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Jacksonville the Home City of Southern Oregon

Pamphlet with photos of the best houses, strawberry fields, Britt residence w/ the Sequoia and Persimmon Tree, mines around Jacksonville, including the Opp Mine, educational institutions, fruit grown in J'vlle, C C Beekman portrait

M26 F2
In the Happy Hills

Outdoor Sports Unlimited by Riddle, Claude A.  A story of Early Day Deer Hunting. Roseburg, OR  799.209 R431 

799.209 R431
A Course of Study in Oregon History for Elementary Grades

by Taylor, Arthur Samuel and Gustin, H W.  

PAM372.89 Taylor, A
Early Days in Phoenix, Oregon

by Helms, Marjorie Neill [ Phoenix is misspelled on the cover page] 1954

PAM 979.527 Hel
Pinehurst School 100 Years of Growing Up on the Greensprings

by Pinehurst School Community. 2010. Families names include : Baileys, Kerbys, Ashcraft, Bostwick, Connor, Miller, Wallis, Beaty, Rogers, Cheek, Mackay, Rosenblatt, Brock, Alvord, Titus Hultz, Grupe, Amann, Brown, Belais, Impara, Ramos, Franklin. This More

New Testament

Note on the front reads, "Testament- carried and read by Josh B. Davis during Civil War". Inside cover has written, "J.B. Davis New Testament During the War 1862 1863 1864 and 1865 COB 101 O.V.I. 1st USV. Eugs Department of the Cumberland." " More

225 N54 2014.49.5
Gleanings of Fifty Years: The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary In the Northwest 1859-1909


282.795 G54 1909
American Catholic Studies: Journal of the American Catholic Historical Society

Volume 114 No. 1, 2002. Loose documents in book thanking the SOHS for sending pictures used in Journal and copies of the paperwork used to get said photos.

282.795 B8
In Harvest Fields By Sunset Shores: Diamond Jubilee Edition 1851-1926

The Sisters of Notre Dame on The Pacific Coast, 1926

282.794 I54 1926
Southern Oregon Historical Society: Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary


282.09 S58 1982
"Jackson Chronicles," Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, 1865-1871


282.09 858 1871
Pioneer Catholic History of Oregon: Centennial Edition

Edwin V. O'hara, 1939

282.09 043 1939
A History of the Catholic Church In Southern Oregon

Ronald J. McKenna, 1957

282.09 M15 1957
Across God's Frontiers: Catholic Sisters in the American West, 1850-1920

Anne M. Butler, 2012

271.9 B98
New Trails among New Mountains

H.M. von Stein, 1965

242 v65 1965