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American Needlework: The History of Decorative Stitchery and Embroidery from the 16th to the 20th Century

Georgiana Brown Harbeson, 1938

746.4 H37 1938
War on Kanaka Flat

Democratic Times 18 Sep 1874 clipping about Negro woodchopper, Jackson, shot and killed by Geo. Ephraim

Blacks in Southern Oregon
A D Griffin- Republican

Democratic Times 7 Feb 1898 p. 3 Local Notes A D Friffin, "who is not colored, but born that way," is scheduled to make some Republican speeches…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
A Gruesome Discovery

Democratic Times newspaper clipping 7 Aug 1902 p. 1    mentions a suicide on Poorman's Creek on the Beck place - the body of Henry a aged negro…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Victorian Crochet by Weldon and Company

Weldon and Company, 1974, textiles, clothes

746.43 V52 1974
Encyclopedia of Applique: An Illustrated, Numerical Index to Traditional and Modern Patterns

Barbara Brackman, 1993

746.44 B79 1993

Adolph S. Cavallo, 1979, textiles, art

746.44 C39 1979
Victorian Fancywork: Nineteenth-Century Needlepoint Patterns and Designs

Lilo Markrich and Heniz Edgar Kiewe, 1974, textiles production

746.44 M37 1974
American Needlework 1776/1976

1975, textiles, rugs, quilt, flag, patterns

746.44 T54 1975
The Quilters: Women and Domestic Art An Oral History

Patricia Cooper and Norma Bradley Buferd, 1978, textiles, women's history

746.46 C65 1978
Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them

Ruth E. Finley, 1929, textiles, women's history

746.46 F49 1929
The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collection

Marguerite Ickis, 1949, textiles

746.46 I25 1949
Key to a Third 1000 Quilt Patterns

Judy Rehmel,1980, textiles

746.46 R43 1980
Key to a Second 1000 Quilt Patterns

Judy Rehmel, 1979, textiles

746.46 R43 1979
Key to 1000 Quilt Patterns

Judy Rehmel, 1978, textiles, this volume contains revisions in the back.

746.46 R43 1978
Two Parents protest Black School Bus Driver

Medford Mail Tribune clipping 4 may 1978 Ruch Elementary School bus driver, Claude C. Cherry of Ashland continued to serve despite the complaints…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Warren Lee, the colored waiter at the Gold Hill

Gold Hill News  10 Mar 1900...left for his home in Portland.

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Samuel Cozzen, an aged negro

Ashland Tidings 13 Feb 1891 clipping Samuel died leaving some valuable property in Jacksonville

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Veteran of Rogue River Indian War is Wanted

Louis Southworth, a  former slave from MO xd the plains in 1852 ... Veteran of the Rogue River Indian War ...lived in Polk County. The daughter of…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Oregon Sentinel articles 1860s about Black people

various dates in the 1860s - all copied on one page about the following people of color: Sam, a colored preacher to replace Isaac Jones, Mat Banks…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Jack Berry, a colored man

death notice 10 Jun 1892  unknown source, Jack came with Overbeck family to Oregon

Blacks in Southern Oregon
A negro from Yreka, John Wesley Franklin

Ashland Tidings clipping 8 Aug 1884 p. 3 J.W. Franklin came to Ashland to carry brick for the new bank building and caused some trouble. ..…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Excellent Photographic Work

Ashland Tidings 14 Oct 1901 p. 3  Photographer Camps took pictures of the Depot Hotel. Mr. Pracht who runs the hotel installed all white cooks and…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Albert Johnson, the Spanish negro

Ashland Tidings clipping 21 Dec 1899 pleaded guilty of rape ...sentenced to 15 years

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Accused of a Serious Crime

Ashland Tidings 18 Dec 1899 p. 3 Col. 2 Albert Johnston, a negro, accused of rape

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Died - Richard Conway

(colored man) 10 Oct 1863 Oregon Sentinel death notice

Blacks in Southern Oregon

Oregon Sentinel 17 Jun 1863 p. 2 clipping about a "yarn" Copperhead papers were spreading. ..S. Oregon has a a number of staunch Secession…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Civil Rights Tested

Oregon Sentinel 1 May 1869 mentions a dispute between a German and a black man who were trying to work for Major Glen of Jacksonville to clean up…

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Asland Council Approves Black Lives Statue

Medford Mail Tribune clipping 23 Sep 2022 p. 31 Piece memorializes victims of racially motivated violence by Morgan Rothborne

Blacks in Southern Oregon
Simon Pure Democracy

Marysville Daily Appeal , Marysville, CA 8 Jul 1862 p 2 clipping  Harry Bailey [actually Henry Bailey] married Julianna Johnson .... her hair is a…

Blacks in Southern Oregon