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As It Was

SOHS and Jefferson Public Radio volunteers wrote over 3000 As It Was stories that were produced by JPR and presented five days a week over many years . This page presents links to the full text of many of the stories, plus links to the JPR audio versions.
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Title Author Episode
John William Fitzhugh Gives New Meaning to Barefoot Valerie Ing 3368
Photographer Records Great Southern Oregon Depression Lynda Demsher 3367
Southern Oregon Dog Races Prove Popular Since 1970s Luana Loffer Corbin 3366
History Library’s “Romance” File Features Bad Affairs Alice Mullaly 3365
First Assignment Exhausts Neophyte River Drivers Laurel Gerkman 3364
Son of Zane Grey Films Wild Boating on North Umpqua River Emily Blakely 3363
Processed Acorns Provide Winter Staple for Native People Laurel Gerkman 3362
Oklahoma Modocs Seek Return to Scene of 1872-73 War Kernan Turner 3361
Pierson B. Reading Names the Trinity River in 1847 Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3360
Friends Run Drunken Groom Out of Town to Avoid Vows Alice Mullaly 3359
Merlin, Ore., Takes Name from Small Falcons Called Merlins Kernan Turner 3358
Lonely Gold Miners Advertise for Mail-Order Brides Sharon Bywater 3357
All Aboard Lost When Barge Sinks Off Cape Blanco in 1892 Laurel Gerkman 3356
Houston Opera House Brings Entertainment to Klamath Falls Kernan Turner 3355
Mabel Hatch Bretherton Becomes Lighthouse Keeper Luana Loffer Corbin 3354
Tucker House Serves Settlers and Tribal Members in Klamath, Calif. Laurel Gerkman 3353
Tumbleweed and Cheatgrass Invade Oregon in Mid-1800s Lynda Demsher 3352
River Recluse Invents “Umpqua Special” Fly-Fishing Lure Emily Blakely 3351
Post-Civil War Emotions Result in Christmas Day Brawl Emily Blakely 3350
Mines Celebrate Christmas in 1896 with Dinner and Dancing Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3349