SOHS's Frank Clark Inventory

Image Title Site Number Address City
Crater Lake Lodge Alteration 1 Crater Lake National Park
James F. Campbell House 10 1406 Kings Highway Medford
Michael Clemens House 100 612 N.W. Third Street Grants Pass
George S. Calhoun House 101 612 N.W. 5th Street Grants Pass
William Patrick House 102 219 Almond Street Ashland
George Roberts House 103 1815 Crown Avenue Medford
Dr. L. A. Salade, Sr., House 105 Ranch near Central Point Central Point
Porter/Norris House 106 1900 Hillcrest Road Medford
"Timber Room Cafe 107 3 South Riverside Avenue Medford
Gilhousen House 109 2001 East Main Street Medford
W. B. Biddle House 11 to be located Medford
W. G. Garner House 110 2009 East Main Street Medford
Ernest Barnes 111 1906 East Main Medford
Roy Harper House 112 7 Glen Oak Medford
J. Walter McCoy House 113 253 Almond Street Ashland
Cornelius Collins House 114 1810 East Main Street Medford
Walter Hoppe House 115 1806 East Main Street Medford
Chandler Egan House 116 2620 North Foothills Road Medford
Rialto Theatre (original) 117 123 West Main Street Medford
Swedenburg Building 118 229 (old) 303 East Main Street Ashland
Charles Rose House, Clark Cottage 119 550 East Main Street Ashland
Stewart Patterson House 12 Near Talent of Rapp Lane Talent
Southern Oregon Normal School & Gymnasium 120 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland
Dr. Robert Conroy House 123 200 Medford Heights Lane Medford
Dr. Clancy House 124 204 Medford Heights Lane Medford
Washington School 125 610 South Peach Street Medford
Walter Bowne Garage 127 East Main Street Medford
Table Rock School 128 10271 Table Rock Road Central Point
Harmony Point School 129 Willow Springs Road Central Point
F. E. Watson House 13 33 Strawberry Lane Ashland