Army Medal Presentation at Santo Center, Medford

Soldiers at attention, Santo Center, Medford / officer at lectern, color guard, assembled soldiers / Ish-Baker House visible in background / officer presents medal and papers to soldier, shakes his hand / soldier displays bronze star to mother and siblings / color guard marches off / company marches off / officers salute Medal recipient is Tam Moore. Communication from Mr. Moore, July 9, 2020: "Bronze star was awarded 25 Sept 1967 (I got off active duty in early August of that year), but caught up with me in 1968 when I had relocated to Medford with California Oregon Broadcasting. The local Army Reserve battalion presented the medal. My family is sitting off to the left in the film clip.   Citation says “meritorious achievement in ground operations against hostile forces in the Republic of Vietnam, August 1966 through August 1967.”In Vietnam I commanded a medium boat company delivering petroleum, ammunition and building materials in the Mekong Delta and on Saigon River estuaries.  Somewhere in the library there’s a Pat Clason oral history recalling anecdotes from that time. I recall the guy reading the citation was probably Lt. Col. Tycer--but I'm not sure. Kids are Jim, Bill and Pat. Wife is Ann Moore."
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M6E Box 13 67E/97E
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SOHS Film 1227 2-5-1968 Army Medal Presentation at Santo Center, Medford