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As It Was

SOHS and Jefferson Public Radio volunteers wrote over 3000 As It Was stories that were produced by JPR and presented five days a week over many years . This page presents links to the full text of many of the stories, plus links to the JPR audio versions.
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Title Author Episode
Bomber Pilot Dies on Training Mission Crash Near Klamath Falls, Ore. Luana Loffer Corbin 3448
Farmer Sets Alarm in 1918 to Chase Away Crop-Munching Deer Kernan Turner 3447
Oregon Legislature Recognizes Accomplishments of Rancher Bill Kitt Luana Loffer Corbin 3446
Charlotte Rose Henry Recalls Her Childhood Home Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3445
Pioneer Weddings Could be Spartan in Jackson County Sharon Bywater 3444
Rural Families Return to Pioneer Life During Great Depression Alice Mullaly 3443
Community Grows Up at Wenger Mill North of Crescent City Laurel Gerkman 3442
Present-Day Cousins Put an End to Hanley Family Rift Sharon Bywater 3441
Groundwork on First Southern Oregon Railroad Begins in 1863 Alice Mullaly 3440
Klamath Falls Native Son Wins Oscar Late in Life Kernan Turner 3439
Lou Martin Spends Life Alone in Remote Oregon Cabin Laurel Gerkman 3438
Slot Machines Create 1800s Controversy in Southern Oregon Sharon Bywater 3437
Charlie Jensen Becomes Oregon South Coast’s “Mr. Music” Laurel Gerkman 3436
Heavy Redding, Calif., Rainfall Strands People, Threatens Bridges Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3435
Francis Hamilton Waters Circus Elephants and Edits Hemingway Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3434
Rogue River Catsup Captures Portland Market in 1930s Sharon Bywater 3433
Chinese Miners Participate in Rogue River Indian Wars Lynda Demsher 3432
Stearns Family Donates Land for Cemetery Near Talent, Ore. Luana Loffer Corbin 3431
Roseburg, Ore., Challenges Gypsy Palm-Reading Shop in 1980 Pat Harper 3430
Idle Klamath Falls Men Face Jail and Fines During WWI Lynda Demsher 3429