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Beagle Post Office

Named for William Beagle, early settler and first postmaster, the post office was located five miles NE of Sams Valley at the crossing of Antioch and Beagle Roads a few miles N of Upper Table Rock and NW of the Rogue River. At its peak Beagle had a store, grade school, Sunday school, and ball team named the Beagle Stickies. 

Mail was separated for Beagle at Gold Hill until Camp White activated for WWII. The Beagle area was bought in 1942 to be bulldozed by the government for a heavy artillery range. Beagle's post office and settlement of 100 families' homes and farms disappeared. Mail service came through the Sams Valley Post Office during the war and until 1953 when the area came under the Gold Hill post office. 

Where did they go? Following the mail trail of the DPOs of Jackson County, Oregon (SHS 979.5281 S93 2013)

Beagle 1, 1940

Beagle 2, 1926

Beagle 6, 1918

Beagle 8, 1916

Beagle 10, 1909

Beagle 12, 1886

Request to establish post office. The proposed name Houston was crossed out and Beagle replaced it Beagle 13, 1887 diagram

The name given for the post office on this document is "Houston" Beagle 14, 1885 appplication

The name Chester was written and crossed out, replaced by Beagle Beagle 15, 1886 diagram

The name given for the post office on this document is "Chester"

Application Date
Louis F. Swanson, 1940; Thompson, Fred G., 1926; Sanderson, C. S., 1918; Rodgers, W. J., 1916; Gorden, M., 1909; Houston, Milton Anthony, 1886
Quarter, Section, Township, Range
Quarter SE, Section 11, Township 35s, Range 2w