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Donation Land Claims (Jackson County, OR)

The names, Surveyor's DLC numbers, township, range, and status information came from the County Surveyor's Record, Jackson County, Oregon, General Index to Donation Land Claims. The book is (or was) in the office of the Jackson County Surveyor, in Medford. The Original DLC and Notes were copied from the book Genealogical Material in Oregon Donation Land Claims. This is available in the Southern Oregon Historical Society Archives.

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Title Status Original DLC Surveyor DLC Notes
Elliott, William 44 46
Emme, Claude 47

Not listed

Evans, Napoleon B 27 44
Evans, Richard 318 44
Fairchild, Hymen 562 65
Fisk, N. W. 1023 42

Fiske, Nathan W

Frazer, Henry Abandoned 50

not in DLC book

Fryer, James J 17 46
Gibbs, John 976 47
Gibbs, John 976 38
Gideon B 37
Gore, Emerson E 164 38
Gore, Emerson E 164 48
Gore, Emery E Abandoned 39

not in DLC book

Gore, Emery E Abandoned 49

not in DLC book

Gray, John F 153 83
Gridley, Wallace A 50 49
Griffin, Burrell B 82 49

Griffin, Burrel

Griffin, Joseph F 987 48
Griffin, William M 468 43
Griffin, William M 468 96
Grubb, Samuel 6 44
Hall, Rolland 386 50

Hall, Rowland

Hall, Samuel 396 64
Hamlin, James 151 47
Hargadine, Robert B 42

not in DLC book

Hathaway, James W 54 92
Heber, Frederick 109 72
Herrin, David N 112 39
Herrin, David N 112 81