Joe Davis and Dave Delmue of Morgan Hill, California are the heroes of the week

Our regular Tuesday work session saw us not at the usual garage but at Joe Davis' shop scratching our heads over the steering gear. Joe manufactures mufflers for Model A Fords right here in Medford, on West Jackson.

The steering gear parts had arrived, but Joe and Jim Martin figured out that the root problem--that destroyed our steering gears forty years ago--concerned a part that we couldn't find: The bearings on the sector gear had self-destructed, causing the sector to seize and create excessive wear on the worm gear. What to do?

Fortunately, Joe has a friend Dave who rebuilds steering gearboxes. We overnighted the sector to him, and Joe just now relayed that Dave has already replaced our shattered bearings with a steel bushing, and will have the sector gear in our hot little hands on Monday. And when Joe explained the project to Dave, he decided not to even charge us!

Joe Davis and Dave Delmue of Morgan Hill, California are the heroes of the week. Thank you both.

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, our instrument cluster languishes. When we sent the gauges six months ago they promised to ship them back June 21. When I called three weeks ago they said they were on track to ship them June 21. When I called on June 21 they said they aren't done. (Personnel problems, apparently.) The owner promised to work all weekend to get them done and shipped to us on Monday. Somehow I'm skeptical.

Still, once the steering is fixed next week the gauges will start to look like a very small issue. We can always temporarily wire in some aftermarket gauges.

Ben Truwe

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