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Early Pioneer Lives for Years in Shasta, Calif., Region

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One of the earliest pioneers of Shasta County, Calif., Alonzo Engle, was born in 1824 in Ohio.
The 1850 census indicates he was 25 years old in Scipio, Mich., before traveling with his wife, Mary, to Horsetown, Calif., where his younger brother, Austin, also lived.  Engle mined for gold for a time before raising and butchering livestock.  He served as steward of the Shasta County Hospital and as the Igo, Calif., postmaster for many years.
Engle died on March 30, 1910, in Igo.  His obituary said he was survived by his second wife, Mary O’Dell, and five of his six children, including Mercelia Adkins of Igo, Mary Adelaine Peterson of Redding, Calif., and Rosa Margaret Maupin of Benicia, Calif.  Other survivors were his brother, William, and nine grandchildren.
Another son, a twin of Mary, had burned to death at age 8 while trying to light a fire in the stove with coal oil.
At age 85, Engle fell sick only two or three weeks before his death.  He is buried in the Igo Cemetery.
Source:  Giessner, Jo. "History & Happenings: Acorns of Information About Local History and Genealogy." History & Happenings, Accessed 9 Sept. 2018.

Gail Fiorini-Jenner