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Western Express Research Journal of Early Western Mails

Vol. 73 No 1 Whole No. 287 March 2023 ; Includes articles on Route Maps of Express Companies serving the Gibsonville Ridge, Plumas and Sierra…

M71 C
Tallant, Tallent, Talent Family History 1991

by David Barnes. Traces the descendants of Aaron Tallant b 1730/40  - Aaron Patton Talent of Talent, Oregon p. 48-49 

PAM 929.4 B261 1991
Van Meter, Hurst, Charley : A Genealogy

by Geraldine L. Rdmond Deter 1969

PAM929.2 V35 1969
The Umpqua Trapper

Spring 2023  Vol. LIX No. 1 published by Douglas County Historical Society includes articles on Dr. Eugene R. Fiske,  Memories of my father, Fred…

G2 F
Back in Time Growing Up In the Applegate

by Evelyn Byrne Williams with Janeen Sathre 

921 Williams
A.A.E Disderi and the Carte de Visite Portrait Photograph

by Elizabeth Anne McCauley  224 pages with sources, index and many photographs

778.9 McCauley 1985
First Presbyterian Church Directory 1977

85 S. Holly St. Medford, Oregon Membership lists with phone numbers and names of Elders. 

PAM 285.109 M43 1977
Frontier Times

Magazine November 1978 including an article "Don't Call her Madam!" about Jeanne DeRoboam Holt from Jacksonville, Oregon pages 6-9, & 26.

PAM 979.5285 F76 1978
Broom Brigade Tactics and Fan Drill for Boys and Girls

David C Cook Publishing Co. 1890. 5th Edition - Looks like a reprint.  (3copies)

PAM 369.4 B37 1978
Know Your School

by Jackson County League of Women Voters Cira 1941. Pamphlet that helps teach kids to ask questions and get answers about the school they attend…

PAM 371.209 J32 1941
Hidden Sources

Family History in Unlikely Places by Laura Szucs Pfeiffer. Genealogical book of more than 100 sources: Adoptio Records, Coroner's Inquest, Orpah…

929.1 Pf 2000
Eli Matthews: Jackson Chamber CEO

Eli Matthews, the President and CEO of The Chamber of Medford and Jackson County, is a fourth generation Southern Oregonian who has been with the…

Vertical File Subjects, Medford, OR, Businesses, general
Mercy Flights: Medical Transport Experts

The Medford-based nonprofit organization Mercy Flights has flown more than 20,000patients inits seven decades, and responds to more than 27,000…

Vertical File Subjects, Jackson County, OR, Emergency Medical Services
1950's Time Capsule reveals old tresures.

The Southern Oregon Education Service District owned a county farm home near Talent often referred to as the Poor Farm.  A time capsule was found…

Vertical File Subjects, Jackson County Co, Farm Home
Ruth Ballweg, Obituary

February 29, 1944 to November 20, 2022

Ruth Ballweg was an educator and advocate for Physician Assistants.  As a student, she was a…

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Oregon Caves Chateau preparing for next stage renovation

Jeremy Curtis has never seen the Chateau operational because it had closed to the public for major repairs when he became superintendent in 2018…

Vertical File Subjects, Oregon Caves
Sparking a Revitalization?

RVTD will renovate the interior of the old Greyhound building and turn it into a Mobility Center where the public can learn how to use RVTD's bus…

Vertical File Subjects, Medford, OR, Downtown Medford Assn.
Illegal set for world premiere

Local entrepreneur Laz Ayala's immigration from the killing fields of El Salvador is narrated in the film Illegal shown in the AIFF film festival…

Vertical File Biographies, Au--Az
Southern Oregon Historical Society brings Back Exhibits

Anna Sloan, in charge of collections at SOHS, said the return of small exhibit space in the lobby of the society is a good beginning to the return…

Vertical File Subjects, SOHS, Miscellaneous
Handmade Home: Michael Klein, violin-maker built a chalet

Michael Klein took 12 years to turn his 100 acres overlooking the Applegate Valley into a 2,800 square foot home and violin business.  He started…

Vertical File Biographies, KL
Standing Stone Brewing Co. to close

After two and one-half decades in Ashland, Standing Stone is closing their doors May 29, 2022.  Mark, Emile, and Alex Amarotico transformed the…

Vertical File, Subjects, Ashland, Businesses, N to Z
Dick Fosbury Obituary

Dick Fosbury died March 12 at the age of 76 of Lymphoma.  He revolutionized the high jump by inventing a head first jump called the Fosbury Flop…

Vertical File Biographies, Fosbury
Oregon Caves' 2022 visitor count 2nd highest in 10 years

For the first time in four years, a full slate of tours are scheduled including the atmospheric Candlelight tour.

Vertical File Subjects, Oregon Caves
Gothic Revival: Pacific Bible College brings new life to historic Medford Church

Zion Lutheran Church voted to accept the school's bid to use the property on Fourth Street.  The 126 year old church's essential characteristics…

Vertical File Subjects, Medford, OR, Churches, Lutheran
Jackson County Juvenile Department, Court, Counseling

MMT 1-27, 28, 29, 30-1969, Larry Tweedy, Judge James Main, Robert Schmidt, Isabel Mauck, Bob Swan, Fran Swan

Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Penelope the Python

MMT 1-14-1970, Curtis Jensen, herpetologist

Marjorie O'Harra Scrapbook
Poem: Vibrant Vegetables (At The Ashland Growers Market)

How many people these days
meet a farmer face to face?

A farmer who…

LINK Walk Ashland website
Utility Box Art (Wildlife Theme) At North Mountain Park


LINK Walk Ashland website
Recology Mosaic: Art In The Park Made From Trash


LINK Walk Ashland website
Veteran Scribe Victim of Blaze Caused by Pipe

Newspaper man Romero Koppes was walking down Main Street and didn't notice the small blue smoke coming from his right-hand coat pocket.  But when…

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