Rogue Valley Orchard Boom Goes Bust after 1912

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The Rogue Valley’s orchard boom went bust after 1912.  A letter sent to the New York City Daily Worker in 1939 said land scams continued with slick guys deceptively promising riches through fruit-land speculation to strangers arriving at the Medford train station.  The writer enclosed a poem written by Mary Agnes Daily for the Ashland Tidings in 1918, which reads:
“My orchard ‘tis of thee
Peach, pear and cherry tree,
Of thee I sing.
No more thy blossoms bright
Cheer me up day and night:
In debt I’m immersed quite,
And freedoms holy light
Don’t shine for me.
All sorts of insect pest
Doth thy fruit buds molest,
God save us from the blight:
No longer does my might
Avail to curb it.
From frost I try to shield,
Smudge pots adorn my field.
My orchard now to thee
I owe my poverty
And I shall quit.
So now I’ll sell thee cheap
For some poor cuss to keep
Till he’s tired, too.
No doubt I soon shall be
Housed, clothed and fed you see,
By Jackson County.”
Source: J, M. "Letter to editor." Daily Worker, May 1939 [New York City], p. 7.



Alice Mullaly