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As It Was

SOHS and Jefferson Public Radio volunteers wrote over 3000 As It Was stories that were produced by JPR and presented five days a week over many years . This page presents links to the full text of many of the stories, plus links to the JPR audio versions.
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Title Author Episode
Rachel Taylor Keeps Journal of the 1853 Preachers Train Maryann Mason 3408
Elementary School Takes Name from Early Teacher Mae Richardson Luana Loffer Corbin 3407
Reub Long Describes Southeast Oregon’s Lack of Water Kernan Turner 3406
Adult Returns to Power House Where He Nearly Died as 6-Year-Old Maryann Mason 3405
Early 4-H Promoter Assures Good Cattle in Jackson County Alice Mullaly 3404
Mount Mazama Takes Name from Obsolete Word for Mountain Goat Kernan Turner 3403
National Register Lists Pearsoll Peak Lookout as Historic Place Lynda Demsher 3402
Gold Miner’s 100-Year-Old Sourdough Still Going Strong Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3401
Medford, Ore., Aviators Offer Early Flights from Gore Field Luana Loffer Corbin 3400
Zane Grey Models Book’s Main Character after Agness Tough Laurel Gerkman 3399
Ranch Women Survive in Difficult Circumstances Alice Mullaly 3398
Illinois Valley Garden Club Helps Protect Precious Botanicals Lynda Demsher 3397
Surging Klamath River Carries Steer into Ocean Laurel Gerkman 3396
In the Early 1900s, Farm Fun Was Homemade and Memorable Alice Mullaly 3395
Siskiyou County, Calif, Has 100 One-Room Schools in 1800s Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3394
“Toggery Bill” Offers Fine Clothing and Angling Advice Sharon Bywater 3393
Ferry Carries Land Speculators Across Goose Lake in Early 1900s Luana Loffer Corbin 3392
Boats Play Major Role in Settling the Klamath Basin KERNAN TURNER 3391
Kathryn Clarke Becomes Oregon’s First Female State Senator Emily Blakely 3390
Coastal Spotters Scan Skies for WWII Enemy Planes Laurel Gerkman 3389