Frank Clark materials in SOHS Archives

MS1063: Original materials for the Frank Clark Inventory (most information in the documentation is provided on the website, prints of the photos are in this manuscript)

720.9795 A88 1982, v. 1-3: Frank Clark Inventory (most information in the document is provided on the website)

979.5286 %39 1975: A study of the Bertha Bardwell house

Drawing 728.5 H83 1988: Clark & Forster, Medford Hotel drawings for 1988 renovation, includes 1910 floor plan

G4294.P786E681937.59: Suggested plot plan for Prospect schools

Additional Online Materials related to Frank Clark


PAM 720.092 G53 1916: catalog showing "recent architectural projects and ads

PAM 917.9527 A85 1909: Features article on proposed Ashland natatorium

Oral Histories:

OH 100 Oral History Interview with Bertha "Bert" Barwell: Her family; Frank Clark; living on South Oakdale; Bardwell Fruit Company; her volunteer work as both a Gray Lady and a Pink Lady.
OH 102 Oral History Interview with Blanche Roberts: Her family, her husband's career, social life in Medford and Carmel, California; Frank Clark. In this interview Mrs. Roberts speaks about her father and his businesses, coming from Cincinnati; her husband's education at Indiana University, his early career with Judge Colvig and Evan Reames, law partnership with Bill McAllister, being district attorney and special prosecuting attorney during the DeAutremont trial, defending a lawyer in Klamath Falls on trial for murder, partnership with Bob Heffernan; her friendship with Ruth Preston's parents, Walter and Alice Bowne, her husband fishing with Mr. Bowne; the neighborhood on Geneva Street, Medford, and the families who lived there; Paul McKee, Copco, and her husband as Copco's attorney; friendship with the Morrells and Fritz Newhalls; arriving in Jackson County; having Frank Clark design their home on Crown; friendship with Janney Preston and Ruth Edgell; Mrs. Roberts' two daughters, their marriages, and families, an article in the TRIBUNE about them; cottage in Carmel and visiting the Morrells and the Luthers; Bonnie Muirhead; taking the maiden run of the Lurline to Hawaii with the Glenn Jacksons and the Bob Norrisses; Nat Bender working for Harry & David; Alice and Chandler Egan; Janney Preston introducing bridge club to daiquiris; daughters and grandchildren returning to live with Mrs. Roberts during World War II; Phyllis DeYoung Tucker and her river house on the Rogue where Lost Creek Lake is now, Mrs. Tucker's friendship with Robbie Collins, and entertaining Hedda Hopper; Earl and Dorothy Tumy; Eddie Burgess and wedding at home of Ruth Bowne Preston's parents, the minister got tight!
OH 116 Oral History Interview With Mabel Ruhl: Coming to the valley, the Nash Hotel, her husband's newspaper involvements, the orchard boom, the Valley School, Llewelyn Banks, Mr. Ragsdale killing Jailer Basye, the Colony Club and the University Club, Frank Clark, her daughter's river trip.
OH 118 Oral History Interview with Lucile Scheffel: Medford iin 1919, Mr. Scheffels's work with Medford Irrigation and as Medford City Manager; Frank Clark; family; antiques and the Scheffel Antique busiiness; the Britt auction and other auctions and sales.
OH 121a Oral history interview with Keeney, Robert Jackson: Keeney family history; his early years as architect; his training with and later partnership with Frank Clark and his own architectural work.
OH 136 Oral history interview with Hall, Seely Vinton: Discusses the Hall family and his father's businesses, Pinto Colvig, Medford Airport, Wilson Opera House, the auto stage to Crater Lake, Frank Clark, Samurai swords and his donation of the roulette wheel to the Children's Museum.
OH 271 Oral history interview with Keeney, Robert J.: Coming the valley; the depression and working with Frank Clark.
OH 76 Oral history interview with Mary Susan Deuel Robinson: Her father's businesses; childhood activities; her father's horsemanship and buying the first automobile; the boom of 1910, pears, Del Rio Orchard, and remittance men; getting married; training maids; her husband's and brother's businesses; Frank Clark; Edison Marshall; early Medford Businesses. 1 Cassette. Transcript: 29p.
OH 92 Oral History Interview wity Mary "Nan" Parsons Day: Hillcrest; the Reginald Parsons family, businesses, employees, and activities; Frank Clark; Japanese families coming to the valley; the University Club and the Colony Club.
OH 98 Oral History Interview with Steve and Eve Nye: Real estate and orcharding in Rogue Valley; the Moore Hotel, Medford, and changes in Medford and orcharding; Mrs. Nye's involvement in the Oregon legislature Oral history interview with Eve and Steve Nye conducted at their home on March 20, 1979, by Marjorie Edens and Ruth Preston of the museum staff. This is the first interview with Mr. and Mrs. Nye. In this interview , the Nyes speak about Mr. Nye's father's partnership with William N. Campbell in the W. T. York & Co., a real estate, loans and investments company; early orcharding and buying; depressions; the California Land Bank; "red ink"; founding of Nye-Naumes; Mrs. Nye buying the A. Evan Reames home in Medford; real estate during World War Two; South American fruit; buying property on Grape Street; the "sticky"; the Moore Hotel in Medford; east side Medford; changes in orchard processinig; Paul Culbertson; Bear Creek; ringing pears; Bardwell; SOS; Sabroso Company; changes in Medford; Mrs. Nye's involvement with the legislature; Frank Clark; gift of woven rag rugs made by Mr. Nye's mother; handling samples of Fleishman Yeast; a dance at the Medford Hotel; and Mrs. Nye's dress; their dog.
OH 176 Oral history interview with Johnson, Aileen Marie Crawford Maddox Niedermeyer: Crawford, Morelock and Maddox families; Page Theatre; Maddox Hot Houses; Andrews family; Tyrrell family and dinner house; teaching music and travels.
OH 189 Oral history interview with Enders, Henry George: First impressions of Ashland at age 15; growth of the city and businesses; early trading; World War I effects on the economy; Enders Block and bottling Lithia Water.
OH 264 Oral history interview with Patterson, Louise Clark: The Wilson House; Newcomb, Kubli, Wilson and Clark families histories. Interview done in connection with restoration recommendations.