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Umpqua Trapper index

Covers 1965-2021 Each entry contains at least one reference to an issue of the Umpqua Trapper, published by the Douglas County Historical Society. Issues are designated as Sp, Su, Fa, or Wi (Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter), followed by a year and then usually a page number. Multiple issue references are separated by semi-colons.  

To obtain the full text of articles, please contact the Douglas County Historical Society. If you find any errors, omissions, etc. either in the index or the text it refers to, or especially if you have new information, please contact the Douglas County Historical Society in Oregon, attn; “Umpqua Trapper” editor. 

PLEASE NOTE: Entries on this website were extrapolated from this document:  Errors no doubt occurred during the process. Please contact the webmaster OR the Douglas County Historical Society for clarification. Abbreviations used in index entries:  Ara–Arago; AV-Ash Valley; Aza-Azalea; BR-Battle Rock; Brk-Brockway; Cala-Calapooia; UCala-Upper Calapooia; Cal-Callahan; CS-Camas Swale; CaV-Camas Valley; CavCk-Cavitt Creek; CB-Civil Bend; CCC-Civil Conservation Corp.; CH-Coon Hollow; CBWR-Coos Bay Wagon Road; Corv-Corvallis; CC-Cow Creek; LCC-Lower Cow Creek, below Glendale; UCC-Upper Cow Creek, above the Canyon; Clev-Cleveland; CoosB-Coos Bay; Coq-Coquille; CIM-Coquille Indian Massacre; CoV-Coles Valley; Cnv-Canyonville; DC-Days Creek; Dil-Dillard; Div-Divide (Calapooya-Willamette); Dr-Drain; DrCk-Deer Creek; Dxv-Dixonville; DCM-Douglas County Museum; Eden-Edenbower; Elg-Elgarose; Elk-Elkton; Elkh-Elkhead; Emp-Empire; Eug-Eugene; FO-Fair Oaks; FV-Flournoy Valley; FS-French Settlement; Galsv-Galesville; Gard-Gardiner; GP-Grants Pass;  GV-Garden Valley; Gl-Glide; Glen-Glendale; Grn-Green; GrV-Green Valley; HBC-Hudson Bay Co.; Hh-Hayhurst; IP-Idleyld Park; Jv-Jacksonville; Kel-Kellogg; KeCr-Kent Creek; Lg-Lookingglass; LL-Loon Lake; LP-Long Prairie; LR-Lone Rock; LRiv-Little River; MC-Myrtle Creek; NMC-North Myrtle Creek; SMC-South Myrtle Creek; Mel-Melrose Mwd-Millwood; MS-Mt. Scott; MP-Myrtle Point; NA-Native American; NoMC-North Myrtle; SoMC-South Myrtle; Np-Nonpareil; NWC North West Co.; Oak-Oakland; OC-Oregon City; OkCk-Oak Creek; Ola-Olalla; OHS-Oregon Historical Society; PFC-Pacific Fur Co.; PaCk-Pass Creek; pna-previously known as; PO-Port Orford; Port-Portland; Reed–Reedsport; Res-Reston; RiCk-Rice Creek; RoCr-Roberts Creek; RoCkN-NUmp Rock Creek; RCk-Roberts CreekRd-Riddle; RH-Rice Hill; Ros-Roseburg; RP-Round Prairie; RWV-Rogue Indian War Veteran; RR-Rogue River; RV-Rogue Valley; Ruck-Ruckles;  LSb-Lower Scottsburg Sb-Scottsburg USb-Upper Scottsburg; SR-Smith River; Sd-Sunnydale; Sut-Sutherlin; SV-Scotts Valley; Til-Tiller; Tm-Tenmile; TriC-Tri City; UAs-Umpqua Academy student; UC-Umpqua County; Ump-Umpqua; MUmp-Main Umpqua River; NUmp-North Umpqua River; SUmp-South Umpqua River; WlCk-Wells Creek; WiCk-Willis Creek; Wil-Wilbur; WinB-Winchester Bay; Winc-Winchester; Wins-Winston; WoV-Wolf Valley; Yon-Yoncalla;               ERRORS IN “UMPQUA TRAPPER” ENUMERATION 1) The Issue marked Winter Hunt 1980, Volume XV No. 4 with a photo of the North Umpqua at Winchester should be Winter Hunt 1979. 2) The issue marked Winter Hunt 2004 Vol XXXX #1 with a photo of Mr. & Mrs. Moore on the cover should be marked Winter Hunt 2003 Vol XXXIX No 4.  3) The issue marked Winter Hunt 2005 Vol XXXX No. 4 with a photo of the Umpqua Valley on the cover should be marked Winter Hunt 2004 Vol XXXX No. 4.    

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