Mount Shasta Attracts Spiritual Seekers

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 09/19/2022 - 08:23

Snow-capped, 14,180-foot-high Mount Shasta has always attracted those pursuing the spiritual or the supernatural.  Some seek Bigfoot.  Native Americans consider it a sacred place.  Others believe it is inhabited by Lemurians, ancient, peaceful beings who live inside the mountain in a crystal city called Telos.
Shasta Vortex Adventures specializes in tours of the mountain’s “sacred” sites.  The founder, who goes by the single name Ashalyn, has written books on her contacts with what she calls “sentient Earth beings.”
She told a National Public Radio reporter that the ancient North Pacific continent of Lemuria sank thousands of years ago during a thermonuclear war with Atlantis.  The Lemurians retreated into Mount Shasta and have mostly stayed there, although there were reports in the 1940s of seeing tall, long-robed creatures shopping in town.  They paid with chunks of gold and disappeared without waiting for their change.
There haven’t been any recent authenticated sightings, but Ashalyn said customers come from all over the world “for spiritual growth, healing…figuring out what their life purpose is, and sometimes just to feel the energy.”
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Sharon Bywater