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Ashland House with crowd in front circa 1862-1871. Another photo 000100.1 is an additional photo in file.

Our prints have conflicting identifications:
1. "1862"
2. "1868 or '69"
3. "Ivan Applegate/Hutchison Wedding Reception 1871"

The photo was taken on an overcast day, the people are wearing cool-weather clothing, and the trees are in leaf--suggesting it was taken in the fall. There are circus posters on the wall. (Circuses played the Rogue Valley in September or October of all four years--1862, '68, '69 and '71.)

The Applegate wedding took place in July. The crowd doesn't look like a wedding party--there are only four women, and they're clustered around the back door with owner Henry Emery. Are they the help?

Ben Truwe
April 28, 2023

Year or Date Range
G35 F 2, G44 A 7
Scan Location
"N:\Ashland\SOHS 000100 Ashland House with crowd in front circa 1862-1871.tif"
Accession Number
69-65 Simpson