Siskiyou Post Office

The long lived little post office of Siskiyou was ten miles south of Ashland near the Siskiyou Pass by the SP railway station at the NE end of Siskiyou Tunnel. Alice Ager was the first postmaster. Siskiyou was named for the Siskiyou Mt. range. From 1920-1931 Colestin's mail was routed through Siskiyou but the Colestin PO was re-established in 1931, replacing Deter. As a railroad mail stop Siskiyou PO closed next, to be served by Ashland.

Where did they go? Following the mail trail of the DPOs of Jackson County, Oregon (SHS 979.5281 S93 2013)

Ager, Alice
Quarter, Section, Township, Range
NW Quarter Section 20, Township 40S, Range 2E
Nearest Creek
Nearest River