger with guitar singing to a packed house in concert. // Pictures of smudge pots. // More Concert Singing This land is your land..

County Parks Maintenance Work Part 2

County Maintenance workers prepping for new camping season // Truck with camper shell // more camping prep // Sanding Picnic tables and putting a fresh coat of varnish on tables.(second part of 1688)

School Bd Meeting County Parks Maintenance work

Meeting, probably a school board meeting. // County workers repairing or installing a shower // County Maintenance workers moving picnic tables and BBQ grills. // Sanding Picnic tables and putting a fresh coat of varnish on tables.

Medford Airport Footage Part 2

Part 2 of Footage at the Medford Airport. ( see 1686) Interior views from inside Airport. Car rental desks, United arrival/Depart signage, etc. Outside of Airport terminal. Views of planes. Back hoe digging on runway to what appears to be a patch repair.. Workers compacting asphalt patch into large repaired part of airstrip. This video, like 1686 has several sections that are split screen.