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A negro from Yreka, John Wesley Franklin

Ashland Tidings clipping 8 Aug 1884 p. 3 J.W. Franklin came to Ashland to carry brick for the new bank building and caused some trouble. ..…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Excellent Photographic Work

Ashland Tidings 14 Oct 1901 p. 3  Photographer Camps took pictures of the Depot Hotel. Mr. Pracht who runs the hotel installed all white cooks and…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Albert Johnson, the Spanish negro

Ashland Tidings clipping 21 Dec 1899 pleaded guilty of rape ...sentenced to 15 years

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Accused of a Serious Crime

Ashland Tidings 18 Dec 1899 p. 3 Col. 2 Albert Johnston, a negro, accused of rape

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Died - Richard Conway

(colored man) 10 Oct 1863 Oregon Sentinel death notice

Blacks in Southern Oregon

Oregon Sentinel 17 Jun 1863 p. 2 clipping about a "yarn" Copperhead papers were spreading. ..S. Oregon has a a number of staunch Secession…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Civil Rights Tested

Oregon Sentinel 1 May 1869 mentions a dispute between a German and a black man who were trying to work for Major Glen of Jacksonville to clean up…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Asland Council Approves Black Lives Statue

Medford Mail Tribune clipping 23 Sep 2022 p. 31 Piece memorializes victims of racially motivated violence by Morgan Rothborne

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Simon Pure Democracy

Marysville Daily Appeal , Marysville, CA 8 Jul 1862 p 2 clipping  Harry Bailey [actually Henry Bailey] married Julianna Johnson .... her hair is a…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
The Editor's Last Word

Ashland Tidings 5 Oct 1929... U of O have a problem on their hands. A very bright colored girl applied for admission to the University…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Self-Defense Is Plea of Negro Held as Slayer

Medford Mail Tribune clipping 9 Jun 1926 p. 2 William Carter, local colored bootblack shot Antone Farris, a local Mexican in the leg

Blacks in Southern Oregon
A Boy, A Bicycle, and a Turtle

Ahland LithiaGraph newspaper story about Emerson Vail's (a black boy) dream to become an Olympian

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Black in Oregon

Ashland Daily Tidings article 17 May 2004 ... Race relations in Oregon since statehood and discussion of KKK

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Booker T. Washington Noted Colored Educator

Ashland Tidings clipping 24 mar 1913 p. 1 - Washington spoke at the M.E. Church to a packed house

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Colored hobo, T. J. Moore

Ashland Tidings 27 Aug 1894 .... Moore was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Arrested and Discharged

Joe Mimms, a colored man arrested in Ashland w/ partern, B. L. Tompkins (white) holding religious meetings at Henley, Hornbrook and Pokegama.…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Statistics of Jackson County

reported in Democratic Times 14 Jan 1871 

White Males.................2,382

White Females.........    1,677

Colored Males…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
A White Man's Country

undated newspaper clipping ...of 25,756 enumerated by the census, all but 173 were white...56 negroes, 5 Indians, 84 Chinese and 28 Japanese

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Black Author target of racist vandalism

Medford Mail Tribune clipping 26 Mar 1982 - Black author, Myrtle Span had her duck killed and blood used to write racist comments on sliding glass…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Talent Items

Medford Mail Newspaper clipping 14 Sep 1894  no headline mentions a black preacher that came to town with a letter of introduction from…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Historical Perspective has present lessons

Undated (but at least a decade after 1968) Ashland Tidings newspaper clipping mentions Martin Luther King Jr. day and the advancement of…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
History Explains Dearth of Blacks

Oregon's Constitution banned black migration article from Mail Tribune 4 June 1995 p. 4A interview with Willard Cave, son of once-Medford Police…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Marjorie O'Harra's Scrapbooks, vol 7

Scott Bar and Hollis Anderson p1214; Mystery Mountain of Many Myths- Mt/ Shasta p1220; Lemurians p1224; From Arctic Slope to Pinehurst Oregon;Mr.…

917.95 033 1979 V.7
Booker T. Washington comes to Ashland

Newspaper clipping from Ashland Tidings 20 Mar 1913 p. 1 article with photograph of Booker T. Washington visiting the Methodist Church. 

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Vernon Harper

MMT 12-12-2022, Obituary

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Thomas E. Jones

MMT 12-19-2022 Obituary

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Mattie Alice Johnson

1-9-1929 Death notice, daughter of Warren J, Howard

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Gerald O. Barnes

RVT 11-9-2023, Obituary

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Ronald Willard Bartlett

RVT 8-25-2023 Obituary

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Hamilton Watkins

MMT 11-29-1930 Oregon Trail memories, F. E. Furry, Clinton Carey, Fred Barneburg, Villa Conty Davis

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