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As It Was

SOHS and Jefferson Public Radio volunteers wrote over 3000 As It Was stories that were produced by JPR and presented five days a week over many years . This page presents links to the full text of many of the stories, plus links to the JPR audio versions.
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Title Author Episode
Youths Get Drunk on Jamaica Ginger and Lemon Extract Laurel Gerkman 3468
Naked Man Spends a Month in Josephine County Woods Lynda Demsher 3467
Latter Day Homesteader Pays $2.50 for Medford Acre Alice Mullaly 3466
Oregon Editor Grows Bitter Over Public Lands Laurel Gerkman 3465
Researchers Create Precursor of Genealogical Society in 1964 Kernan Turner 3464
Sydney Croft Develops Famed Easter Lily in Bandon, Ore. Laurel Gerkman 3463
Baseball Hall of Fame Recognizes Charlene “Shorty” Prior Luana Loffer Corbin 3462
Engine Blasts Steam, Panicking Crowd Viewing First Train Alice Mullaly 3461
Killer’s Death Bed Confession Frees Convicted Black Man Lynda Demsher 3460
Gold Hill Letter Writer Warns of Imminent Japanese Attack Pat Harper 3459
Presidential Candidate Herbert Hoover Fishes the Rogue Sharon Bywater 3458
Medford, Ore. Home Converted into Hawthorne Apartments Maryann Mason 3457
Cook Plays Practical Joke on Road-Building Soldiers Luana Loffer Corbin 3456
Pilots of Homebuilt Airplanes Become “Oregon Outlaws” Emily Blakely 3455
Army Establishes Air Base in Lakeview, Ore., in 1942 Kernan Turner 3454
Siskiyou County Attorneys Contribute to War Effort Gail Fiorini-Jenner 3453
First White Woman Reaches Crater Lake Water Luana Loffer Corbin 3452
Far South Coast Gets Its Own Local Newspaper Laurel Gerkman 3451
South Coast Family Soaks in River to Escape Forest Fire Laurel Gerkman 3450
Medford Vigilantes Run Two Pacifists Out of Town in 1918 Alice Mullaly 3449