SOHS's Frank Clark Inventory

Image Title Site Number Address City
West Side School 130 3070 Ross Lane Central Point
John A. Fluhrer House 131 2447 Hillcrest Road Medford
W. Henry Fluhrer House 132 112 Scheffel Avenue Medford
Bruce Bauer House 133 1336 Queen Anne Avenue Medford
(Vaupel, Beebe, Kinney), Perrines 134 31 - 33 North Main Street Ashland
Ashland Masonic Hall, Remodel #1 135a 27 North Main Ashland
Ashland Masonic Hall, Remodel #2 135b 27 North Main Street Ashland
Gerald A. Cottingham House 136 1329 Queen Anne Medford
Fish Lake Camp Building 137 Fish Lake
Cooley and Neff Building 138 340 North Fir Street Medford
Wilmer M. Poley House 139 64 Gresham Street Ashland
Former Edgar Hafer home called Perl Funeral Home 14 426 W. Sixth Street Medford
The Perl Funeral Home 14
W. S. Barnum House 140 711 Keene Way Medford
Golden Seal Creamery 141 North Fir & West Third Streets Medford
W. H. Lydiart (Gates and Lydiard) 142 16 Geneva Medford
"Humphrey Bros. Grocery" Building 143 534 East Main Street Medford
Mrs. E. P. Power House 144 100 Vancouver Avenue Medford
New Ashland Creamery 146 Winburn Way - Lithia Park Ashland
Gwinn Butler House 147 41 Granite Street Ashland
Gordon Voorhies Project 148 Eden Valley Orchard
Unnamed 149 Lake of the Woods
Bess Young House 15 522 South Oakdale Street Medford
Morris B. Leonard House 150 2503 Hillcrest Road Medford
Granite City/Community Hospital 151 Palm & Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
John Champion House 152 1801 Vivian Street Medford
Community Building 153 340 South Pioneer Ashland
Clem Childers House 154 Bear Creek Terrace Medford
Edwin T. Burleson House 155 31 Barneburg Street Medford
Central Point School Gymnasium 156 Central Point