Woman standing in Logtown Cemetery near old yellow rose bush, showing memorial to the 1853 rose planted by Mrs. John McKee. Note on accompaning card: John and Maryum McKee came to Oregon in 1852. Maryum's stepmothe, Roxy Ann Bowen, was in the party and one of the treasures she brought was a yellow rosebush. The family settled first at the foot of the Butte called Roxy Ann, later on a mining claim on Poorman's Creek, which became the site of Logtown. The rose moved too. Through all the long years of a busy life (12 children were born) Maryum found time to tend the yellow rose. The family moved away, the home fell into decay, Logtown was no more. In 1909 some of the grandchildren took Mr. and Mrs. McKee to re-visit the site. Maryum cried, 'Look, the old rose is still alive!'"

G35 D 2