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Donation Land Claims (Jackson County, OR)

The names, Surveyor's DLC numbers, township, range, and status information came from the County Surveyor's Record, Jackson County, Oregon, General Index to Donation Land Claims. The book is (or was) in the office of the Jackson County Surveyor, in Medford. The Original DLC and Notes were copied from the book Genealogical Material in Oregon Donation Land Claims. This is available in the Southern Oregon Historical Society Archives.

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Title Status Original DLC Surveyor DLC Notes
Stearns, A. P. 573 45
Stearns, M N abandoned 58

not in DLC book

Stearns, M N abandoned 39

not in DLC book

Stearns, Samuel E 800 88
Sterling, James 149 55
Stow, Pleasant W 979 51
Sutherland, Samuel D 1022 56
T'Vault, William G 37

In DLC book, but not as a DLC owner

Tatom, James 862 39
Taylor, William 284 59
Taylor, William 284 41
Tenbrook, Abram 111 78
Tepper, John 1101 61
Tepper, John 1101 46
Thompson, Thomas 1040 41
Thompson, William widow & heirs 372 38
Thornton, James 144 65
Thrash, Stephen Abandoned 77

not in DLC book

Thurbur, John approved alterations on plat 407 44

Thurber, John

Tice, John R 616 76
Tinkham, Levi 446 50
Toffelmier, Jacob S Canceled 37

not in DLC book

Tolman, James C 121 54
Truax, Sewall 19 55
Tucker, Wootson 107 40

Tucker, Woodson

Tucker, Wootson 107 44

Tucker, Woodson

VanDyke, S. D. 38 40

Van Dyke, Samuel D

Vining, George F 31 48

Vining, George T

Wagner, Jacob 15 64
Walker, Enoch F 319 49