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Weather Observers

It is fitting that Britt, so keenly interested in plant life, would pay close attention to climate and weather conditions. He was already in the habit of recording weather observations in his personal diary when, after an official weather service was established within the Army Signal Core in 1870, Britt agreed to be a volunteer civilian observer. The core provided him with sophisticated instruments that were kept in a regulation weather shelter near the house. Britt made regular weather reports to the service until he turned this duty over to his son Emil in 1891.
PHOTO: SOHS B90  - Combination sundial and compass.From Switzerland. Eight sided, ornate engraved design.  Narrow outer circle raises.  Has shadow pin.  Raised bearing line. Inscribed on the back in Latin (?) "Fleva Polr Gubbralldan Peter Sbringo Jerusalen 67 K L. Grass l" Three tiny screws on the back. From the Britt collection, not necessarily Peter Britt's or related to his weather observations.